ESO New Life Festival Event Guide

A guide to the Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival running from Dec 13 to Jan 2.


Getting Started

The New Life Festival runs from Dec 13, 2018 at 10 AM EST (3 PM UTC) to Jan 2 , 2019 of the same time.

Go to the Crown Store and pick up the New Life Festival Scroll. This scroll is free to purchase and doesn’t cost any crowns.  Clicking on this scroll will start the quest The New Life Festival


New Life Festival

For this quest you will need to find the New Life Herald Breda out near Windhelm, Eastmarch. Completing it will unlock the 9 New Life Festival daily quests and grant you the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectible, which will provide you with 100% boost to XP for 2 hrs and has unlimited uses until the event ends.


Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug can be slotted onto a quickslot, allowing you take a sip every 2 hrs via quickslots without having to go through your inventory.


New Life Festival Dailies

There are 9 New Life Festival Dailies, each themed after a race. These dailies reset at 1 AM EST everyday and all 9 dailies can be done each day, granting you with 9 New Life Festival Gift Box per day. Dailies are picked up from Breda after completing New Life Festival quest. You can do the dailies on multiple characters but you can only get the Event Ticket and Mysterious Reward Box once per day per account.



Completing each daily will reward you with

  • Event Ticket required for the Indrik Mount for the first daily completed each day per account
  • Mysterious Reward Box for the first daily completed each day per account (can give out Crown Store items)
  • New Life Festival Box

The New Life Festival Box contains the following

  • Random house items, crafting materials, consumables, style items

You also have a chance to get rarer rewards in each box

Castle Charm Challenge (Stormhaven)

Quick and easy daily. Go to the Old Goat Inn, Castle Square and Throne Room In Stormhaven (NW corner) and use the Performance Kit prompt.


Achievement: Charming Castle Duo


  • Dance with another player in front of each crowd during the Castle Charm Challenge. Pretty easy to do, just do the daily as normal and if there are other players in the area it will count
    • Old Goat Inn
    • Alcaire Castle Square
    • Alcaire Castle Throne Room

Fish Boon Fest (Shadowfen)

Collect Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creepling Leech and Black Marsh Cucumber from Fishing Holes in Shadowfen. Make sure you purchase Simple Baits from the Traveling Festival Merchant near Breda before you head out if you don’t have any worms on you.


Go to the marked areas in Shadowfen, find a New Life Fishing Hole, select your bait and don’t press the Reel In button until your character starts to swing the poles upwards. The fishing holes will deplete once enough fish has been fished out of it so you will need to find another one nearby. What New Life fish you get is random but it should be a quick daily.


Achievement: Fish Boon Angler


  • Catch five of each type of fish in the New Life fishing holes in Shadowfen: Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creeping Leech, Black Marsh Cucumber

Lava Foot Stomp (Stonefalls)

Easy daily, just dance at the taverns in Davon’s Watch and Ebonheart using the Dazzling Pin prompt. Dance while other players are in the area for the achievement.


Achievement: Lava Foot Shuffle


  • Dance the Lava Foot Stomp with another player at each Stonefalls tavern. There just need to be other players present when you dance at the areas.
    • Watch House Inn
    • Fish Stink
    • Ebony Flask
    • Hlaalu House

Mud Ball Merriment (Auridon)

Go to Skywatch in Auridion and start throwing mudballs at NPCs and other players. Throw 10 mudballs for the daily.


Achievement: Mud Ball Miscreant


  • Share the joy of mudballs with each Alliance Leader. Keep in mind that throwing mudballs at these leaders will place a bounty on you (about 46 gold each). The location of these faction leaders will depends on how much of their faction quests you have completed.
    • Throw Mud Ball at Queen Ayrenn
    • Throw Mud Ball at Jorunn the Skald-King
    • Throw Mud Ball at High King Emeric

Queen Ayrenn

In front of the bank in Vulkhel Guard in Auridion if you have not started the AD faction quests


Skywatch Manor in Auridion


Jorunn the Skald-King

Trolhatta Wayshrine in The Rift


Honrich Tower Wayshrine in The Rift


Windhelm in Eastmarch, Temporary Court


High King Emeric

Castle in Wayrest of Stormhaven


Sign Fire Sprint (Alik’r Desert)

You need to lit all 4 signal fires in Bergama of Alik’r Desert in under 55 seconds. Light them in this sequence: North –> East –> West –> South. Practice your route and stay on the bridge. Having a stamina pot or the Rapid Manueuver ability from Alliance War Assault Line will help with the timer.


Achievement: Signal Fire Zephyr


  • Light all signal fires in 35 seconds or less. You should just have enough time for this. Make sure you got a stamina pot and uses the Rapid Manueuver ability from Alliance War Assault Line if possible.

Snow Bear Plunge (Eastmarch)

This daily is just north of Breda and is fairly simple. Simply jump into the cold water at the marked locations. There are three places you need to jump off.


Achievement: Snow Bare Plunge


  • Leap into the freezing water with no armor equipped, you just need to remove your armor, don’t need to remove accessories/weapons.

