• Nate Ettinger

    that’s flipping amazing

  • Busou Shinki

    I been waiting many years now for Kitsune ears. I love it BUT why do the smartest race in Tyria have majority of outfits with their side toes not covered from harm?

    I would pay 400 of those 700 gems just for the ears so I can put on my armor. I’m sure many would follow on this option.

    Cool outfit …but yeah -sigh- outfits no real customization.

    • Busou Shinki

      BTW not complaining, just trying to give them more ways to take my money!

      • minion_condi_necro

        Meh in my eyes the outfits were a move to slim down the amount of work that artists have and programmers to do, and charge the same amount for less content. It was a lazy move and kind of shat all over the armor glam system.

  • Ohagimaru

    The only thing they got right is the fox ears..the rest sucks. Not worth it to buy the outfit. I can work with the lower design of the outfit but the shoulders? Wtf is that? That part was a deal breaker.

    We could’ve gotten something similar to the picture I linked. My asura dood would like badass wearing this and my norn woman would look elegant as well..but hey hey..lets be content with trashy concept designs. Another let down outfit.

    original link, http://rendermax.tumblr.com/post/133861564512


    • Ohm Ohms

      Yeah, I would buy this outfit if the hide shoulder piece option is available.

  • Suffie

    oooh the outfit is perfect, love it!

  • Lourdes

    man to bad it’s not only the head piece would have loved to buy that one.

  • Boomsday


  • Taiwan Wolf

    It needs a tail. (and to also show chest skin on male ;v)

    ….and more/better dye channels.


  • Tsar CUBE

    I Would get it if it was just the Fluffy Fox Ears skin… Don’t give a damn about outfits so its sad the ears are attached to one. Hopefully they release ears separately soon!!

  • RKC

    The Shrine Guardian remind me of Amaterasu from Okami.

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