SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Dec 17

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Dec 17
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Items No Longer Available

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  • LucasFaun

    i see they fired the shoulderpads guy,good good.

    • Van’zan

      No kidding. If they could only go back and clean up some. So many ruined by whatchamacallits stuck on here and there.

  • Ben Gimson

    That fieldtech armour is tasty.

    • Ezio Auditore

      got it in the hypercrate,it’s so good for the trooper and the bounty hunter.

      • Ben Gimson

        Saw someone using it with the Imperial Trooper helmet from the CE vendor. Looked really mint 😀

  • Anonimo

    Is Malgus unbroken lightsaber available yet?

  • romon

    Vulptilla mount when? ;-;

    • Littism

      Its on sale, just surf to the “Popular” section. Its listed for 1,500 cc

      • romon


  • Fubarz
    • Stilluff Fogg

      Still with Rian Johnson… Yikers.

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