• Jalen Dmello

    Well human female look great with the chair

  • Nate Ettinger

    wow, it’s the first chair that i didn’t immediately hate.

    might pick it up for my female characters.

  • Ra.

    Havent played much GW2 in a year… I look whats new. Looks like its… chairs.

    • Squatch

      Get excited for the next expansion, when they will introduce benches! The new multiplayer experience!

      • Vadim Karpov

        There is only possible option, kuz they denied housing system and companions (which we have in GW1), becuase they want to be NOT like other MMOs.

  • Finance My Vette

    If you already have the glider, hit up the BL exchange specialist for a free backpack to it.

    • Golden Dragon Rider

      Really? Thanks for the info

    • Vadim Karpov

      Does it works with largos glider I got from guaranteed unlock?

      • Finance My Vette

        I don’t believe so, no.

      • Finance My Vette

        Just found out you can get the White Glider Wings from a Scout in Verdant brink if you already have the backpack…

  • Ares Zax

    Norn male looks like he’s regretting that chair purchase. XD

    • Xadirius

      The pose looks like reference to Conan the barbarian.

  • IchbinVol

    I know Im the only person in the game that only plays males, but that sit animation bars me from ever getting any of these chairs.

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      You’re not the only one.
      And I agree with you on the animation thing. At this point I hope eventually they’ll create really interesting “chairs”, that will use various animations (like with gliders). Otherwise I’m passing on the chairs as well, as long as the males get this treatment.

      • What’s wrong with how the males sit? Apart from the Char & Norn.. they look uncomfortable to say the least.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      I only play males. 🙂 (which is why the wings threaten my masculinity) would be nice if they added different sits for the chair in skill bar though.

      • Squatch

        That would be pretty amazing.

        I’d add that it would be fun to do some emotes from the chair.

  • Mike Yorku

    Chair looks good for everyone but the charr. 🙁

  • Zack Maxwell

    Aaaah, and of course Human Males, specifically, get a boring basic-bitch animation for the chair.

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