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GW2 Update on Recent Layoffs and Delayed Releases

Arenanet have posted a message regarding the status of the game regarding recent layoffs and delayed releases.
Hi everyone,

This past week there have been a lot of questions about the status of Guild Wars 2. I’d like to share with you a little about what’s currently going on at the studio and what it means for the game.

The Guild Wars 2 team is still committed to bringing content and feature updates to the game. The next episodes of Living World are already in development, Swiss tournament support is coming to PvP, we’re looking at more WvW events coming soon, and the return of the Super Adventure Festival is imminent. Our long-term plans for the game like World Restructuring and large-scale improvements to quality of life are still in the works.

The studio has recently been affected by layoffs, which is going to take some time to process. There’s no easy way for any team to adjust to that. We’ve had to say goodbye to friends and colleagues that we’ve worked alongside for years. We’re welcoming back some familiar faces to the Guild Wars 2 team that had been working on unannounced projects. After all is said and done, it’s going to take some time for us to adjust to our staffing changes.

As the proverbial dust settles in the next few days we’re going to re-evaluate our schedules to make sure that our releases are realistic and allow us the time to make sure they hit our internal quality bar. This means that some updates are going to see delays, like the recent Warclaw, as we regain our focus.

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have reached out in support of our studio family. Thank you for your patience in this trying time. We’re making every effort to keep things running as smoothly as possible and stay on track with releases. Rest assured that ArenaNet is not done with Guild Wars. And the team is not done with our tale of dragons, or our eternal conflict in the mists. There’s still lots for us to do together.

We’ll see you in Tyria,
z & the Guild Wars 2 Team


By Dulfy

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20 replies on “GW2 Update on Recent Layoffs and Delayed Releases”

“This means that some updates are going to see delays, like the recent Warclaw, as we regain our focus.”

You never had any.

With a VW beetle?
Maybe they have dropped the ford focus for a VW beetle and now the’re changing back?

last i heard we would get an expansion, after the season of living world that will start after this season concludes.. but they did not mention anything about expansions since the news dropped so maybe that changed?

Screw the adventure box event, if I want to play 16 bit platformers, I’ll check steam where is alot of these. I’m still waiting main game improvements, PvP and WvW fixes. Especially after reduction o GW2 developer’s team.

I agree that PvP and WvW fixes and progression are more important to the future of the game. However, somewhere down the line I’d like SAB completed as a second priority. What happened to the princess? I gotta know!

Unfortunately one of the departees was Josh Foreman (aka the Jumping Puzzle maestro and the creator of SAB). With him gone, I think the odds of us ever seeing SAB completed are slim to none. :/

SAB likely wasn’t going to be completed anyway. New weapons came out 2 years ago now. All they do is add recolours without any new worlds being created. So I doubt we really have to worry about them putting resources into SAB because nothing has really changed in all the years that has and has not been an event. Just like most other events that don’t add anything to the game whatsoever.

SAB hit one of the quirkiest issues ive ever seen. When josh made worlds 1 and 2 he got so much positive feedback that he went overboard with world 3 and 4 -> to the point where those two worlds were much harder and could have each consituted 2 worlds on their own. I always felt that they’d need to fix world 3 and 4 before doing world 5 – but doing such large scale fixes on works of passion were deemed to much needless effort to continue.

Still, I live in hope that we will one day ge tshortcut birds helmet.

Yeah, I felt that was the big mistake ANet made when they made World 2. The reason why World 1 was so popular was because it was a short and easy fun side activity you could just hop in with friends or PUGs and finish in about 5-10 mins per zone. If someone was having trouble making the jumps, no worries. All that’s needed is for one person to reach the next checkpoint, then everybody can respawn from that checkpoint.

World 2 went for the “bigger, longer, harder!” approach, but in so doing it completely missed the point of why World 1 was so appealing to the majority of the playerbase. The levels went from taking 5-10 mins to about 15-30 mins, and most players don’t have the time or inclination to lock themselves in for an hour or 1.5 hours unless they’re really getting a good return for their time (such as T4 fractals. My usual group finishes in about an hour or so, and we all get roughly 20g + various mats and other currencies for it.) Diehard jumping puzzle fans loved World 2, of course, but this came at the expense of mass appeal and so SAB largely got shelved because not enough people were doing it to justify the development time for it. (And sorry to keep harping on about it, but I feel that raids, and originally dungeons, made the same mistake.)

World 2 eventually got a bunch of shortcuts that skipped a lot of the problem areas, but by then the damage had been done and the majority didn’t come back. Not to mention that this meant a lot of the levels didn’t get seen at all by newcomers, so it was mostly wasted development. It just frustrates and saddens me that a promising new game mode for GW2 ultimately got shelved because of poor design decisions that got made.

Yup. Again though, I think Josh just did it for fun – annd when thats your approach, you only learn to avoid mistakes by making them. There were just no second chances in this initiative :/

“We’re welcoming back some familiar faces to the Guild Wars 2 team that had been working on unannounced projects”

So what got cancelled?

Nobody knows for sure, but the speculation is that it was some kind of mobile project considering that ANet was hiring a lot of devs with “mobile experience” last year.

Considering NCSoft is putting almost all of their resources into mobile, I’m guessing that’s not entirely likely. Could have been the third expansion.

Doubtful, considering that ANet themselves a few months back announced that they were not going with a 3rd expansion and instead jumping straight into LS5. GW2 is one of NCSoft’s most reliable money makers, and I suspect that NCSoft made this decision because they want to keep their cash cow focused on proven profitable developments and take the risks on mobile development with some other studios.

Also, let’s not forget the Diablo Immortal fiasco that took place just a few months earlier that showed studios the dangers of trying to branch out into mobile gaming when your core audience is PC-based. NCSoft might have taken note of that and gotten cold feet on any mobile projects ANet might have been working on.

Why not just make gw2 Mobile then? At least some solo parts of it.. Still waiting for an Android version :/

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