GW2 New Warclaw Mount Coming to WvW

Arenanet will be adding the exclusive Warclaw mount to WvW with next week’s patch.

The cat’s out of the bag. Something big is coming to World vs. World next week!

On February 26, befriend the warclaw—a new mount available exclusively through WvW. It’s the only mount that can carry you into battle in the Mist War, where its skills truly shine.

WvW Weeklong Bonus

To get you in the saddle quickly, you’ll earn double WXP when playing in WvW from February 26 to March 5.

ArenaNet Livestream: Wow! Meow

Friday, February 22
Noon Pacific Time (UTC-8)
Get a sneak peek at the new World vs. World mount in action!

  • Qnrad
  • Ares Zax

    But when can I do zerg griffon dive bombs on the enemy, ANet?! >:(

    Seriously though, while I had always expected ANet would bring mounts into WvW sooner or later, a completely new mount is not what I was expecting. Will the Warclaw be available in PvE too? And will the other mounts be showing up in WvW? Gliding in WvW turned out to be not bad at all (once exploits like gliding into the old Ogrewatch Tower from Red EBG Keep was fixed), so I’m cautiously optimistic that this might shake things up in WvW in a good way. We’ll have to wait and see what the final implementation is, of course.

    • Qnrad

      From video it looks like this mount is basically a ram which you can ride

      • Squatch

        With the theme of WvW, I would’ve thought they’d go for a Dolyak mount with a very small movement speed upgrade. I guess they wanted something a bit more powerful and cool.

        I just wonder how this will affect group fights, and time it takes to return to battle. All in all, I’m optimistic.

        • Ares Zax

          Without any other players or NPCs to gauge speed with, it’s rather hard to tell how fast the Warclaw is running. If the Warclaw only runs at 33% speed (making it no better than Swiftness), then it won’t affect factors like how fast players can run back to reinforce sieges after dying. On the other hand, being able to mount up to move around would also mean that players can afford to drop speed boosts from their skill bars/traits/equipment, so we could see some drastic changes to meta WvW builds. If the Warclaw also works similarly to PvE mounts, it would also give you an extra safeguard against being one-shot by roamers since the mount has its own health pool and you’re invulnerable for a very brief period after getting dismounted.

    • Dahkeus

      WvW exclusive mount is probably the only way they can balance mounts with WvW. It’s also their attempt at throwing the community a bone, but it looks like they’re ready to throw it back at ANet’s face before even hearing the details on it.
      But that’s just my opinion as someone who thinks that the entire concept of WvW is a pretty bad design, so I’ll stick to my PvE/sPvP.

    • Mr. Principal

      imagine having a fire-breathing dragon in wvw..

      • Ares Zax

        Wyvern mount for WvW. (Remember those strafing wyverns in the Mouth of Mordremoth fight?) Let’s make it happen! 😉

  • 🌻Ellie🌹

    Oh that looks cool I wonder how hard it’d be to get that especially for someone who doesn’t really play wvw 🙀

    • Mr. Principal

      As it says.. WXP will be doubled.. plus you can use any wxp booster you have in bank.. also there’s the guild’s wxp booster.. just run around.. pew pew pew & you are done in no time..!

      • Qnrad

        But also i could require proper lvl on wvw, and it’s not so easy to get for no wvw player like me, i play this game for more than 6 years and i have only 160 lvl on wvw

      • 🌻Ellie🌹

        Hope it’s a reward track type thing then

  • Jalen Dmello

    Lol the rage in wvw forums will be hilarious. Can’t wait 🙂

  • turkeyspit

    That vid is Fake News! The player on the mount has an obsidian weapon equipped, and we all know that NOBODY buys those….

  • Kai Somuncu

    nice joke

  • Forrest Black

    Love it.

  • Suan

    The like/dislike ratio of that video is beautiful.

    • GoldenDragonRider

      One word “yikes”.

      As for unlisting the video and trying again, clearly ANet hasn’t followed things like the news of what happens when other gaming companies have tried that.

      • Lourdes

        The video was never listed people just found it and disliked it before the other video came online.

        • GoldenDragonRider

          If that is indeed true (not that I have a reason to distrust you) I feel like I’m the wrong person to be directing that fact at. I got the info from above. 😛

    • Alot

      Those critiques were surprisingly constructive. I learnt some stuff about wvw there ^^

  • kazerniel


  • Crossbow1701

    So I’m guessing there adding a new ability tab?

  • Isla

    “OH, they’re going to hate that” – I said with a smile.

    Looks fun. 🙂

  • A Hyena On Valium

    >cat with horns
    No one’s going to make a joke about rideable charr?

  • I wish they used either the word “obtainable” or “usable” because “available” says nothing as to whether or not I can use it in PvE. I play some WvW, but I personally will be pretty upset if I can’t use it in PvE.

    • HadesClutch

      I’m of the opinion that later we will see it but as of right now it wouldn’t be possible. Based on the mechanics demonstrated, it looks like it offers PVE nothing really. We don’t have forts as fortified like WvW to utilize this mount.

