SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Feb 18

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Feb 18

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  • Crap

  • Darth Endrel

    They took the one armor set I was looking forward to, and made it a PvP reward… Thanks Bioware.

  • Barloc

    Wanted that blaster for a while and the Kanan set is nice too.

  • Jonathan Parker

    1000 coins for an armor set… or a small visual effect that goes over your character portrait. Man, I wonder what’s going through their heads over at Bioware and EA sometimes, I really do.

    • guest

      $$$$$$$? lol

    • Mark Fair

      Dude its $10 πŸ€”

      • Tom

        it’s not a lot by itself, but people fanatic enough to spend real money on cosmetics doesn’t stop at $10.

        • Fubarz

          Their money their choice…which reminds me time to go get some beer πŸ˜›

      • gua543

        Your sub is 15$ a month. You’re paying 66% of your monthly sub for a single armor set. And you don’t even get to use it on other characters unless you spend more cash/CC on it.

        • Fubarz

          10 bucks a good six pack or so so 12 pack of beer….Hmm

      • Jonathan Parker

        Dude, it’s a picture of some fucking planets.

  • Errtai

    Credit where it’s due; remote outcast’s armor set look really good.

    • Adam

      Except the butt completely clips through the jacket at the idle state on males and it is a complete MESS when you draw your weapon for all toons. Utter trash from the technical side.

    • mpsaunders .

      Up top yes. Gloves of a trash collector and boots that look pathetic. There is a reason no soldier ever wears knee high boots, it’s called athleticism. SWTOR seems to keep the big gloves, shoulder pads and boots cycle running. The weapons they’ve improved tho.

  • Fubarz
  • mpsaunders .

    Big question… Anthem is out. It’s still steaming next to the dog’s tail. Can SWTOR have their staff back? And a proper expansion? :p

  • LucasFaun

    stuff looking better and better nowdays.
    now give me some full voiced adventuring !

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