SWTOR Upcoming Bug Fixes for Patch 5.10

Bioware is deploying a patch next Tuesday to fix the numerous bugs with Patch 5.10.

Upcoming Maintenance and Fixes | 12.14.2018, 10:53 PM

Hey folks,

Quick update on the status of our next patch. There are some key issues that were introduced in 5.10 that we want to address next week. The current plan is to have a patch no earlier than next Tuesday, Dec 18th. Look for a post on Monday with a status update on timing.

Here are the issues we are tentatively looking to fix (standard disclaimer that this is still subject to change):

  • It is no longer possible for characters to be left with no Main Story Mission after completing “Inflection Point”.
  • “Flesh and Steel” will now track kill progress for the entire Operations group on R8-X8 and Kil’Cik as intended.
  • Characters who reunite with Dark Side Jaesa will no longer have her Influence set to 1. Dark Side Jaesa will once again accept your Companion Gifts.
  • Characters who acquired Dark Side Jaesa prior to 5.10a have had her Influence rating restored to their pre-5.10 values.
  • Characters who reunite with Light Side Jaesa on Ossus will no longer receive the Dark Side Jaesa Alliance Alert.
  • The lightsabers equipped to Darth Malgus and Tau Idair are now Bind on Pickup as intended (previously Bind on Equip)
  • The [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal is now available on all days of the week, not just Tuesday.

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the bugs that we intend to fix following the release of 5.10. We will likely have more bug fixes in January and February. This is just to clear some of the more major/blocking issues.

Thanks everyone! Look for more details on Monday.


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40 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Bug Fixes for Patch 5.10”

Eh, not happy that the update’s bugs take so long to be patched but on the whole I’m enjoying the update. Kudos to you, BW; you did a good job with this,

Tbf, we can complete the main story without the final boss breaking. By BW’s standards, I’d say that’s something to be thankful for :’)

But… it does though. That same craptastic lag bug they had on Yavin 4 with the Squadron boss. And, it sometimes takes multiple clears to get the reward for the weekly quest. I’d call that broken. But yes, you can complete the story at least.

i agree with you mostly.
I promised myself I wasn’t going to come back till after xmas, but speaking to my guildies on discord the feedback was pretty good overall.
The story i liked for once, have done both imp and rep and they were both good imho (minor quibbles on some of the senior imp’s responses considering who they are) and nice and short so you can run through it in an hour. Sets up nicely for the next part imho.
Daily’s are good, varied and plenty of them.
Planet is ok, if a little bland, the highlight being the beautiful Jedi library, and around that area I love seeing all the mini Jedi v Sith battles happening everywhere, and you can join in if you like.
The worldbosses are basic, one avoid aoe, one kill adds, not much imagination sadly, but killing them both takes 15mins and gives you a 252 mainhand or offhand for the weekly.
I have always loved lore and datacron achievements personally, so I liked the inclusion of that here.
Most of is bug free (apart from the Killiks :P), but the weekly Masterwork Crystal is bugged and the Flesh and Steel weekly is bugged (there is a workaround on that one), which I’m sure none of us are surprised about. Sad but true.
What irk’s me most however is that we should have had this over the summer, because the summer of one pvp map and a stronghold was yet another kick in the teeth for the long established player base.
If this is going to work going forward, they need this type of content to keep coming regularly.
Oh and I haven’t spoken to our GM much but Guild changes seem to be working well, and the perks are good.

Upon completing the Flesh and steel weekly I was really pumped at getting the new 252 weapons.
They’re old weapon skins, not new ones.
Seriously Bioware, your so busy doing Cartel Weapons you couldn’t be bothered throwing a new set of weapon skins our way for your shiny new planet?

That is not even the greatest problem with those. The mods and enhancements are slot specific for those. I find that disgusting and horrific. Seriously, the people running SWTOR right now are incompetent and shady. It’s not enough that they are making people grind like never before with this update for new gear, they want you to not be able to transfer gear to other slots.

So that they can justify lack of content for another 6 months. Seriously, this is aggravating. I really hope this game shuts down soon. It’s so disappointing at this point how cheap and shady they are.

Not to mention we have RNG back again with random gear from the weekly mission.
So you do ten dailys, lock yourself for the week, pick say the random Belt etc drop, and get the same belt you got the previous week.
And it’s not transferable?
That’s very poor.
I don’t mind grinding as long as I’m guaranteed to get something i need for the time and effort I put in.

I agree almost on everything. It is nice to see you judge the new content without a bias, and not trying to defend everything they do. The lack of content got to you too…

Eric is cute. He is not a programmer. Just a PR guy. He does what he can within the confines he can. Don’t shoot the messenger.

They will be, i bet 18th December patch is gonna be the last one before their “deserved vacations”, but don’t get me wrong poor guys i pity them, it’s not their fault and they’re under big pressure i can’t imagine such a small team, i don’t wish anybody to loose his job, F EA not a single penny for you and Disney.

Yea a whole new game and audience, he can bore to death. Another EA game that will be a waste. But if your a fan GL and have fun with it.

God forbid. That game is still on alpha status as far as i remember it was gonna released at the begining of 2019, as a beta i assume? That game should be on beta alrealdy. I saw those 2 producers worried too, they still have work to do ahead…

I’m pretty sure that the game play that you see today will be the game that will be released in Feb 2019. The only reason I say that is because I was in the beta for SWTOR for 2 years. The only thing that changed for SWTOR within the final month of release was the hot bar overlay and UI. And actually that was added to the beta the week before release.

[OP is Fred G]


Although apparently he is able to act like a grown man on a live stream. Hmmm…more evidence that Musco is the leader of Slap Ass Giggle Town.

Who’s surprised? Anyone?

Seriously Musco, you may as well just come out and say “we’ll attempt to
fix the game breaking bugs by christmas, but might not get around to it
before February. May the force be with you, and keep giving us money to
keep this game on life support.”

You should try Bethesdas Fallout 76 to understand the full meaning of bugs. 😁
I am quite happy with The new story which is the prelude of 6.0.
While I cancelled my TESO subscription I continue my subscription in SWTOR, especially after old friends of mine resubscribed after the recent release. Especially to option to jump directly to the new story without having to play or finish KOTET was a bery positive effect for them.

This sweet lamb had implemented a 47 GB patchfile trying to fix bugs in FO76.
I play SWTOR since release but they never had so many bugs or a boring storyline as Bethesdas Fallout 76.

There are always 2 a master and an apprentice and we perfectly know who the master is here.
If you still have enjoyable SWTOR content to do just enjoy it as i did. I’m just waiting for the next patch to enjoy the new planet, how long is gonna take me that? the rest of the year? and then i’ll be uninstalling the game again.

will not be pushing the patch tomorrow. There are still a few issues we
are working through and so we would like to take another day. I will
provide updates tomorrow, but we are now aiming for Thursday. More
details to come.

Well the bugs are terrible, but what keeps me away from playing it more is slot locks for everything! Are you kidding me? Fuck you for this, bioware.

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