      • ADRX

        I think that’s why it says; In WvW is “where its skills truly shine”
        Maybe we can use it in PvE, but most of it’s skills are useless outside WvW maps

      • Raizel

        It doesn’t necessarily have to posses a unique feature for people to use it in PvE, people may just use it in place of Raptor or Jackal for aesthetic, even if it doesn’t offer any particular ability.

    • Princess Filth

      It was confirmed that it can be used in PvE in an article on

  • Alot

    First off, I’m really surprised we getting this but we don’t get to ride supply dolyaks in random directions. Second point is, WvW is heavily influenced by the time it takes you to cross the map. Permanent mount unlocks make the maps much smaller.

    I’m wondering if this mount might not have summoning restriction like only being summonable in your starting area or a singular wild spawn players can hop onto (meaning a single player in a zerg gets a seige engine, not the entire zerg). My other random thought is whether the rope pull skill has a resource cost associated with it. It would be interesting to give individual players something to do with accumulated resources as usually a single player doesn’t have enough resources to construct a siege engine on their own – I can’t claim this would be a healthy change, just an interesting one.

    • Lockheart

      WvW has already stagnated, pirate ship meta and rotating captures is all most of this game experiences save for thos ebrief, fleeting windows when guilds and active groups participate in it for maybe 3 hours a day, 3 times a week.

      Spicing up the meta, or at least making it more engaging would be fun. Also, I’m sure they will make it have some penalty for getting tagged, like dismounting and knockdown if hit or something.

  • I love that like / dislike ratio . The community has spoken. Anet is out of touch with their players.

    • Maybe some of those dislikes are people that think they might not be able to use this in PvE. I mean we thought gliding would ruin WvW, but they thought about how to make it fair. We’ll see next week.

    • Lockheart

      I put it more up to casuals too afraid to try a different game mode that has given them an incentive to do so.

      • Squatch

        Well it’s not like WvW is easy to get into for non-WvW players. You zone in, run around trying to figure out what to do, kill a few guards and dolyaks until you die from an ambush – This is why a lot of people become discouraged. To get into WvW, it takes research on how to get into it, how to find a squad, or a zerg, and then gain an understanding of how you’re impacting the team.

        Nothing in the game mode is obvious, nor are there tiers to help players get adjusted. I am sincerely hoping that Alliances will help give newer player equal matchups, but I am not sure how these warclaws will help other than changing the status quo.

        • Etheriana

          You put it so, so well! I have been playing GW2 for almost a year and have barely gone into WvW since the few times I did I got killed so fast that I just gave up. There is no adapting to figure out what to do…

        • Alot

          Its not just that though. WvWing is a kind of gaming lifestyle choice which is rather peculiar. It has the longest commitment times of any game mode, often requires expensive gear sets which are only useful in WvW but need be farmed elsewhere, it has lower reward payouts then other game modes and most of the non-zerg roles (where individuals can make a difference to entire wars) have reduced rewards due to not being part of the zergs. And all that to temporarily hold a map in which there is no victory condition or visible progress for continued domination.

          If you into this game mode good for you. I just feel its takes a rather niche personality to stick with it for prolonged periods of time – and when an mmo starts to wane in any way (and I’m not talking “the end of” waning, just natural shrinking) I’d assume these sardine-for-the-sardine-run enthusiasts would be the first to be thinned.

        • Asda

          “To get into WvW, it takes research on how to get into it”

          No it f%#^(& doesn’t. You’re just colossally inept.

    • Fred Garvin

      No, more than likely it just means some shitposting downvote brigade losers convinced themselves they needed to be personally offended by pixels and rushed to dislike. Like/Dislike ratios are irrelevant in the age of entitled rage culture.

  • Halvora

    Oh great. Now my maps fill be qued up by pve’ers that are gonna pull my tactics and prohibit me from making swiss cheese at Stonemist castle with my snazzy trebuchet. XD

  • Suffie

    kitty!!! :O

  • aimasira

    if wvwers dont want pvers to populate their maps, then try to help them do whatever is nesessary to complete the achi-collection faster

    • Duhhh

      That’s like saying if you don’t want to be raped, do whatever is necessary to help your rapist achieve orgasm faster.

      • aimasira

        yeap like that, your suffering will end sooner

        • KarlKael

          just like pve-ers help wvwers and pvpers in raids? -_-

          • Jalen Dmello

            The he hit me so i hit him back attitude is pretty much what 6 year olds do bro

  • ShingYau Lau

    Finally! it’s about time to ride charr into the battlefield!

  • ShingYau Lau

    Ascalonians! we are getting a slave Charr for us to ride!

  • Mark Becker

    Lets hope that you not going to just be given this on a plate, and you will need WvW abilities to be able to unlock it. It takes a lot of dedication week after week and if the bar is set high, will make it worthwhile for the regulars, as this is only going to be used in WvW anyway.

  • Laureh Moarmmo

    Find a tag in wvw with open raid and discord and you will have a blast.Don’t go alone!

  • FrycoN

    What you PvErs gonna do with WvW mount in PvE ?
    Get tha fuck out off WvW and let ppl enjoy after work the only game mode they like.

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