SWTOR What’s Next After Patch 5.10.1

Bioware released a small roadmap of what to expect beyond patch 5.10.1.

What’s Next? | 02.21.2019, 12:46 PM

Hey folks,

With 5.10.1 out the door I know you are all curious what is coming next. We have talked about some of this in the past but I want to put a new update all in one place.

  • Bugs from 5.10.1 – We still have a few issues that popped out of 5.10.1 (such as Vette causing hitching) that we want to address. Our next planned patch was actually 5.10.2 but we want to get a bug fix patch out sooner then that if we can. It won’t be huge but getting a few of these fixes out soon is something we are actively investigating. I will pass on more details on timing and what will be fixed once I know more.
  • 5.10.2 – Our next update is coming… We are prepping a couple of blogs around what you can expect in this update along with getting things staged to get it in your hands on PTS. Look for more info on this update in early March.
  • After 5.10.2 – We should have details on our SW Celebration Cantina announced toward the end of February. Join us in Chicago if you can, or just keep your eyes posted on the interwebs during Celebration for more news from us on what is coming this year.

Thanks all.


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A bug patch for the last patch same old same old….new patch for what we plan for PTS get that out around mid to late April. Then big announcement for what we should get to you this summer….. now will that be new 6.0 …..or (most likely) some old event they can dig up like another round of casino

But this time the casinos are switched. Experience a truly revolutionary game mode by spending hours in front of the slot machine in the opposing faction’s casino!

SWTOR is still anything they have left. Everything since 2012 was a failure (except Dragon Age, I know nothing about that). Expesive failures.

I wonder if Anthem will become F2P in 2020, or even earlier.

BioWare has to wake up, stop smelling their own farts and do some self-criticism. Analyse what made BioWare great and why this is no longer the case.

That is easy EA management … show me the money…..want a game done cheap as possible….then sale it for a much as possible. People want to stay employed do what they are told till BW becomes part of the EA trash heap

The dipshits in BioWare are too much of cowards and giving EA CEO Andrew Wilson handjobs to go behind EA’s backs to make content – Like with what the devs did for APEX Legends.

And remember people, Anthem was the game that was developed by the “A” studio with in Bioware. Anthem was so far off of my radar of games for me that it is really a shock to see how low it is being rated.It is very surprising, but the game lacks a lot of features that make it stand out in its area. I give the game 2 months max before it goes ftp.

anthem isnt bad, but it lacking some key features like text chat. but i stop listening to reviews for the game when youtuber finally admitted he never finish or did the freeplay

Agreed. I stopped valuing game reviews years ago, just watch some streamers that give a game a fair chance and decide for yourself if it looks fun.

Review quality by some previously pristine sources has really declined, like PC Gamer (just look at their Rimworld review).

Many are giving Anthem scores below Fallout 76, though any streamer I’ve watched that doesn’t like Anthem but played both still thinks 76 was a dumpster fire tier well below Anthem.

I believe they are rating it according to their expectations. 76 was not well received upon announcements (people just wanted a real Fallout game, not some survival mashup) so had low expectations from the get go. Anthem had very high expectations, partially from Bioware themselves, and built up anticipation since Andromeda flopped (and Bioware/EA flopped by abandoning it) so people expecting it to be a revolutionary new game. In that view the low scores makes sense, people expected the next generation of looter shooters and got something that is fairly fun but heavily flawed and unfinished.

The problem is if you use an objective scoring system, such as 0-100, 0-10, etc… you need to normalize your scores. So a 60 vs 60 is the same overall quality amongst games, not a score purely representing your personal expectations. PC Gamer and some others used be excellent at this. Most reviewers are really bad at reviewing these days though, just opinion piece writers (The PC Gamer Kenshi review was a recent exception, quite good).

There’s no reason to just not watch the game for free on a streamer that is giving it a chance and decide for yourself, when you see the game actually played it’s usually easy to tell.

