ESO Elsweyr Chapter Arrives June 4

Elder Scrolls Online is releasing the Elsweyr Chapter on June 4, 2019 and will begin the Season of the Dragon with Q1 Wrathstone DLC Dungeon Pack.


We are excited to announce the next Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga, The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, coming to PC/Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on June 4. Learn about this brand-new adventure and the year-long Season of the Dragon storyline here.


Keep both eyes on the skies! During the Season of the Dragon, you can experience a year-long interconnected adventure that begins very soon with the Wrathstone DLC game pack and continues through the upcoming Elsweyr Chapter and beyond. Here’s the Season of the Dragon schedule:

  1. Wrathstone DLC dungeon pack
  2. Elsweyr Chapter
  3. Unannounced Q3 DLC dungeon pack
  4. Unannounced Q4 DLC story zone

The Season of the Dragon is here!

As always, each release will feature an incredible stand-alone story, but the Season of the Dragon brings it all together as part of an epic adventure that runs throughout the entire year – a first for The Elder Scrolls Online!


The Dragons have returned to Tamriel. Unleashed upon the world by the unwitting Abnur Tharn and the Imperial usurper queen Euraxia, the great Kaalgrontiid and his followers hunt from the skies and threaten to burn down the ancestral home of the Khajiit.

Elsweyr is packed with new stories, adventures, and challenges, including:

  • A whole new zone to explore: Elsweyr
  • An epic main story quest line that ties into the Season of the Dragon
  • A powerful new Class: Necromancer
  • A challenging new 12-player Trial: Sunspire
  • Massive new world events: Dragon Attacks
  • A huge amount of unique delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests
  • A host of updates and quality-of-life improvements

Explore the stunning (and dangerous) land of Elsweyr

Previously, you have been able to explore the province of Elsweyr in The Elder Scrolls: Arena and its outer edges in ESO’s regions of Reaper’s March and Khenarthi’s Roost, but in this new adventure, you can fully experience the home of Tamriel’s beloved cat people. In Elsweyr, you can traverse both fertile grasslands and scorching deserts, interact with moon-sugar farmers and wandering nomads, or confront merciless Imperial occupiers and roaming bandits. In this new Chapter, you can truly dive into the life, history, culture, and mythology of the Khajiit and their homeland.

Of course, in addition to exploring this new zone, you’ll also be called upon to defend the Khajiiti people against a devastating new threat: Dragons. However, in this Chapter you’re no Dragonborn, and you’ll need to work with your fellow players and powerful allies in order to take these winged beasts down.

Command the undead with the Necromancer Class

Finally, Elsweyr also introduces the highly anticipated Necromancer Class to ESO. With this dark, mysterious new Class, you will be able to command the dead and cast powerful elemental spells to overcome your foes and bolster your defenses. With the Necromancer, death itself is a weapon!


You can pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr now to receive unique rewards at launch, including the Noble Clan Chief costume, Blue Dragon Imp pet, Treasure Maps, a Baandari Pedlar Crown Crate, and Experience Scrolls. In addition to this, for digital pre-purchases only, you’ll receive immediate access to the Rahd-m’Athra mount!

The otherworldly Rahd-m’Athra mount

Elsweyr will be available in the following editions:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Standard Edition
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr  Digital Upgrade
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Digital Collector’s Edition
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade

The Elsweyr Collector’s Edition comes with all the pre-purchase bonuses in addition to a host of unique digital goodies. For more information on each version of Elsweyr and to find out which one is right for you, check out our editions article, and you can pre-purchase Elsweyr on our Buy Now pageright now!


The Season of the Dragon year-long adventure is unlike anything we’ve ever released before, and Elsweyr is a huge part of this epic tale. We can’t wait to reveal everything that is coming to ESO’s newest Chapter and this massive, interconnected story, so keep an eye out for more information in the coming months.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is coming to PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4 on June 4. PC/Mac players can take part in Early Access starting May 20.  Pre-purchase Elsweyr now to receive unique bonus rewards and gain immediate access to the Rahd-m’Athra in-game mount (conditions apply). Don’t miss out!

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One ot the mindeless ESO fanboys without personal opinion? I have closed beta preorder Imperial collection edition, Morrowind and Summerset chapters, I waited any game improvements, but no, only they do is a new ways to sink both gold and bucks from playerbase. Ugly animations, stupid combat system of 5 skills on the panel (for summoners you must place the same summoning skill on both skill panels if you want to swap weapon during combat. Remember last class? So shut you know what and toss your money to the “Teso citizen”.

Funny. I was also in beta and pre-purchased the Imperial CE as well. While the game did have issues at launch, plagued by bugs, broken quests, clunky weapon swap and poor combat animations, it’s come along way since then and its a much better game today than it was 5 years ago.

Sorry you don’t like it because they didn’t make ESO another WoW clone, like SWTOR, GW2, FFXIV and every other MMO to come out after it. While I am a fan of both action-based combat and traditional tab-target combat systems, I don’t need 40 abilities and 8 hotbars cluttering up my screen. Apparently you haven’t played much ESO to say you only have 5 skills. You have 2 weapon bars, 10 skills + 2 ultimate abilities. It takes less than a sec to switch bars. Where did you get 5 from? Did you look at screenshots and draw your conclusions from that? So, you really don’t know what you’re talking about after all.

you just blinde or trying to distract other people if you missed my message about 2 pannels “for summoners you must place the same summoning skill on both skill panels if you want to swap weapon during combat” And just count only the real combat skills without 8-12 sec buffs and placeholders providing some stats bonuses by just holding the slot. Just go ahead, tell me more about “modern feature” of 5 skills on the pannel, this is only because console gamepads. BDO for example hase all the skills at once you can cast by combos, so you don’t even need thouse slots on the pannel. And don’t tell about WoW clones if you didn’t played it and saw only screenshots. At least GW2 and most of the “unique” features of TESO was stolen from GW2, even so called Cyrodiil PvP – just ctrl+c-ctrl+v Gw2 realm vs realm. Same for TESO PvP arenas etc. Only difference GW2 hase at awaiable as regular free content from the beginnig and with separated PvP skill build and balance fixes.
But at least TESO hase a better static landscape wiews than GW2. And crazy mad fanboy base who screwing every reasonable QoL ideas from other people on the forum.
Well, thanks you for response, but I won’t participate it anymore, there is nothing I didn’t saw on the official forums: all the fanboys love their precious stabile bog and they won’t any changes, just add more gold/cash sink stuff and hide more the ocntent behinde paywall.

If you want to slot a bunch of buff and placeholder skills that’s entirely up to you and how you want to play. By design, you’re not forced to play that way. That’s not how I play my Sorc. I’ve got 5 unique skills on each bar. At least the game gives you the freedom to slot the skills you want and build the character to suit your playstyle where in almost every other MMO you’re forced to play the class the way the Devs design it to be played with no choices by the player.

Also, you want to say ESO copy/pasted GW2’s WvW PvP? Let’s not forget GW2 copy/pasted Realm v Realm PvP from Dark Age of Camelot. So much for GW2’s “unique” features. And the last time I played GW2 I only had 5 active abilities + like 3-4 utility type skills. That’s a total of 9 skills. Even if you have to slot 2 of the same skills in ESO on both bars, you still have more active abilities than GW2. In no way am I saying that GW2 is an inferior game but if you’re going to complain about limited # of skills in ESO then I’m not sure why you’re playing GW2.

Truly, this article is really one of the very best in the history of articles. I am a antique ’Article’ collector and I sometimes read some new articles if I find them interesting. And I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work!Anthony Scott Dietrich Gainesville VA

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