Stonetooth Bash (Betnikh)

For this quest you need to hunt down 8 Stonetooth Mystery Meats and 1 Betnikh Honeycomb for Matron Borbuga in Betnikh. The mystery meats drop off wolves and other animals in the area while the honeycomb comes from wasps. I find it best to hunt outside the quest circles as you can find them out of the circles and there are less players.


Achievement: Stonetooth Belcher


  • Complement your feast by drinking some Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale. The recipe for this ale drops off the New Life Festival Boxes but you can also purchase the recipe or the ale off other players. Once you get to the part of the quest where it asks you to drink Betnikh Spiked Ale, eat Honeyed Wolf Pie, and Bitter Goat Cheese, consume the Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale from your inventory


The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile (Reaper’s March)

You need to unlock 3 chests within 1 minute timer. There is also an achievement for getting it under 35 seconds. The chests are simple, intermediate and advanced.


Achievement: Five-Clawed Cat Burglar


  • Unlock all 3 chests in 35 seconds or less. Pretty simple to do if the lockpicking goes right. Otherwise try it for another day

War Orphan’s Sojourn (Grahtwood)

Really quick daily, either donate 69 gold to the NPC or kill the wildlife nearby.


Achievement: War Orphan’s Benefactor


  • Donate gold to the Temple of the Eight
  • Kill Encroaching Widlife near the Temple of the Eight

New Life Charity Writs

New to the 2018 version of the New Life Festival are New Life Charity Writs. These writs have a semi rare chance to drop from each New Life Festival Gift Box you open and are tradeable.

Completing 12 New Life Charity Writs will reward you with the new Crystalfrost skin.



These writs require you to craft furniture from recipes found on any Carpenter, Clothier, and Blacksmith merchants. eso-new-life-festival-event-guide

A good place to find these merchants is the crafting area by Vivec as they are all cluttered close together.


To craft these furniture, you will need the following skills for some of the recipes

  • Tailoring 4 (Clothing 15), Woodworking 3 (Woodworking 10), Metalworking 2 (Blacksmithing 5)

After acquiring the recipe, go to the appropriate crafting station (i.e. if you need to craft a Carpenter furniture, go to the Woodworking station)  and click on the tab on the far right to view your recipes and craft furniture required for your writ.


Indrik Feather

Also new to the 2018 New Life Festival event are the Event Tickets. During the New Life Festival, you can earn 1 event ticket from the first New Life event daily you complete each day (resets at 1 AM EST) per account. Once you have 10 Event Tickets, you can exchange them for the Opaline Indrik Feather, the final Feather you need for the Indrik mount or exchange them for any previous Feathers from events you have missed (Witches, Clockwork City, Undaunted)


You can earn a max of 20 Event Tickets during New Life Festival and you can store a maximum of 12 Event Tickets on your character so exchange them as soon as you have 10.

Feather purchases are done at the special Impresario merchant outside the starter city for each faction (Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, and Vulkhel Guard in Auridion).



Each daily quest have an associated achievement listed under the dailies section of the guide. In addition, there are some other achievements you can complete.

New Life Celebrant – 10 Points

Complete each of the daily quests once


New Life Provisioner – 10 Points

Learn all of the New Life Festival recipes. Recipes are found in the New Life Festival Gift Boxes or purchased from other players


Skinchanger Style Master – 50 Points

Earn every chapter in the Skinchanger style book


Glory of Magnus – 50 Points

Complete all of the above achievements as well all the achievements associated with the daily quests.



Completing the achievement Snow Bare Plunge and New Life Celebrant allow you to purchase furniture items from Heralda Garscroft, the Holiday Achievement Furnisher. You can find her in Grahtwood, Stormhaven, and Deshaan

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10 replies on “ESO New Life Festival Event Guide”

Eh, semi-rare… I have already gotten plenty of motifs and two mementos, but not a single charity writ. Been doing dailies for three days.

So far I’ve gotten 3 total in 3 days but I have a friend who hasn’t received any and he’s done all 9 quests each day like I have.

Day 5 and finally I have gotten a writ. I would call them rare, tbh. About everything else that can drop from these boxes is more common than the writs.

With a total of 13 full runs through so far (one each Thursday and Friday, four Saturday, six Sunday, and one so far today), I’ve gotten 7 writs. Seems like an annoyingly low drop rate.On the other hand, I _did_ get the Glory of Magnus achievement on my main character, so the rest of the drops are reasonable.

Excellent guide, thank you! As for the writs, I’ve used multiple toons and have only had 4 writs from just my first toon and none to the others – this was 7 days of doing this, sigh. So I’d say that these writs are indeeed rare.

So today is a day when i end up with indryk and 11 events ticket to spare and there is also a few days of new life event and i could get more ticket but because of limit i can’t. There is my question what to do now?? Should i buy another feather and collect more tickets, get 12th ticket tommorow and after that recive only boxes from daily or what?? It’s really big issue for me, pls help 🙂

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