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GW2 All or Nothing and Thunderhead Peaks Achievements Guide

GW2 All or Nothing story and Thunderhead Peaks Map Achievements Guide. This is a work in progress.[toc]

Story Achievements

Scion & Champion

Lord of the Ley Dance – 1 AP

Avoid all ley-hazard damage during the first trial. You need to avoid both the orange circles and the wing slam attack from Aurene while standing in Aurene’s circle until she completes absorbing the magic. You need to do this 3 times, each time the area of her wing slam attack increases and you have less area to stand in. May take a couple tries to get it.


Power Player – 1 AP

Charge three crystals with the magic of veteran Branded foes. There are three crystals you need to charge during the second trial. You can charge them by either killing the branded under each crystal or throwing Branded Shards at each crystal. For this achievement you need to use the veteran Branded to charge them, which doesn’t drop a Brand Shard. Veteran branded also won’t spawn until at least one of the crystals is charged closed to half way, which makes it more risky as accidental cleaves of regular branded under an almost full crystal can invalidate this achievement.

The strategy here is to kill the regular Branded outside, charge each crystal with Branded Shards until they are close to half way to get the Veteran Branded spawn. When the Veteran branded spawns, kill the regular branded outside the crystals, get the veteran branded low on HP and then drag it inside the crystal to kill it and charge the crystal. Repeat this for the other two crystals.


Branded-on-a-Stick – 1 AP

Pierce four or more branded with a single use of the Dragonsblood spear. This is definitely the easiest achievement to get in this instance. On the final part of the second trial, you will be granted the useage of the spear. Gather up all the branded near you and just press the special action key for a quick and easy achievement.


Trial by Fire – 1 AP

Avoid getting hit by Branded Aurene’s breath attacks. Avoid the big rectangular attacks from Branded Aurene. Some occur when Branded Aurene is on the ground but they are also her main attacks when she takes off in the air. Oddly enough it seems that getting hit by the Tornado in the fight area also invalidates this achievement.


Conquer Your Fears – 1 AP

Execute a powerful and cooperative strike on Branded Aurene with Aurene

The Crystal Blooms

Bunker Buster – 3 AP

Destroy 10 Branded creatures by using the Resonating Blast skill inside the auditorium. Pretty simple achievement. Once you get to the story step where you need to channel Aurene’s magic through the overcharged resonance crystal, this achievement will trigger. Use the special action key on the crystal and it will kill all the branded in the room. There may not be 10 Branded creatures inside so you may need to repeat the instance (simply log out when you are on this step once you finished blasting).


The Crystal Dragon

Crystal Circuit Racer – 10 AP, Crystal Circuit Racer title

Finish the attack on Kralkatorrik in under 15 minutes. This is pretty rough to do solo. The part that takes up the most time is usually the charging up the crystal part which goes a lot faster when in a group. Unfortunately it seems that only the instance owner get credit for the achievement when done in a group.

Be sure to use the Dragon Spears whenever you can as they can instantly deplete Kralkatorrik’s breakbar in one go, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Electrophobia – 10 AP

Complete the Crystal Dragon without taking damage from environmental hazards. The biggest thing you gotta watch out for are the branded lines on the ground as they will disqualify you from the achievement. They pop up when you are blasting the resonance crystals too so you gotta wait for them before using the crystal or you are locked in place. At the final fight with Kralkatorrik’s eye, you gotta watch out for more stuff on the ground such as the orange circles and the slam attack as they can disqualify you from the achievement.


Stubborn – 10 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Complete the Crystal Dragon without accepting aid from the weaponsmith, armorsmith, or chef. These are the optional aids you can get before you fight Kralkatorrik.


Meta Event Achievements

Thunderhead Keep

The Thunderhead Keep meta event occurs every 2 hours at xx:45 in the Thunderhead Keep area in the NE corner of the map, alternating with The Oil Floes meta event.


