SWTOR Gearing Issues in Patch 5.10

Bioware have made some responses to the gearing issues present in patch 5.10.

Why is Bioware so silent on major gear issues from 5.10? | 12.20.2018, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Screaming_Ziva View Post
The silence from Bioware on gear issues from 5.10 is ridiculous. There are two major issues with gear right now:

#1 – Mods and Enhancements are bound to a particular piece of gear (ie main hand, chest, etc). I understand the armoring pieces being piece bound but mods and enhancements being bound makes zero sense and doesn’t allow anyone to min / max their gear.

#2 – The new set pieces do not mix and match with the old set pieces. Now, we basically have to farm six new pieces of gear before we can upgrade any of our armorings.

Whose brilliant ideas where these?

These are good questions, so let me try to address them.

1 – This is an intended change. That being said, we know there is definitely some friction from this change and so keep raising your concerns/feedback which I can pass to the team. We have made no secret of the fact that we know we are due for some big itemization changes to address a variety of issues around gearing. Please keep telling us what you would like to see in the future from gearing in SWTOR. We will continue to gather feedback and as we get into the next year, we will have active conversations with you about future gearing plans.

2 – This is a bug, I acknowledged it here. The reason we didn’t fix it with today’s patch is that addressing this issue is actually pretty substantial from our side. It will involve us not only fixing the items to work properly going forward, but we need to actually “change” the gear already in the wild to work together. That is the part that is challenging as we need to touch armorings that players are wearing without impacting the rest of their gear. We are working on a solution for this, but it is not something we could turn around in time for 5.10a.

Thank you all for your continued feedback. Bigger itemization changes will come and we will definitely talk through them with you when they get here (not soon™). Thanks all.


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Can someone explain in dummy language if this means that basically you can’t pull item mods out of new gear and stick them in whatever pieces you want? Too busy to read deeper into this atm but I need to know since this is legitimately concerning. Being forced to wear something you don’t like on your character, even despite having outfits isn’t something I’ll stand for.

You can still pull item mods out to put in other pieces, you just have to put the helmet mods in another helmet, rather than in any item. Mainhand mods are also bound by ranged/melee weapon, so Gun mods cant go into a saber, even though they are both a mainhand slot.

If I’m understanding correctly, you can pull mods out and put them in other gear, BUT it has to be the same type of gear. IE: if you pull the mods out of a chest piece, all three mods have to go into another chest piece. It used to be that only the armoring mod worked this way. Now it is all 3 :/

the other thing is the set bonus isnt syncing.
It is a bug, and they havent figured out how to fix it without making the problem worse yet, so it remains bugged in this way for now.

Correct so if you want to min/max the only real choice you have that I can see (unless I am wrong). Is use a class that has a healing advanced class. That way you can chose the healer versoin non accuracy enh’ pieces. As I have been getting my 110 accuracy with 240 accuracy augs only, after the new aug’s dropped.

hahaha point 1 is great. It was an intended change, but they didn’t tell you about it.

Well, that never happened before…

[OP is Fred G]

I’d give them from slack if they were routinely pushing out lots of content and their patches were frequent and large but they aren’t. There’s no reason for them to not communicate a change that big.

And generally the things they “forget” to put in the patch notes are things that really piss people off…go figure.

True, this change isn’t a big deal one way or the other. The fact that they haven’t been doing much in the way of content *is* a big deal.

Number #1 is a reason to uninstall (though I will not just yet).

It’s disgraceful, and along with the “Artifact Lockboxes” that brought RNG back, it’s basically another way of them saying “screw you guys”.

I really hope the game dies soon. It will force me to uninstall, which I would do in an instance, if my 8 good friends/guildmates stopped playing today.

Since when is it immature to not care whether some people with very low expectations from what used to be a good game, won’t be subjected to sub par products anymore? If anything, I think that the hypothetical death of SWTOR, will one day make all of our lives better.

Then why are you still here? Go find something that puts in perspective how childish it is that your life is actually influenced by a game you barely play anymore, to the point that you long for it to shut down.

Leave the rest of us to enjoy this “sub par” game with our “low expectations”. It’s not like we’re keeping you here.

The short answer to your question is “because I can do whatever I want”

Now, take your attitude somewhere else, because I did not offend you personally, nor do I care what YOU do in the game.

