GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 5 Leaked For Jan 8 Release

A French ad has leaked the release date of Living World Season 4 Episode 5 for Jan 8 2019 release along with other details.

Update: Arenanet has released the trailer for the upcoming episode.

  • New map : Thunderhead Peaks
  • New fractal : Mermaid’s Reef / Siren’s Reef
  • New legendary longbow : Pharus
  • New mastery : Bond of Faith
  • New living story episode
  • New “Dragon Blood” upgradeable weapon set
  • New fractals instabilities (nine !)


  • Kite

    We’ll most likely get the real trailer in a day or two.
    Usually they give the trailer the week before, but since it already got leaked, what harm could an extra week do?

    • Daaw Daw

      or in 2 hours!

  • Taiwan Wolf


  • turkeyspit

    Upgradeable weapon set? I wonder what sigil ANET will choose to use to screw over their playerbase this time around?

    • Vadim Karpov

      Something with 250-500 resourses for each sigil I guess.

    • Raizel

      This time it’ll be Rune, not Sigil since it must the (i)logic(al) choise of Armor->Sigil of Nullification, Weapons->Rune of X <.<

    • Asda

      Cry more you plebeians, learn how to make gold.

      • Maciej Smoczyński

        My friend, unlike you, we have a lot of cool things to do besides playing this game.

      • turkeyspit

        According to GW2efficiency I’m in the top 30% group for liquid gold, meaning I have more coin than 70% of the 200k’ish accounts who linked their API. Just because I have the gold doesn’t mean I want to spend it unnecessarily.

  • Narottam Zakheim

    hmmm… i wonder what bond of faith will do… obviously another mount upgrade…. but i wonder what functionality it will add…. also rly hope the lege longbow is cool…. excited all of a sudden 😀

  • Raizel

    Btw Trailer is already out, you can see New Legendary Longbow, map and mastery:

    • Squatch

      Bow looks like a combination of Radiant armor and Chaos weps

  • Laercio

    New legendary Chaos Long bow?

  • Sotos

    New “Dragon Blood” upgradeable weapon set…….. here we go again.
    Sigil overprice part 2….

    • Alot

      I feel it was more an issue of bad distribution of costs then overpriced sigils. While 5-7 gold per sigil does seem silly, if you distribute the 25 required sigils over 18 pieces of gear, you only forking over 1.4 sigils per gear piece (or 10-14 gold) for each high res, fx inclusive piece – which seems pretty good to me.
      I feel that if they’d only required 13 sigils for the first set and then made each additional store bought skin cost an extra sigil, the process would be far more palatable even though it would cost the same. Now if I could just myself to grind 2 +10 swim infusions -.-

  • Suan

    For a second I got scared that it’s gonna be released next week on 25th.. when I [and probably lots of people] would be out visiting family.. *phew* glad it’s 8th.

    New legendary bow looks meh.. I mean nice, I like “light” themed things but kinda like the Chaos LB.. Need to see it in game.
    New mastery looks interesting, but I wonder what kind of use it will really have.
    New upgradeable weapon set makes me worry and kinda makes me want to buy all the cheap sigils and runes just in case.. 😀 hopefully they learned from last time.
    New fractal.. cool, I did not play fractals in ages though so not super excited, but I guess I’ll check it out.
    That Kralk model though.. I wonder if they will show us the whole Elder Dragon body or only bits and pieces while “fighting” the head..

    I think that there will be episode 6 just like in season 3 and episode 5 might end on some cliffhanger, I wish for a real one where we would end ep 5 and start ep 6 in the same place.. that would be cool Imo, even with 3 months wait between episodes.

    • baddog

      You can launch off of the mount into the air with your glider on a roller beetle, just think what
      you could do on other mounts.

  • Anthony Quintana

    Anyone else notice Logan is wearing the platemail armor from Droknars forge in GW1?

  • Jalen Dmello

    Please be a good looking bow 🙂

  • commentor

    Is that a glorified Chaos longbow?

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      I actually like it exactly because it’s not so over-the-top like the others.

    • x3n0n

      the new hammer sharur is wonderful. the shield with the quaggan is terrible , i agree.

      • Avel Wrathlight

        The shiield with Quaggan is AWESOME.
        It is cute and funny!!!

        • commentor

          you are not wrong, but that category should better off in the gem store or a reward collection of some sort. Legendary category should be hold in a more serious manner . But luckily, the Flameseeker is already there. I just hope the legendary greatsword won’t be toy-ish.

          • shortorder

            It seems to be that if the one leggie we have for something is silly, the next is serious. At least well enough to plan around it.

        • Raizel

          Obviously it’s up to personal tastes but I want a Legendary Weapon to be serious and mighty, not funny!

  • 峎羽

    Did anyone have the “Join in __Map Name__” issue yesterday? I couldn’t find the option while my friend was ready for Teq in the same map but different flow. Does GW2 remove this option or just a bug?@@

  • Alot

    What I’d really like to see at some point would be shortcuts on the world map to open map specific looking for group sub tabs. The number of maps you now need to scroll through to join living world metas is getting a bit silly. A looking glass under each zone’s name on the world map would be great at this point.

  • Avel Wrathlight

    New Leg Longbow looks like shit

    • Alot

      Damn, well there go my hopes for the sewer trawler legendary shovel. Themes been taken :/

  • pfftjoe

    so let me get this right – Leak doesn’t mean leak anymore, just like beta doesn’t mean beta anymore, leak is what happened when half life 2 was in development; This is just an ad

    • Squatch

      Seriously, Anet is just supporting its affiliate gaming news sites and blogs by releasing teasers on via their platforms. These are planned, whereas leaks by definition are not a part of a marketing strategy.

  • guest

    Finally a goddamn legendary longbow. Can’t say how long I’ve waited for that. The other one is nice but it always bothered me that it has this weird arrow glued to it in the middle. Finally I can play my condi warrior with glowing footsteps regardless of current weapon! The longboy even somewhat fits with the old sword kinda.

  • Ohagimaru

    It’s alright. The design for the LB is too simple for my taste though. The solid
    portions of the bow is nice. I would of liked it more if they continued
    on with that concept to build the rest of the bow while only leaving
    the arrows and the string to be made out of light.

    I could make suggestions I’d add in some magic summoning circle when
    the player nock and draw their arrows to make it look like they’re
    summoning arrows to shoot. The bow is basically a quincy bow and since
    the bow is a bow and arrow is made out of pure energy this little
    feature would be quite neat. Not liking the footstep pattern though.

    a critique and since I main ranger and I use shortbows and daggers
    only I can care less about this bow. I would’ve tried for the bow if it
    was a shortbow though. Also would be nice roleplaying wise as well if
    GW2 gave us a make-shift kyudo uniform outfit thats based off the bow’s
    design to match it. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I need eastern asian
    themed outfits.

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