SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Jan 14

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Jan 14

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  • Лев Сафаров
    • Fred Garvin

      Did you forget what game this is? Cartel news is the only news.

  • Fubarz
    • Fred Garvin

      “The HUGE Problem!” With YouTubers posting the same variation of tired videos over and over again for clicks, subs, and likes!!!

  • branky

    any news on what they are fixing? suitbonus for 1…

  • an

    EA cancels another Star Wars game.

    • Kylo Ren

      Not just that. They cancelled the so-called “Open world Star wars game” that people were rumoring to replace SWTOR lol

      • Fubarz

        Wild speculation here. I heard on one the Star Wars you tubers say that producers of game of thrones is suppose to make a star wars trilogy in the near future and might be about the old republic this era. If true EA already has 3 games with some up dating low cost to do. They could see as a cash cow….. Will see


      I’d say Disney is as much the problem as EA is.

    • Fred Garvin

      “Gamers are ANGRY”

      In other news: the sky is blue and water is wet.

      • Jar-Jar Binks

        Even more shocking: Star Wars fans are angry

  • Crynort Argentus’Flare

    still no resourceful renegade set yet…

    • Thundertrain

      They’re clearly holding back this set because…they don’t want players to buy it? Because they don’t like it when players give them money? I want to believe it’s because they’re so busy fixing all the things they screwed up and broke with 5.10 that they forgot or don’t have the time…but we all know that’s not that case. lol

      Honestly, the only thing I can think of as a semi-legitimate reason for releasing new CM items in dribs and drabs like this is to keep players logging back in to check the store, hoping THIS will be the week when the release the ONE thing that they really want.

  • Bounty_Hunter_Random

    Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update…. Cartel Market Update….
    Do they ever even consider introducing the tiniest sliver of content to this game anymore?

    • LastAvenger

      Besides the tons of AMAZING DECORATIONS, MOUNTS, WEAPONS, ARMOR SETS, PETS, COMPANIONS, TUNINGS, CRYSTALS and so on they have introduced in the last 2 years they have made: 2 daily areas – ossus and iokath, 3 flashpoints – umbara, copero, and nathema reborn, 1 operation all 3 modes- gods of the machine, 3 strongholds – rishi, umbara, and mannan, returned all but 5 companions, 2 new warzones – vandin and mandalorian arena, wrapped up Eternal Throne/Fallen Empire, made tons of game improvements – guilds being just one example, merged the servers down to five, and tons more… so i dont know what your problem is… The Dark Side Hssiss was amazing!

      • Bounty_Hunter_Random

        Wow, 2 daily areas, 3 flashpoints, 1 operation (how long for the entire thing to be released?), Strongholds – how amazing, “returned 5 companions” are you serious? So let me get this straight, they removed companions you start with and you call that content? Ok then. Merged servers? – Weren’t half of them dead. Surprised they haven’t added AI bots to warzones to make up additional players. With all this great content they are really striving for great heights, oh well keep enjoying and supporting a dead game. The force is dead.

      • Naq

        “merged the servers down to five” – Secret Bioware Employee, in DEFENCE of the game.

        This is a whole new spin on “Its a feature!”

        • Fubarz

          I saw LastAvenger post as being sarcastic …but that could be just me

          • Naq

            It should be, but I am fluent in sarcasm, it is my native tongue, and I ain’t feelin it here.

        • Wayshuba

          Um, you list is a little short….

          Adding to what you noted above, they have released
          Six dungeons in 3 DLCs plus two public dungeons in the expansions
          A completely new class – Warden (when was the last time SWTOR added a new class – oh yeah – NEVER)
          A completely new skill line – Psijic
          A new crafting profession (jewelry crafting)

          And, we have another two dungeons coming in Mid-February and a full expansion in June…..

          • Naq

            I was a bit thrown off making my list because of the 2 year timeline instead of one, but yeah, tons and tons of actual content. And even if they do have an ingame market that keeps getting slightly more bullshit with each passing season, it is MUCH less predatory than swtor’s.

          • Cyrus15

            Everything regarding Eso is true. But the game was so boring that my complete guilt cancelled their sub and left Eso. I was the last of my eso guilt who cancelled his sub and leftvthe game in 2018.

            During all this time I never cancelled my swtor sub.

            While most of my eso friends are now playing other games at least 4 of them joined Swtor and refreshed their swtor-subscription.

      • Fred Garvin
  • Rance

    The only redeemable move EA can do is to pull the trigger.

  • Guest

    But wait, theres a fight breaking out on the ESO portion of this site
    Bring beer and popcorn!

  • Adam Haynes

    I came up with this crazy idea recently… what if instead of presently limitless crap for CC’s EA devs created a filter that actually pitted even numbers of opponents against each other in wz’s!!!! I think that software has existed since… oh the mid 90’s, so it ahould be doable. EA could make the game suck less. Hey, that could be their new slogan: EA- suck less!

    • Fubarz

      EA listen to players LMAO!!!!

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