If you think it’s childish that my life is “influenced” by a game I barely play, then think about how childish it is for you to get triggered by the fact that someone made a comment on a website that they would wish for a game to shut down.

All of that to be met with the reality that I’m not even remotely triggered, lol. If anything, it makes me laugh.

Well, you went all the way to the trouble of assuming that my life is influenced, when in reality this game could shut down tomorrow and I wouldn’t give two craps, so, I assumed the same for you, especially since you went to the trouble of addressing me, when I did not initiate any conversation with you.

Keep up the good work of telling me how much you don’t care by replying to me over and over again please!

Well, if a company constantly dishes out nonsensical and unwanted changes to the game, along with very little to no content, while NEVER listening to player feedback (contrary to what they say)…

What the f**k do you expect people to do???

I never stopped my subscription for SWTOR since the headstart of the game. During these years I tested many other games. LOTRO, WOW, STO, TESO, FO 76. The quests of TESO are the best I have ever played in a MMO, but finally I cancelled my TESO subscription, because I still focus my online game times on SWTOR. The features of SWTOR are useful for casual players like me. Achievements are done for the whole account, not for single characters. The main story is fascinating and It is simply fun to play the game. That is what I demand from a game. And obviously its not only me if I see the number of guildmembers who returned because of the option to start The Siege of the Jedi without having to play the parts of the story thay missed before.

Yep this is bad.
Mod/enh changes are really bad.
Min/maxing gear was one of my favourite things to do, and necessary.
Makes no sense.
So they’ve spent time adding an unwanted feature rather than getting the new gear to work, which they still haven’t done, which now won’t be probably well in to the New Year now as the xmas holidays are here?
Wow, just wow Bioware.
Unlike you I don’t want the game to die, but it needs to get much better, especially in Bug fixes and brainless ideas.
Too much to ask for Santa?

On an unrelated note Abaddonsmummy, and referencing our prior talk on Red Dwarf. I had the ‘complete collection’ on DVD but I just found out that they made 4 more seasons so got those all on DVD too. Now that I’m all caught up on Doctor Who, at least until I get my 13th Doctor DVD set anyway (although I still prefer classic over all, especially Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee), I can hopefully watch all that Red Dwarf.

Your in for a treat mate, those last four are brilliant.
Have a great time watching them.
Merry ‘smeging’ Christmas. XD

8 friends that still play? Good lord that’s a lot. I had a full friends list on my main (100), and even after cutting out people that Haven’t played in years to add new friends, I never saw more than 3 or 4 on when I quit last year just before the last merger. A couple have asked me to come back for RP but it’s not worth it anymore. This new change reinforces that more than ever.

Sooooo….. that means people who focus on PvP and WZ’s are forced to wear Accuracy on their gear. Even though Accuracy is a wasted spec in those situations? I thought Accuracy was only good for PvE stuff; Ops and FPs?

Apparently they were talking about bringing back PvP gear in the stream with the Bad Feeling guys.

I’m kind of hoping they are joking as they already drove off people when they originally did it. I doubt players are going to come pouring back suddenly. Their choices with gearing seem really odd and they had a month from when people questioned this on PTS to address it.

PVP gear makes a certain amount of sense, TBH, at least it keeps the “We have to PVE to PVP/We have to PVP to PVE” guys happy. (and what do you mean “drove off”? PVE/PVP gear was there from the start)

Force us to use stats we don’t want Bioshit, smart move. I have a super smash Jugg in full 248’s with the 240 augments that is all crit everywhere (53% crit, 91% crit multi). Now if i upgrade him i will be forced into alacrity and accuracy. Funk dat…

I decoded Eric’s bullshit.

1.This is an intended change. That being said, we know there is definitely some friction from this change and so WE THOUGHT FUCK YOU LOT WE’LL KEEP IT SECRET UNTIL IT GOES LIVE AND YOU’RE ALL STUCK WITH IT. HAHA SUCKERS! GET GRINDING!



“This is an intended change”

Well… they want my money, not the other way around. They still behave like they are Fortnite and can do to the playerbase what ever they want. Missmanagemt of a game and it’s playerbase. Making everything worse and less fun wont help you, BioWare!