Don’t Mind If I Do – 4 AP

Place 25 mines to defend Thunderhead Keep from the Branded. This event is near the beginning of the meta after you have cleared the Thunderhead Keep area free of Branded. The event that pops up is [Group Event] Repair defenses and place mines!. You want to grab the mines and then place them near the Resonance crystal in the center of the area and also at the two gates where the branded will pour through. You may need to do this meta a couple times to complete the achievement since you may not get a chance to drop more than a few mines per meta.


Smash and Garb – 3 AP

Defeat the Wraithbringer that spawns at the end of the meta event. Make sure you got Dragonsblood Spears as they will help in the fight against the boss.


The Oil Floes

The Oil Floes meta event also occurs every two hours at XX:45 but always at the alternate hour from the Thunderhead Keep meta. It starts just south of the Resolution’s Heart Waypoint with a defend and escort event. You will need to defend Mikhail the Dredge Miner as he repair 3 oil drills and keep the drills defended to avoid event failure.


Nature Loves a Vacuum = 5 AP

Clean up 250 oil spills on the ice floe. This achievement is part of the second event in the meta chain where you need to clean up the oil spills near the oil drills. This event completes very fast and since you need to clean up 250 oil spills be prepared to do this meta event many many times.When the event pops up, run to the Oil Reclamation Pump and interact with it to get a special action key that allow you to clean up the oil spill nearby. Press the special action key on oil covered surfaces and as the bar above your head fills up to full, empty it at the same pump.


One Big Ugly – 3 AP

Defeat Volatile Oil Slug Sulypix on the ice floe. This is the boss that spawns at end of the meta. It dies very quickly so make sure you are there.


Dwarven Room

Dwarven Room is a special area only accessible after you have completed the two meta events above. You need the Light of the Deldrimor Plate Top Half which drops off the Thunderhead Keep meta event and the Bottom Half which drops off the Oil Floe meta event. After you have acquired two, double click on them to form into the complete plate. You can acquire the Deldrimor Plate components from the meta events once per day.


With the complete Light of Deldrimor Plate, talk to Frodak Steelstar found on the bottom of the ramps leading down from History’s End Waypoint. He will give you a plate of random color (you can see the color on your back)


Find the gate to your corresponding plate (i.e. if you have a red plate on your back, go to the gate with the red plate symbol above). The teleporter should now activate. Go through the room until you find the next plate and continue until you are given the final plate. The final plate unlocks the final treasure room with Hammer’s Hoard POI which can be done once per day (the final plate was green for me but could change daily). How many rooms/plates you can unlock changes each day.


No One Was Using It Anyway – 5 AP

Use the Light of Deldrimor to locate hidden dwarven treasure. This achievement appears to be bugged currently and not giving credit. When you talk to Frodak Steelstar, he will give you a buff that lasts for 30 minutes that allow you to use the special action key to locate the hidden chests inside the various rooms behind the color plate gates. You will need to locate 50 hidden chests to complete the achievement so be prepared for quite a number of runs of the Dwarven rooms once the achievement get fixed.


Dwarven Room Raider – 5 AP

Gather dwarven plates from all the rooms in the Dwarven Catacombs. You won’t be able to gather all the plates in one run so this will take multiple runs. The final plate that unlocks the Hammer’s Hoard does not count as a room.

  • Dwarven Sauna
  • Dwarven Library
  • Gauntlet Room
  • Tomb of Marhan
  • Crystal Room

Grand Prize – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

This is an achievement for unlocking the hidden chest inside the final treasure room (Hammer’s Hoard) which you can do once per day. You will need to unlock it 10 times. Remember to use your special action key (Light of Deldrimor) to reveal the chest.


The Ironhammer Throne – 1 AP

When you are inside the final treasure room, sit on the throne for this hidden achievement.


