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SWTOR Ossus Datacrons and Achievements Guide

SWTOR Ossus Datacrons and Achievements Guide.[toc]

Ossus Datacrons


Ossus Endurance Datacron (+2 Endurance)

This is a really involved datacron that requires you to click the 5 switches in the exact sequence. Special thanks to Theho for figuring it out and posting the solutions in the comments (and getting world first). You will need to finish the main story first.


Step 1: Clicking the 5 switches in sequence (Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, Green)

Switch 1 (Blue)Ancient Ruins (1130, –263)

This one is on top of a mountain, bit of a pain to get to as it requires a lot of rock hopping.


Switch 2 (Yellow) – Ossus Canyons (1078, 639)

Inside the waterfall, you have to carefully drop down to reach it or you will plummet to your death


Switch 3 (White) – Farms (165, –263)

Inside a small hidden cave.


Switch 4 (Orange) – Jedi Temple Ruins (-725, –256)

You reach this switch by the same way you do with the Exiled Knight’s journal, there are some broken vases that allow you to enter this area off the maps.


Switch 5 (Green) – Ancient Ruins (760, –516)

Gotta hop the walls abit to reach this switch.


Step 2: Check you have clicked the switches correctly

Once all the switches are clicked, go to a hidden Personal instance located in Ancient Ruins (1388, –387), if you see a circle above the 5 symbols, you have clicked the switches correct. Otherwise you need to repeat step 1.


Step 3: Head to Jedi Library Ruins

You should see a green phase now in the Jedi Library Ruins at the marked location.


Go through the phase and find a hole with a circle marking above.


Drop down this hole and follow it along. Now you will need to do a bit of jumping puzzle to reach the end. Follow the blue glowing mushrooms, they will tell you where to jump next. The jumping puzzle is quite lengthy and has 3 sections.


Once you make it to the end of the jumping puzzle, you should be on the 2nd floor. Activate the switch in front of you and then jump across gaps on the floor to activate the switch all the way at the other end. Don’t worry if you fall through the gaps as you will be teleported back up. You will see the holocron on your way but it is shielded and you won’t be able to grab it yet. Past the holocron I find it is easiest to jump on the left side of the columns as the gaps on the right are too big for you to jump across.


Once you activated the second switch, the gaps should be now filled and you can walk safely across and grab the holocron.


Step 4: Grab the Datacron

Go back to the hidden Personal instance located in Ancient Ruins (1388, –387). You should now be able to place the holocron on the pedestal and then interact with it to retrieve the datacron.


Ossus Presence Datacron (+5 Presence)

This is an easy datacron that require you get a Grappling Hook first from one of the caves in Ancient Ruins.


You will need to get a grappling hook first from this hidden cave in Ancient Ruins area (accessed via a cave north of Ossus Canyons). The coordinates for that hidden cave is (1319, –430). Interact with the corpse of the Crushed Explorer.


Now go to the broken bridge in Ossus Canyons. Go up the broken stairs and then use the grappling hook to shoot yourself across the final gap.


Ossus Red Mastery Datacron (+6 Mastery)

This datacron requires a small bit of jumping. If your character has a large bodysize it may have some difficulty fitting through some of the openings.


This datacron is in the Ancient Ruins area which is accessed via a cave north of Ossus Canyons. Go to location (865, –245) in the Ancient Ruins area and you will find a cave.


Go through the cave and on the right are some ledges you can climb on top. Follow the path, keep going up and it will lead you straight to the datacron.


Don the Exiled Knight

Don the Exiled Knight is a running gag in SWTOR due to a promotion in the SWTOR Launcher that has the message Don the Exiled Knight’s Armor. In this case Don meant the verb but it can be read as a name. A reddit thread was posted and Musco commented on it and thus the legend was born.


The Epic of the Exiled Knight


1. The Epic of the Exiled Knight: Part Seventeen (-713, –192)


This one is inside Jedi Library Ruins but in an area that is slightly off the map. To get to that area off the map you will need to jump on some broken vases once you are in the vicinity.


2. The Epic of the Exiled Knight: Part One (973, 534)


Behind the waterfall in Ossus Canyons


3. The Epic of the Exiled Knight: Part Four (1033, –145)


This journal is in the cave connecting Ossus Canyons to Ancient Ruins. You can either enter from the Ossus Canyons side if you are Imperial or Ancient Ruins if you are Republic.


It is in the middle of the cave inside a shallow pool of water


4. The Epic of the Exiled Knight: Part Twelve (356, 31)


This journal can be found in Ossus Farms inside a flower pot next to a green container.


Dawn of the Exiled Knight


Locate Don, the Exiled Knight (1315, 303). He can be found in Ossus Canyons, a bit below the top of the cliffs.


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Hey folks,

Let’s talk about the Companion issues that you are seeing in 5.10. Even
though you may see some strange things, from what we are seeing we do
not believe there are any actual story/long-term impacts stemming from
these issues. There are clearly issues that we will need to resolve in a
future update, such as companions falling into the wrong category,
being unavailable, etc. Please, please continue to report these issues
to us with as much detail as possible – knowing your class, faction, and
active mission are particularly helpful. We are closely monitoring your
reports and our game activity to make sure there is nothing that creeps
into severe territory. Thank you in advance for the reports.

A couple things to keep in mind:
on what Mission you are on, Companions will become completely
unavailable to you. That is standard Mission behavior for most of the
Missions in this update.
Most story Mission explicitly permit specific Companions and you will not be able to use any others during that time.Keep the reports coming!