They want you to keep playing. By adding more tasks to complete, i.e., building a new gear set and not being able to min/max different mods to different armor pieces, they hope to keep you playing longer by making it more time consuming. At which point, they’re banking on your desire to finish your set outweighing your annoyance, and perhaps hooking you into more “content” (lol) or at least getting you to buy something shiny while you’re distracted trying to finish your gear.

Yes, but as has been pointed out by others, that usually also is accompanied by content that requires said gear and min/maxing. Very few people give a shit about NiM VOTMG and those that do are probably good enough to clear it with their 248 sets (if not less for the very skilled). So this is a means to NO END that is both annoying and pointless. Everyone at Bioware should be put down like rabid dogs….

It’s kind of pointless but that goes for both. If you are completing the content this won’t matter, if you’re neat completing the content and still gearing up… it won’t matter anyway. If you’re doing PVP this will just balance things better.

LEL, I want to understand the thought process behind this.

Let’s upset all remaining players for no benefit for nobody.
How is it that any of these people are still in charge?

Anakin: We got the 252 chest piece that you wanted, just as you asked. Then we brought it to you before the developers had tested it on the PTS, so we could rescue you from being killed over and over from the lag spikes from the Steel grind.

Padme: Yeah, it’s a Masterwork alright.

Obi-troll-Wan: Good job.

Things reported on PTS without being fixed? Nooo, it can’t be…

Back when Revan expansion appeared on PTS many reported, for days, that the final quest fight was broken and couldn’t be completed because Revan would not take any more damage. Days later, there you go, expansion officially launched and the fight was still broken. Launching a freaking expansion after so much hype and waiting, knowing the storyline not being able to complete is freaking appalling, to say the least.

I just wanted to say how much I love this site’s comment section that keeps showing the outrage towards BioWare as a company and as a developer. So happy to be among like-minded individuals!:)
Also, assuming that everyone here who says mostly negative things about SWTOR and BioWare, are the ones who are unsubbed from SWTOR, which means that only soybois are subbed to SWTOR or blind SW fans… Just like Revan was… blind and stupid.

I re-subbed just to see what’s changed, especially now that the Zakuul monstrosity is behind us and it’s getting back to good ole imp vs pub stuff. A lot of stuff behind the scenes for the classes seems to be one of them. Juggernauts for example no longer have stances to switch between.

Still, I can’t quite forgive them for killing off Marr.

Yea yea new patch to fix problems but makes more and new problems… reinstall launcher since patch did not finish down loading and now graphics are messed up…. Way to go BW all the crap you f….up

Tbh i really don’t care about wether i need to get 6 set piecesfirst. You’d farm/grind/buy them anyway so what’s the big deal? you don’t even need the new gear except for gods master mode. Chill the fuck out. The mod/enhancement change on the other hand is really retarded. I had to buy a piece from healer gear to not get over 110 accuracy lol

the big deal is you cannot replace pieces as you get them. you are stuck holding on to them until you get a full set which is annoying.

and yeah mod/enhancement change is just.. wut? but then again, this is a company that though GC was a good idea so… yea….

Sorry to sound irrelevant or anything but I’m returning to the game after 3 years…I beat almost all content. Are All the old dalilies from say Coruscant or Dromund Kaas to Makeb still around? And Do they still have that dreadful level 60 or 70 token available?

so they purposely make harder to min max our gear? adding new tier of gear and making the mod/enchantments locked to said leg/head/belt/bracer/chest/etc peice as means to keep people play is not the way to go, Give use actual content for once in one year WOW has more content added to then Swtor has had in 3 years

I returned to the game after 7 months to see what is new and I think I will just leave again, I have no intrested in regrind gear again,

Bioware, Austin being Bioware, Austin. History repeats itself, I always heard people say.

And another shitstorm ensues. Funny thing is: I don’t think there’s enough people playing this for it to have any kind of repercussion…

So with this new gearing system, since you don’t need to trade in 248 shells, it would seem that command levels and 230-248 shells are all meaningless now, correct? I no longer need or want anything command levels provide… all that matters is that my toon gets to level 70 and then either 1) skips to Ossus to grind dailies for mats or 2) can afford to buy crafted ones from the GTN. Command levels are now obsolete, it would seem?

You have about the same chance getting gear or a crystal from a command crate and getting a rancor or companion from the nightlife event. I wish I was kidding.