Map Achievements

Expert Archaeologist – 12 AP

Categorize 20 artifacts for Olaf and Elof in Deldrimor Ruins. Pretty simple achievement. Just go to the location marked on the map, stand in the white circle to receive the items being throw and then put it in the appropriate container.


Thunderhead Peaks Treasure – 11 AP

What is a living world map without a scavenger hunt finding random boxes? For this achievement you need to find 24 Dwarven Chests. They can be opened once per day.

A Different Kind of Shatterer – 4 AP

This achievement is related to an event in Deldrimor ruins. There is a rift event that spawns in Deldrimor Ruins just SW of History’s End Waypoint every hour on the hour. This event must fail for the next event to trigger that has 10 soldiers encased in branded crystals that need to be broken free. The event only spawns 10 soldiers and you need 10 for the achievement so you may need to repeat the event once or twice.

Junk Debunk – 3 AP

Help Tirabikkr look for big nonexistent shiny at all dig-site locations.This is an escort event that starts with Tirabikkr the skritt near Ironbridge POI in Deldrimor Ruins. Tirabikkr goes to one of three locations each time so you will need to complete this event at a minimum of 3 times: Sewage Dig Site, Mountain Plateau Dig Site, Shipwreck Dig Site.


Odds and Ends – 3 AP

Correctly predict tournament outcomes in the barracks. Pretty simple achievement. Go to the location on the map, you will see a duel between two NPCs. Talk to the Tournament Organizer to bet on who wins. If the person you pick wins then you get the tick for the achievement. Do this 5 times to complete the achievement.


Surprise Supplies – 3 AP

This achievement requires you to locate Pepperseed first near Hundar Pike. Escort him back to Symphony’s Haven.


Once that is done, wait a few minutes and then Pepperseed will start up the second escort event with his dolyak. During the escort the dolyak will be attacked and start to lose supplies. Your goal is to pick up supplies along the way. You need to pick up 5 supplies at the first encounter when the dolyak gets attacked and then 3 more supplies at the second encounter for a total of 8 boxes to complete the achievement.


The Master of Music – 3 AP

You need to grab a practice crystal and then harmonize with six Zephyrites just north of Symphony’s Haven. They will play a series of 3 notes (watch the color symbols popping up above their head) and then you have to repeat it. Do it again for a series of 4 notes. The correct pattern for each zephyrite is noted below.


Clover – 134 2124


Journey – 424 5253


Breeze – 341 2452


Saffron – 325 4324


Daybreak – 241 5141 & Yukisna – 513 2452


Honored Ritual – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Go to Niles, talk to him about the ritual and then play the following notes: 325, 324


Hydra Rodeo – 1 AP

Rope and wrangle a hydra on the ice floe. After the Oil Floe meta event there will be a [Group Event] Hunt down the champion ice hydra in the southern portions of the map near the Ice Floe. Once you damage the hydra a bit, he will start running. Hop on your mount and start chasing. Once you get close enough you will receive a special action key to use a rope to wrangle the hydra. Do so for the achievement.


Star Fishing – 1 AP

Use dredge fishing techniques to land fish in a basket. This is kind of an annoying achievement due to the poor design of the basket hitboxes. You need to use the tuna bait near water that has a “bubbling” effect and press #2 so the fish will jump from the bubbling water into the basket. This will likely take many tries as it won’t count fish inside the basket unless it is perfectly centered in the basket.


The Fugitive – 1 AP

Defeat Hessper Sasso without being caught in the Branded imprisonment. This is a group event that is triggered right by Melody’s Rest POI. Talk to Exalted Wasmaa to trigger the spawn. Don’t get imprisoned in Branded crystal for the achievement.


Two the Barricades! – 1 AP

From time to time Symphony’s Haven will be attacked by branded. You need to defend both barricades through three waves of branded attacks without letting any of the barricades get down to 0 HP. Take out the siege hydras ASAP as they do the most damage to the barricades.