Enjoy mai boi!!

Yo i found an ancient switch in library, not on the map itself so thought might pertain to datacron. coords -651,-215,1 for entrance. jump on pots. switch at -724,-258,1.

Endurance datacron is located in the heroic area. Go to the back of the room and walk close to what appears to be a “wall”. It will teleport you to the second floor. On the second floor, with some platforming you reach the datacron. It is shielded by a forcefield. I can’t open it. I think the tablets have something to do with it. GL.

Claiming world first on the Endurance +2 datacron. High-level overview on how to get it below. Try to avoid grouping up or resetting local phases as this may cause problems. Every player must get this datacron on his own; you can’t summon players to the final location.

1. Click all five Ancient Switches spread around Ossus, in this order:
– Ancient Forest on a mountain (1130, -263, 43)
– Catacombs inside a waterfall (1082, 638, -152)
– Farms inside a cave (164, -253, -52)
– Ancient Jedi Temple (-727, -261, 3)
– Ancient Forest on a mountain (760, -519, 41)

2. Go to the datacron cave and check that a yellow glowing circle appears. Entrance @ 1394, -389, -15, glowing circle @ 1372, -448, 31. If you don’t see the glowing circle, repeat step 1 until the circle appears.

3. Go the entrance of “[HEROIC 2+] Expel the Darkness”. The phase will be green even if you already completed the quest today.
Fall through the gap @ -836, -308, -5. There is a glowing circle above the gap. If there is no gap, go back to step 1.
Follow the path to the end (lots of jumping involved here).

4. You are now in the upper floor of the final boss room from the H2. Click the first switch in the west, and jump across the stones. In the southern part, you can see the datacron but it is shielded. Continue jumping to the switch on the eastern side, click it and head back to the datacron. Click the datacron to collect it.

5. Go back to the datacron cave from step 2 and click on the empty stand. Now click on the datacron to get +2 Endurance.

We saw your guides and they were very helpful for the various secrets on Ossus (in fact I recommended them to many other players on my server). However, when we were working on the datacron puzzle between 1am and 2am UTC, I looked at your page and you still said that the Endurance datacron remains unknown, in fact you still don’t have the full steps. For the record, the first player in our group got the datacron at 3:31am UTC but don’t take it too seriously who is first.

[OP is Fred G]

I claim world first on not caring about world firsts in meh achievements for a floundering game ran by clowns.

Thank you Fred. After reading “claiming world first” as the first sentence, I thought to myself wow expectations are very low these days about ways for people to make themselves feel better.

Redefining “World Class” there buddy. I admire your world firstiness.
It is an inspiration to us all, and I don’t say that with sarcasm. I swear on Zash’s dead body.

Please link the forum thread. I can only find two threads: and with some talk about the Ancient Switches but nothing resembling a full guide, or any claims that someone got the datacron earlier than us. Instead, there are a few coordinates and screenshots but there is a lot of guesswork involved (e.g. that you need a group) which turned out to be false.

In the same hidden area where part 17 is (behind some rubble at about (-702,-269), there’s something called an ancient switch. If you push it, there’s a sound and a ring of light blue light, then nothing. Shortly after it’s clickable again.

There’s also what looks to be an opening in the hall to the east of the ancient lightsaber room, but you can’t jump through it (at -527,-437). There’s a hole in the wall and a room behind it, but you can’t jump through.

Can we expect some sort of Daily Quests guide? I can’t for the life of me find the WB quest in the Empire base.

Remember the good old times when a datacron would give you 10 points of a stat? All this convoluted stuff for miserable 2 points of Endurance? Sheesh!

Actually most of the datacrons are worth 2.
only the fleet datacrons and I think Rishi ever gave 10.
but yeah 2 points is less of a game changer these days lol

I think you’re misremembering things. Although I do agree +2 endurance doesn’t cut it anymore now that the game has matured.

Frankly it’s just for chievo (there is none so far, kek) and feeling of accomplishement. Even +10 is useless now.

And it is exactly one for your Legacy. Like it would be a problem to get one for every character. No. One. Scrooge McBioware.

@dulfy:disqus Can the datacron that gives the weapon tuning be repeated per character? (as in, can we get more than one?)

Wow, just checked and you’re right! God knows why people are selling it that cheap, but I’m going to start stocking up :’)

Thanks for the tip!

Datacrons are legacy unlocks. One tuning per legacy it seems. I only tried the easy bridge datacron but I couldnt get another grappler so I assume going through the switches and puzzles again wont give us access to the final datacron.

Once you have the Endurance Datacron, do you have to run it again to get the tuning on other toons? I don’t see a way in legacy to duplicate it for other toons on my legacy

I just simply can not believe you got this with no help … with it just coming out. Kinda defeats the “world’s first blah blah blah” … But… thanks for the post.. =)

just a warning, don’t press any of the color switches twice, or you can start at step 1 again (I clicked the waterfall twice, cause I wasn’t sure I clicked it properly, and had to do everything all over again)

[ ENDURANCE datacron – jumping in darkness ]
If you have trouble with jumping in darkness for endurance datacron – go potato your graphic settings. lowest on everything – it will help you A LOT .

Why does it say 76/79 datacrons after you get these three? I have all datacrons. Is this a bug or am I actually missing 3 datacrons?

For the endurance datacron, DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE, the ruins will repop and you will be able to click on them again, it will screw up the whole thing if you do!

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