SWTOR Preview of New Cartel Market Items in Patch 5.10.1

SWTOR Preview of the New Cartel Market items in Patch 5.10.1.


Sinister Warrior’s Armor Set – Gold



Cutthroat Buccaneer Armor Set – Gold



Remote Outcast’s Armor Set – Gold



Tribal Champion’s Armor Set– Gold



Frontline Slicer’s Armor Set – Silver



Infernal Vulptilla – Gold



Tribal Champion’s Glaive – Platinum


Tribal Champion’s Blade – Platinum


Provenance – Gold



Flair: Sign of the Desert Wanderer – Gold


Geonosian Egg Weapon Tuning – Gold


Frost Green Color Crystal – Silver


  • Ben Gimson

    Surprised all this got in under the radar.

    • Gideon Lieberman

      Right? How the hell did film/tv inspired items get approved?

      • Ben Gimson

        Oh I was referring to how the first we seem to know about this new stuff is when it appears in game. Normally this sort of thing is mined and posted well in advance.

        Not that I’m complaining. Pleasantly surprised by the new sets.

        • Caitlin

          It was available to preview on the PTS, I think a large portion of the miners and people who post new information about the game have just… left, so they’re not as on-the-ball anymore.

          • Ben Gimson

            Ah right, weird. Thought maybe BW were trying to be more secretive or something, keeping things under wraps until released.

  • Deshik

    The level of detail on remote outcast is insane

    • Barloc

      Ok, now that I’ve got to salute. I’m surprised they put that much effort into an outfit.

    • Jep Fareborn

      What animal is that fur taken from though? Too bad we can’t hurl stain-colored snowballs at the fur-wearers! ;p

    • Vincent van der Laan

      lol have new pc self build worth 16 k so all graphic,s are high lvl xD np

      • Ben Gimson

        Yeah it doesn’t really work like that, and if you really have built a PC ‘worth 16K’ it’s worrying that you think it does :’)

      • Tennessee Whiskey On My Breath

        You can run this game with all graphics at max level on a computer that costs $500, prob less. Your attempt at “16 k” flex was pathetic, at best. I dual run this game and RIFT at max settings, with some other software running as well, on a 6-year old laptop. I have no issues and fps is fine. Learn how computers work before you attempt to brag.

        • Barloc

          Any suggestions for laptops? Kind of looking to get a new one and mine is decent but not exactly made for running high quality graphics.

      • Shaun Fetters

        Just curious…how the heck can anyone actually spend $16K on a gaming rig?….best parts I’ve seen wouldn’t max out much over $8K on Newegg….

        • Tennessee Whiskey On My Breath

          Best way to spend $16k on a machine is to go to a local con-artist “computer store” that buys that $8k worth of stuff off Newegg and then sells it to some chump for $16k.

  • Gideon Lieberman

    Can’t wait to get Kanan’s set!

  • v22y

    I would love to buy the glaive for one of my companions, but BioWare still doesn’t let them use anything that isn’t a light saber. So I keep my money. Change this and you could sell more stuff, at least to me.

  • Z. Volek

    Holy wow, these sets look incredible this time. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • LucasFaun

    yea great stuff, sad that its just fluff.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Seems we’re getting Paxton Rall’s set (minus Mandalorian faceplate on belt & armored gauntlet). Looking forward to having that helmet for Twi’lek characters. 🙂

  • Sabretooth

    Tribal Champion’s Armor Set’s cape clips a lot

    • Jep Fareborn

      It’s only an Enfys Nest tribute armor set, anyways. :p

      • Sabretooth

        still the best i’ve ever seen. i use it for a guard-you know how it woks on a shadow?

  • Taraq Qualim

    I’m glad they didn’t mess up with the new CM stuff……….not!!

  • Vincent van der Laan

    pff stil no valkorion armor ;p

    • Fubarz

      The Emperor’s Mantle set is as close as you are going to get now. Will they add Tau’s and Malgus’s new armor sets to the Cartel market at some point? Is the new flavor of the season.

  • Alexander Delorean

    bought sinister set and new flair still need somethin extremely awesome…

  • gua543

    Lmao, of course the only silver set that will be somewhat accessible to the masses looks like a bunch of random stuff slapped together. I’m not even getting surprised at this point.

    Also, am I the only one that’s still getting irked that Bio aren’t releasing anything even remotely close to the quality of the CM armor as rewards for PvE and PvP-related activities?