Underworld’s Angels – 1 AP

Take a roller beetle from Dragon’s Claw and ride into a hole in the ice at the Dredgeways. The achievement isn’t very specific but it appears there are specific requirements as you can’t simply just roll your beetle mount to the hole. You need to jump into it from high above on your beetle mount and it appears you can’t stop along the way (i.e. hitting an obstacle). Follow the video for the exact path or look at the image below for the start and end locations.



Mastery Insights

Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Shattered Bay

Fairly easy to reach, probably the most straightforward out of the 4 Mastery Insights.


Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Ironhammer Crossing

Start from Observation Deck Waypoint, fairly self-explanatory. Just springer hop up the big rock and then jump on the pillars.


Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Sorrow’s Cave

This one is slightly more involved with some jumping. Start from Moorage Waypoint.



Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Brechnar’s Gauntlet

Most time consuming Mastery Insight requiring some jumping. Starts from History’s End Waypoint.



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

92 replies on “GW2 All or Nothing and Thunderhead Peaks Achievements Guide”

Honored Ritual, you get an AP and a Mastery Point from it. Dulfy’s categorized it with the rest of the APs, so…?

For Brechnar’s Gauntlet you can go to mastery from outside (I’m not sure if I used only bunny and glider or bunny and griffon).

Note: For star fishing, you can just pick up the fish from the ice and take it to the basket. Then, you interact with the basket. It’s really pretty easy.

Where are the Dragonsblood weapons for the Wraithbringer fight? In all of the chaos, I could never find them.

A small tip for Power Player since Dulfy’s article wasn’t very clear about it; it doesn’t matter if normal Branded die inside each of the 3 crystal’s radii. What you must do is make sure that a Veteran Branded Ogre dies beside each of the 3 crystals (it doesn’t need to complete the bar via its death either). There are only 3 Vets in TOTAL, so the difficulty is twofold:

1. You have to make sure that excess normal Branded don’t die inside the circle and complete it before you can kill the Veteran Ogre for the crystal.

2. You have to make sure that you don’t accidentally kill a Veteran Ogre outside of a crystal’s radius, because then you will not be able to get the credit for a crystal.

Aurene is a big annoyance for this achieve because she can easily kill normal Branded via her breath weapon and thus ruin the achievement by finishing a crystal early. It may be easier for you to have another player with you that can aggro a normal Branded and then run back down the tunnel to keep it alive until you can lure the Veteran Ogre into a circle and kill it. (The next wave of normal Branded will not spawn until the last Branded from the previous wave is dead.)

Small tip for “Don’t Mine if I do”: You can both pick up and place the mines without dismounting.

To pick up the mines you just need to go near the barrel, don’t have to push the interact button and the special action key to place the mine is also available on mount so you don’t need to dismount to place them either.

I really dislike map completion gated behind meta events. It makes me avoid the maps that have gated their map completion behind them. I hate living season 4 content because of this. I just decided I am not going to play it.

You can hop up and down in front of the door to the room to get the POI, that’s what I did without doing the meta

Thank you! It was killing me that I couldn’t figure out how to get into the room, it hadn’t occurred to me to dismount and get as close to the door as possible. LOL Map completed. 🙂

Just so you know, the name of the map is Thunderhead Peaks, not Keep. I know this was the name of something in GW1, right? You probably confused… 🙂
But thanks for the guide anyway, I always come to you guys to help me with achievs. 😀

Guys, do you anyone give me an explanation of “Conquer Your Fears” becouse I don’t know what I exactly need to do.

When you CC Branded Aurene with Dragonblood Spear your Special Action will change into another power attack – use on Branded Aurene and you will get the achievement.

It most certainly isn’t as simple as that because I’ve done the fight 3 times so far doing just that and I’m not getting it.

There’s a hidden achievement called “Appropriately Hyped” on the last story step. You have to talk to a random soldier near the chef, encourage him, and choose the “Yeah!” dialogue option a bunch of times.

