GW2 Gemstore–Shiverpeaks Mounts, Roaring Dragon Glider & Dyes

GW2 gemstore updated with the Shiverpeaks Mount Pack for 1600 gems, Roaring Dragon Glider as an exclusive from the BLC chests, and the new Kralkatorrik Dyes.

Shiverpeaks Mount Pack – 1600 gems

Does not include the beetle mount.


Shiverpeaks Raptor Skin


Shiverpeaks Springer Skin


Shiverpeaks Skimmer Skin


Shiverpeaks Jackal Skin


Shiverpeaks Griffon Skin


Roaring Dragon Glider (BLC Chest only)

Has two dye slots, BLC chests only. Has an impressive summoning animation.


Kralkatorrik Dye Kit (125 gems/ea, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems)


Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.

[&AgFuXwEAAA==]    Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword


[&C1IAAAA=]    Logan’s Pact Marshal Outfit


  • Avel Wrathlight

    Got new glider from first BL key!!!

    • Grats!!!! I’m jelly. :3

    • HadesClutch

      Jelly here too, I’ve used five and nadda D:

      • HadesClutch

        Maybe it’s because I used BLCs that were old so their items were already rolled when the chest dropped :/

  • Ace Cordova

    :O the mittens on the raptor lol.

    Also, damn that outfit looks good.

    • turkeyspit

      But we already had the Wintersday mount collection for “fun” and “wintery” look. I was expecting something NORN, wood spikes, war paint, viking’y, and it fluffy mittens kinda ruins it. /disappoint

      • NomadTeach

        It actually has all of it… spikes( horns and bones), war paint and viking decorated armor, and fur.

      • Squatch

        They look different enough, and these are definitely more serious than fun. The fact that these new mounts have no santa hats makes them actually viable mounts for an extra 11 months out of the year. /appoint

  • turkeyspit

    Had they given that glider skin as a Gryphon skin, I would have spent 2000gems without even thinking.

    It’s a nice glider, but I remember getting very excited about the Raven one as well, but when it became available again on the store, it no longer appealed to me.

    Thematically though that glider would be awesome on a Herald, but mine is a Charr, and it would look goofy in that tiny dragon.

    • Madeleine Leroy

      I think with the Dragon and Raven glider the character should disappear, that would be awesome imo! 😀

    • HadesClutch

      So I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before we get an Aurene skin for the Griffon. Maybe as some kind of achievement reward. It would feel wrong if they charged players gems for it when Aurene is such a pivotal character in the story.

      • Squatch

        I really don’t like this suggestion. There would be a thousands of Aurenes flying around.. There is only one Aurene, and I’ve not invested my time to protect and raise her since she was just a wee egg just for another thousand Aurenes to jump into existence.

        • Asda

          It alredy looks ridiculous with thousands of Commanders clustering around every single story waypoint in their retarded particle effect overfloat max glowy flaming mount skins, get over it.

          • Squatch

            Okay, I’m over it. Now that we’ve dropped all standards, I want a Mike O’brian skimmer and a Rytlock springer, because now that they added particle effects, the immersion is apparently ruined and not worth preserving.

        • HadesClutch

          By that same logic, why have the griffon. Sunspears aren’t supposed to be all over the place. How about Legendaries too? I don’t think it really matters. What I care about is a skin that represents someone’s progression and achievements while utilizing a mechanic already present within the game. Hence, an aurene skin for the Griffon done in a very similar vein – you have a series of progressive collections within the story episode.

  • HadesClutch

    Would be kind of neat if you could wear head skins with outfits – mix and match.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      i been wanting that for 329 years

  • HadesClutch

    I’m kind of bummed they keep putting so much focus on RNG. That glider should be purchasable D:

  • TapeKiller

    BLC gambling here I come again…

  • Born’N’BredSheridan

    With all the bad press loot boxes have gotten lately you’d think Anet would get a hint, but apparently not.

    Oh well, just another glider I will never have because I’m not rich or stupid enough to gamble for it.

  • ross oogo

    finally an outfit with no boobplate..

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