GW2 Gemstore – Flying Boar Glider and Earthshaker Mining Tool

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Flying Boar Glider for 500 gems and the Earthshaker Mining Tool for 1000 gems.

Flying Boar Glider – 500 gems


Earthshaker Mining Tool – 1000 gems


Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s reddit post.

[&AgGgXwEAAA==]    Club Chair


[&AgGfXwEAAA==]    Wings of Love Backpack Skin


  • turkeyspit

    That’s a pretty terrible looking glider. Meme worthy, sure, but spending gems for laughs? nah.

  • Suan

    Finally a normal looking chair? I might actually get this one.

    • Ares Zax

      And it actually looks comfy too!

    • Lourdes

      until they are in the lootboxes, that actually getting it might not happen as fast as you like.

  • Ace Cordova

    wish we had more access to skills with effects akin to the earthshaker mining tool

    • Taiwan Wolf

      that would be too dangerous, and you’d terraform the battleground causing more tax payer cost in damages than Queen Jenna’s jubilees.

  • Squatch

    Oh god that boar is a horrid site.

    A joke glider for bunny eared, mustachio’d, pink afro’d norn.

  • Lukal

    The chair. *_*

  • Vadim Karpov

    Still waiting shifting sands mining tool for one of the best glyphs (33% chance for extra gathering round).

  • Alot

    While I’ve never really understood why anyone would actually buy a chair (my thanks for your continual support towards the financial stability of GW2), it would amuse me if these were deployable in pvp. The screen clutter (and fact that if you immobile you probably doing something wrong) aside, it would amuse me to deck it out in the middle of the pvp Foefire map on a love chair. Its the most eloquent of “Come at me bro” poses possible.

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