I just tried this now. Spoke to the soldier, used te yeah 50 times and… nothing.
I think the dialogue options before that matter as well… annoying 😛

I just did it and got it. Select the first option in every dialogue window and get him up to 10 stacks of Hype. If you go over 10 stacks he will get overhyped and the achie will fail.

Ooh… I think that’s what happened. I kept selecting the yeah until he said something about being over excited and he needed to sit down… lol

Top dialog +5 times YEAH gave him 8 stacks of Hyped and me achievement . So it doesnt need to be exactly 10 stacks

what you have to do is pick the dialogue options until you get to the ‘yeah’. This will repeat 8 times, after that she gets dizzy. You have to stop before that so she is hyped but not dizzy, so say yeah! 7 times, then go for the second option (stop it now or something). That gives you the achievement.

Small tips for Crystal Circuit Racer:

– go for it using the 3 buffs; probably obvious but those help
– remember to use the shards that mobs drop to throw them at the crystal to charge it faster

For me the charging of crystals was the slowest part the first time. Not to mention in some spots I literally had no mobs to kill since they were randomly agroed all over the place and only 1 mob at a time (sloooowly) was running to the crystal.

In one spot I even had these mobs running past the crystal and to who knows where, so I had to cc them in order to kill them within the crystal charge area.

So using the shards made a HUGE difference the second time around. Got the achieve quite easily.
And I was solo and on mesmer.

I mention mesmer because a lot of my greatsword attacks were “obstructed” so yeah… fun times 😛

PS: If anyone knows where you can find “temporal storm elemental” for the focus dragonsblood collection I would appreciate it. I really hope Dulfy does a guide for those weapon collections, though it will probably take a while since the currency requirement is quite severe…

I think I got temporal storm elemental in my target during North Meta when I was running to the Riftstalker trying to get it in my target. Can’t say if it was just chilling nearby and accessible at all time or appears during Meta.

There is another achievement called it is getting hot in here, you need to take off your clothes in the dwarven sauna

Can you make a guide for Adventures too? Especially Thunderhead Keep Volatile Delivery, it takes me so much time…

I did it on my Necro. Equip only an axe. Take blood is power and tick yourself down in a controlled manner. Go to the spiders in the cavern outside the forge camp heart. Use a spider to get to below 10%. Then go into shroud. This holds your health constant. You need to kill 6 instead of 5, and you have to do it fast (in a few seconds). I pulled a normal spider over to the group of 4 hatchlings and a vet. Pop shroud and kill them all . May take a few tries. The 5 minute thing is nonsense.

The best place for a Necro to complete this is in “The Pantry” where the “Lost Supplies” portion of the Renowned Heart event occurs.

Electrophobia – Got few hits from Kralkys attacks while on mount and still got this achie. So if you have time just be on your griffon and assassin all mobs with spears, npc will do rest of it, just really slow 😀

For the Star Fishing Achieve it works a lot better if there the area is clear of people and there are several bubbles in the middle. (I had at least three bubbles in the middle area when I tried it and no one else around) If you stand between the basket and the upper right fish bait (right about where the T is in the upper right Tuna Bait area and show the bait there, two fish will jump out. The one on the right seems to be the one that jumps into the basket and after a second gives you the achieve.

I can confirm that this method works. 🙂 The fish didn’t look like it landed in the bucket for me, but after a second it gave me the achievement anyway.

The Power Player achieve is terrible. It’s so simple to do, but I repeatedly fail because of Aurene. She keeps mobs in range of the crystal and kills them and I can’t seem to get the mobs off her and on me away from the crystals. So frustrating to be on the last one and she kills a mob nullifying the achieve.

For Power Player achievement. You actually don’t need to charge all of the veterans into separate crystals. You just need all the veterans to be charged to any crystals.

there was. its saffrons brother, if you read the dialogue (from saffron) correctly you can pretty much asume that the Niles is her brother.

she just talks about her brother and how they played together, so playing the same notes at niles, like u did at saffron, is the solution 🙂

Whats the reward at the end when you do all those achievements? Is it the same as at the end of new reward track- leg piece/ crystals ?