Actually you’re right. Never looked at it from this perspective. Only problem is it takes too long to get a full set of 252 for one spec, let alone the 2 specs I run on each of my 16 chars… The set boni don’t match anyhow between 248/252 gear and the new bound mods/enhancements prevent you from updating your old 248 gear. They’re really trolling us here. When they brought us the new augments everybody went out to optimise gear and now they want me to start from scratch? No thanks. No more Nim raiding for me. For HM and anything else the old 248 will be just fine.

So happy I left the game cause of crappy devs, so sad they ruin such a wonderful game and continue to do it every new day.. :/

I was bored so i patched up to play the story and this release, it was ok but apparntly you dont even need to be sub to get this new gear? cause you can open those crates from the quests and get stuff from the npc, the command crates need you to sub to just get them along with the cxp.

I have no clue what the dev’s are doing they want to go back to sub system which was why the did the cxp thing now they seem to be removing it from irrelevances? this gearing system is acutual friendly to f2p vs the command system

If you don’t have the authorization thing per toon you can’t use that gear as far as i know, yes you can open the crates but not equip the gear.

they also really need to fix the game engine, the weekly masterworks wb fight need 16 or more people to kill the wb, and the game engine can barrely handly 16 man ops and when stick 24 people in fight the game engine just runs even worse.

Being fair the bosses are SO EASY to beat that who cares really…I already beat them 3 times and the story and uninstalled the game.

Why bother to troll a comments section at all?

“Oh, I left the game after the first patch. I am so glad I did. I came back when it was f2p and it still sucked.”

People trying to trigger other people, here, is amusing at best.

dont count this as trolling, everything JA86 said is true. And its not about triggering anyone this isnt fleet gen chat. Most of what I see here are legit comments and issues. Such as forcing us to use specific BiS enhancements in certain pieces, all we have left at that point is augments to change our stats also less choices in BiS augs to add different types of stats. Along with a shit ton of other changes. Compare this to 2.0 and you can see a trend, and alot of us dont agree. I thought this is were we can come to discuss these issues?

Totally agree.
There are trolls on here for the drama, this is the internet after all, however most posters here can see the genuine issues we’re faced with in 5.10.
Bizarre, unnecessary gearing issues that Bioware have created in this update.
There is good in this update, but it’s tainted with strange decisions and lazy bugs.

First when they removed Discipline Trees, then when they spoon-fed players Power (by standardizing the amount of Power you get per piece) and now by disallowing mods and /enhancements to be moved to other pieces… Each shows how they continue to scale back players being able to functionally and statistically differentiate themselves because it better serves their inability to balance game play.

Reading Q&A no.1 – is the progression in game only a gear progression to repeat same content? Is there going to be anything new? Is currently in game challenge so big to require this gear?

Hence why I hardly ever log into SWOTR anymore. There is no purpose to grind non-stop for this new tier of gear if there is not going to be a release of new Raid/group content.

ever heard of gods nim that was released recently? that is where the gear grind is going mostly since sisters > izax is tuned for 258 and the gear is required for those fights.

And how long will it be before you will be able to tackle this with a set of (bonus working 6 slots because it doesn’t work with 248 set bonus) 258 gear?
You do the math, it aint any time soon.
And remember you have to have the corresponding shell along with 3 masterwork crystals which is a random roll.
I have 3 x 252 ears on one alt, 2 identical belts on another and 2 offhands on yet another.

If you aren’t leveling a toon to 70 and completing the story to it’s end then abandon that toon to start anew then you are doing it wrong.–Signed Biowart Staff

Well BO Staff then you got to up server lvl for toons 30 something not enough need 200 toon slots to do it So get back to work and stop taking 2 month vacations

Get rid of gear and put an attribute system, combine all the specs, and players can make funky combinations.

Attributes can be like more crit or more HP and you can reset.

(not soon™)

Which mean they no it was gona cause issue did it purposely and arnt gona fix, I was gona stick around to gear my toon with the new stuff but them binding the mods/enhancments make the GRIND even worse, so my response to that fuck that I out again, maybe in 7 month I try again, if the game still around

And what about the DvL Event armor pieces not scaling to player level the way they should?

When I look back at how hard so many of us grinded for that armor only to have it be rendered utterly useless because of PvP players’ complaints, I personally can’t help but feel more than a little cheated.

Forget about those PvP complainers who demanded the nerf! Give us back that armor!

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