  • Monokuma

    I was hoping to see Malgus’s new armor. That would have been great.

  • Fortissimus

    Now this is the real content that SWTOR players have all been longing for 🤡

  • Jonathan Parker

    New quality content right here, folks. Hell yeah.

  • Jay Asher

    that’s what is considered platnum? I’d rather use my 1 per inq curved blade saber that’s free.

  • Jay Asher

    Also for the Remote Outcast’s Armor Set

    Seriously if they would just had a bottom face mask that would be awesome the glasses ruin it completely to the point the set is pointless.

  • Jay Asher

    and Frontline Slicer’s Armor Set is a really bad redesign of kanon Jarus from rebels…

  • xgt

    Gear is now ocked behind stupid OP content that only 3% of the players like to do.
    Character individualization is locked behind the cash shop.

    Great game. Why am I paying a subscription? There is nothing to do anyways.
    I don’t want LFG/LFM for hours to do some stupid boss at 7fps…

    • Shaun Fetters

      I’m ilvl 252 without ever stepping foot in an operation…go figure….

      Bought every armor set with credits earned in game…go figure…

      Hate the game?…don’t play the game…go figure….


      Look…this is far from a perfect game…but spouting inaccuracies doesn’t do anyone any good

      • Daniel

        Just curious but what are the armor pieces you bought for credits called?

    • Petan

      You know, there comes a time, when you simply have to upgrade your PC. And if you’re only getting 7 FPS in a 7 year old game, I would say you’re long past that time. 🙂

      • gua543

        My PC can run Crysis 3 on max settings, but I get fps drops on every 16m raid boss fight. If you had actually played such group content, you’d know that as well.

        • Petan

          I wasn’t disputing that the engine is a mess, nor the fact that FPS does drop with more players around. All I said was, that if you’re getting single digit FPS you have a potato PC and need to upgrade. And that’s true.

          Not sure why you made these assumptions about me based on that. They are wrong of course. I do 16m content quite regularly – with 60 FPS I might add. And since 5.10 I’ve been doing 24m bosses on Ossus multiple times a week and my FPS is still decent there.

          A few days ago I did Monolith 16m which is the worst instance in this regard, and even there my FPS dropped to around 30. Not great but still playable.

          And since you’re mentioning Crysis 3 on max settings… SWTOR’s performance has little to do with your graphics. You don’t really need a high end graphics card to run the game smoothly.

          The choke point is the CPU, since the core engine is a single thread only process. So a CPU with good single core performance is what will make the game run better.

          • gua543

            Running Crysis 3 on max settings implies I’ve got the CPU requirements covered as well, mate. And I’m fairly certain those are above TOR’s.

            The engine being single-thread only is the reason behind the bad performance compared to other more requirement-heavy games out there. The issue has existed ever since launch and was one of the reasons behind Ilum’s Open PvP failing spectacularly.

  • pig benis

    which quests do i have to do for these lovely gear sets, is there a dulfy guide ??

  • Farlas816

    Hmm, two really cool looking armor sets ruined by hoods and capes

    • Stella

      And butt and crotch flaps

      • dzip.sys

        But at least one of the sets has the butt flap on the belt, not on teh chest, so you can get rid of it! That’s an improvement.

    • Valerie Soop

      I agree, the body armor is great on a lot of the designs, but gets ruined by hoods and cloaks!!

  • Babù

    I would like to wear Atris armor set. But it’s to long for it to be available in Flash Sale on MC.
    I am a prefered player, and my credits is locked to 350K. I can’t buy it on GM (the price is insane).

  • Zerberus

    If you look at the new armor from the last year…you really have to ask why they have this quality now, and not 3-5 years ago…..

    Looked at a jed in my character list which i didn’t play for nearly 3 years, and the texture-quality is so fucking low.

    • gua543

      It’s possible they did some changes to the engine, or just hired better designers/graphic artists. Although I’m inclined to believe the former to be more likely than the latter.

      • guest

        there was some media rumours that they got some of the mass effect andromeda designers when the me dev team was splitted. Since Umbara Flashpoint the game has got so many new assets and unique armours.

  • Nemo Dantes

    goggles on forehead, is that really asking too fucking much?

  • Fubarz
  • Levi Gerdes

    Still waiting to see if they are gonna make the Cutthroat Buccaneer direct buy

    • Rob

      they did

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