SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Feb 25

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Feb 25
New Items

New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

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  • Shawn Hargrave

    does anyone know when there gonna update the market? its been soooooo long they hardly do it = (

    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

      Update the market how? I can see weekly Dulfy post about CM changes from the last couple of weeks on the front page. Can you tell me if it’s usual that so many items are up for direct sale? I just came back after almost a year’s break. Last time, there had just been a “spring sale” where most CM items were up for direct sale for a limited time. Now it seems most items are up for direct sale again. Have they been for a long time, or is it an event thing? I can’t find anything about it, but would be sad to miss out if it suddenly ends before I bought some of the rare things I’ve wanted.

  • Thundertrain

    For those of you complaining about CM updates, please remember:

    ANTHEM SUCKS BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T BUY ENOUGH OF THIS RECYCLED COSMETIC MONKEY POOP. The devs couldn’t afford a new espresso for the office, and they got really bummed out and lethargic, and just couldn’t bring themselves to do things…like fix major known bugs prior to release, communicate effectively with their customers, develop a cohesive plan for improvements moving forward…you know, petty things, but there you are.


    Or because espresso really needs to be produced at a minimum of 9 bar, and tastes best coming from a hand-hammered copper vessel made in Italy.

  • Sabretooth

    does anyone actually use Darth Skotia’s Armor Set? i don’t think i’ve seen it once.

    • Anze G

      I still have it back from when it was called Columi gear

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