SWTOR Paxton Rall Companion Now Available

SWTOR Paxton Rall companion is now available for recruitment for eligible subscribers.

SWTOR players who are subscribed on Dec 14, 2018 can now receive Paxton Rall companion ingame.

There are two ways to recruit Paxton Rall.You can visit your mailbox and receive the Holocommunicator to instantly recruit Paxton. Additionally, you can also open your Companions and Contacts page (If you have finished Chapter 9 of KOTET) and select Privateer Enlistment to view a short cutscene.


Here are what Paxton Rall likes for companion gifts.

  • Like: Luxury, Military Gear, Courting, Weapon.
  • Favorite: Cultural Artifact.
  • Love: Underworld Goods and Trophy.

There is also a hidden achievement for visiting Paxton Rall in the various cantinas not related to the recruitment mission.

  • Flo

    he sure is looking up

  • Darth Endrel

    Does this mean we finally get new customization options for the Twi’lek?

    • Ben Gimson

      I wish.

    • AbnerDoon

      The devs said non humans were hard so hard. Both Paxton and Anri have unique npc customization options not available to players.

      It’s sad these guys have Star Wars in their hands and cannot handle putting out non human player customization. Some races have barely been touched since release. Yet human and human type species get updated.

      • Farlas816

        Eh, all species really need a texture update for their faces/complexions

      • infamous

        I heard it’s ‘hard’ because they no longer have the developer that worked on the Twi’lek. Same excuse they used for the sitting on chairs. They lost the code.They said they are working on it though. Take it with a grain of salt. I’ve been asking for Twi’lek cosmetics for 6-7 years now, they better deliver this time.

        PS. So much for earning companions in-game. I thought Bioware was finished with using a companion to bait others to sub. Glad I didn’t bother with it. Just shows you shouldn’t judge a character by its cover. The voice and personality don’t suit him at all. Pirate? Meh.

  • Bakgrind

    Seeing this makes me glad that I let my sub expire at the end of Nov. That whole pirate shtik is kinda meh for a Twi’lek.

  • There’s also a bug happening for a lot of people that if you “get” Paxton, you immediately lose Darth Hexid. Classic Bioware bullshit at work….

  • Phillip Chappell

    i swear i heard hexid or kira repeat things are looking up bout 5 times

    • Havik79

      I thought it was Lana.

      • Phillip Chappell

        couyld been wasnt quite sure

        • Danny Seth

          It is actually the female smuggler. I play her the most, so I should know. 🙂

      • Ben Gimson

        Reasonably sure it’s Jaesa. Really weird bug :’)

  • Farlas816

    So funny story, I got him just by being subbed for a week from a referral code

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      The judges have conferred and your story is…….not funny!

      Not funny is the result, so sorry. 😐

    • I did too, I didn’t even realize that it was possible.

  • Firnon Zodd

    From what I’ve seen, it seems Paxton Rall is the Star Wars equivalent of Jack Sparrow

    • Tira

      Sure does seem that way. Although, I don’t think the voice matches well. Didn’t he speak in the traditional language or huttese – something like that in the cantina crawl and the voice was different to me. I don’t recall him speaking basic before.

  • Scot Johnson

    “Eh…. not my finest hour.”

    Are the developers admitting something?

    • Xaffax

      That’s the only thing he’s said, after every gift, after every fight. I wish I could turn it off. 546th verse, same as the 1st

      • Every once in a blue moon he’ll laugh too. And the only other times I’ve heard him say anything else, was when summoning or dismissing him, or at a cantina.

    • Naggax

      Really annoying, I just switched to another companion cause I couln’t stand hearing that line anymore.

  • Daniel Maxton

    I really don’t get BioWare and their desire to give away free shit like HK’s weapons and jetpack or useless companions which can be added to the useless companion list (great!), or re-painted vehicles or droid pets, or hell, even bonus chapters. Way to go BioWare. Milking what’s left of your fanbase to the point where you sell content that should’ve been there in the first place without any demand to be subbed at a specific date. I mean, it’s a crazy idea, but what if BioWare, instead of giving free shit to subs (which is actually not free, you encourage dum dums to sub for that “free shit”), would actually tried to fix something for a change? You know, the best kind of gift SWTOR players want, need and deserve?!

  • Shawn Hargrave

    ello im paxton rall your newest pokemon! do you think im worth subbing to the game?

    1. yes

    clicks on 2

  • Kubrickian

    The companion is broken. Can’t gear or add offhand. Nice that the staff is gone for a month as they do every year. Did you have to earn him in any way. An adventure perhaps. Nope they just mailed him to you. Insufferably lazy. I play 5 minutes of this game and it’s right back over to D2.

  • Mr. Wednesday

    I never cared about companions. I never will.

  • Phillip/Fuse

    I was subbed the day before cut off but didn’t get him as a reward <_<

  • SarahTex

    Bill Paxton is a companion in SWTOR? “That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over! What the f are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?”

  • Macleod

    They should be giving his customization options to playable twileks too…oh wait, that would make too much sense so of course EAWare wouldn’t do that.

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