Followed ‘Underworld Angels’ video twice. Landed on the thing. Didn’t get credit yet. No reason they need to make these things so specific.

3rd time is a charm! I think I was missing the pool and hitting the land around it when I was landing before.

just wanted to say that for the achi ” a different kind of shatterer” you dont have to fail it , the first event spawns cristals too , they are not marked on the map but you can still see and dmg them and get credit for the achivment

Important note for the Hydra Rodeo cos I can see a few people say they lasso’d and didn’t get credit. There’s a lasso meter when chasing the hydra that needs to be filled up for you to get the achievement, so you just lassoing it isn’t enough, several people need to hit the lasso action key to fill that meter up, if you lasso and the meter fills up completely you’ll get the achievement. This worked for me anyway.

I’ve heard that sufficiently hyping a certain asuran soldier before the kralk battle (but not overhyping) gives a hidden achievement – though i havent confirmed yet.

It’s the “Appropriately hyped” achievement.
It’s the soldier near the cook with whom you can talk (Crystal Dragon story instance). The idea is to not go over 10 stack of hype. You select first dialogue options (encouragement) and then 5 times the “Yeah!” and then the other option to finish the dialogue and that’s it.

This is confirmed, just did it last night, he stands right next to the food buff table. You have to give him around 8-10 stacks of hype and you get the achievement. Any more and he’ll get over excited and you don’t get it.

There is a much shorter way to get to Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Brechnar’s Gauntlet.
You can just jump over to it with a Springer from the Stonebridge POI.

Well, thanks to all “Caps” who typed about Power Player – 1 AP achievement with valuable advices about “don’t fill the bar before you kill vet ogre”, but how about exactly guide for ogre spawning? I have no ogres at all. There is 5 levels of crystal charge 20% each (you’ll get 20% for each crystal chard or killed mob), so you can’t make it slightle less than 50% or slightly more – only 40% or 60%. I tryed each charge 10+ waves, but spawned no ogres at all.
Any real tips gow to do this?

“A Different Kind of Shatterer” – the event (riftstalker) doesn’t need to fail. We succeeded in the event and we still had soldiers to break out of crystals.

Power Player – 1 AP

Keep killing minions as far away as you can. Normal minions will drop shards wich you can pick up and throw under the crystals to charge them up. First charge the one crystal wich is on the other side of the room. If you would be charging the one next to you, some minions could get killed by Aurene and accidently finish the charging process. If this will happen then you will need to restart the instance. Or if Aurene would happen to kill the veteran outside of one of these crystals. After one of these crystals are around 80% charged, your veteran will spawn. If this veteran is near the middle crystal he will get aegis wich is important for those who would try to pull these veterans (like me as thief with Scorpion’s Wire.) After capturing one of these sides you have more space to fight minions. Repeat this 3 times and you are golden. It can happen that Aurene will kill your veteran at wrong crystal then you want. You will be still able to complete this achievement just fine.

Fuck that surprise supplies shit. Took changing 3 maps to get one where the mofo wasn’t perpetually cowering. Then only 4 supplies show up on the 1st half.

The actual fuck bruh.

Crystal Circuit Racer can now be done in a party just fyi! did it with a full party and we all got the achieve 🙂

Should add that a friend and I just tried the Electrophobia achievement, and it also works if you follow each crystal section but hang back to avoid damage, you also don’t need to be the instance owner.

For Nature Loves a Vacuum / oil spill cleanup, you can also clean it up during the following boss event, “Defeat Sulypix before it drains your reclaimed oil.” I cleaned 187 oil spills between the two events so it’s possible to get it with only 1-3 metas.

If only Aurene DISAPPEARED while doing Power player. She did make the achievemnt much harder than it was supposed to be.

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