By all accounts Disney doesn’t want to publish themself and they’re making easy money licensing to EA. They couldn’t care less about how well the franchise does outside the movies.

Exactly right.Disney doesn’t care one way or the other. They get paid if EA makes one , none or 100 games. And currently they are just getting free money from EA.

SWTOR isn’t part of that deal, Swtor was made before that deal was made, even if they pulled the deal with EA, Bioware wouldn’t lose swtor

News is better than no news, but they should at least give a teaser or something…even if it would just be the name of the next content

Yeah but at least No Man’s Sky, quiet as they were, actually made the game 100 times better than what it was. Unlike SWTOR/EA/BioWare

An announcement of an announcement is all we get, while there’s evidence that Musco is more active in the influencer program forum of which, by the way, Dulfy isn’t a member. I wonder if he’s his usual non-answering self there or actually conveys any useful info to the influencer master race.

Not that he’d need to do much there to be “more” active than in the general forum, of course.

We are continuing to continue. Rest assured, we will not rest until all the continuum has been continually continued.

They now sound exactly like blizzard who make announcements about having many ideas that will be announced when they are ready to be announced.

Calling them idiots is insulting to idots by now. Incompetence is the only word I can apply to them. Hate the company, love the game. That sucks.

Please. Blizzard isn’t perfect but they actually release content frequently on a consistent cadence and you know what’s in the update months in advance.

Comparing SWTOR to Diablo doesn’t make sense at all if you’re going to bring up Blizzard. SWTOR is (well pretends) to be a MMO and WoW is a MMO.

Besides, who gives a shit about the BlizzCon announcement except entitled over-reactionary babies looking for a reason to cry. They literally bent over backwards to say ahead of time “There will be no Diablo 4 announcement.” Anyone still expecting it was a jerkoff. Should they have put the mobile announcement where they did? No. It was awkward but it wasn’t worthy of an apocalyptic meltdown.

Well, blizzard has the same shitty lack of communication and information policy like the devs of swtor.

Blizzard had this one time of the year chance to reveal something for diablo and they screwed up. Same way maxis did. By announcing something nobody asked for and didnt give a shit about what they knew people were expecting and then saying “we still have lots in developement” but not revealing anything… Its a shitty philosophy. But its becoming common in the gaming industry.

“They literally bent over backwards to say ahead of time “There will be no Diablo 4 announcement.”
I realize that. But still people expected to hear something about the current game as blizzard always did. Not announcing anything gave players the impression the devs tried to overshadow the lack of new content with the mobile game. It didnt work. Something any idiot could have told them.

“It was awkward but it wasn’t worthy of an apocalyptic meltdown.”
Those that dedicated a large portion of their time including streamers to the game felt differently.

Imagine microsoft or any car company behaves like that. I mean, how far can gaming companies go that would bankrupt any non-gaming company before people stop defending shitty companies (regardless of the games they produce)?

If this is a “small roadmap” then so is telling someone to just walk outside their door when they ask how to get to your house.

How long do we have to wait for that new expansion announcement ? Is there going to be one ? At this point I have doubts .. i miss the game but don’t want to support anymore old content.

If they don’t do it at SW Celebration in April it’s probably time to completely write them off. They have a cantina scheduled then and a lot of the podcast plus fan sites are supposed to have a booth there as well.

They started teasing the word expansion after DvL. How many years back was that now?

Funny thing is that people keep asking for expansions they will finish up on a couple hours and start complaning for lack of content again right after.

when your expansions forgo actual endgame content yes people will generally ask for more

especially when all of swtors competition empties their bowels all over them every few months

add an expansion with 2 operations, 2 flash points and 2 new pvp arena’s like they didi 3.0 and before and there will be hardly no complaints about new content. Just deliver some content that actually has (content) and most players will be very content,

Talking about fixing bugs as if it’s some sort of big deal is funny… Just get them fixed, don’t announce it. That’s the least you’re supposed to do man… For the love of the Force…

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