SWTOR 50% Off Collection Unlocks Starting Next Week

For the week of March 4, SWTOR will have 50% off collection unlocks.

Collection unlocks will be 50% off for the week of March 4 as per SWTOR’s official twitter account.

  • Collect deez nuts 🙂

  • Fubarz

    Yea unlocks for crap I do not have 😀

  • Vergansito

    I smell, DESPERATION….

  • Jep Fareborn

    SWTOR (or Battlefront II) doesn’t even make this list! Au revoir, BioWare!

    • Fubarz

      Real question is SWTOR making a max profit that EA will keep it going? Since it’s already a cheap cost to keep it running with minimum staff and new content they put out.

      • Jep Fareborn

        The ‘new content’ that BioWare puts out for this game is nothing but a GIMMICK! The whole entire game has been one big GIMMICK from the get-go.

        • Travelering_swordsman

          that was a damn good film too he played a great role.

        • Paulo Gomes

          The best actor of his generation. I’m a fan o’Al…

    • Fred Garvin

      In my dreams I click play on this video and before he pulls the dry erase board down someone Liu Kang bicycle kicks it into his face fifty times. The then pick it up and write on one of the broken shards “Bad News Shitposting Opinion Vomiter: You’ve Been Owned!”

  • Barloc

    About time, but still waiting for dyes to be unlockable in collections.

  • Farlas816

    Paying to unlock in collections is such a scam

  • I love this game, but if it means everyone at Bioware gets fired and starves, i’m all for EA shutting them down because Anthem is trash and tanking 🙂

  • What’s the over/under on SWTOR’s end-date? I love the game but I haven’t played in a while. And I can’t justify throwing money in a game that isn’t has updated as often. Perhaps when they increase the level cap (if they increase the level cap) associated with any major expansion that may come.

    • Bakgrind

      Rumor has it that 6.0 is still a thing, but there has been no lock down on date and what the content will be for that expac. I don’t look for 6.0 to be out before the end of the year and wont re-sub to the game until it does. As to SWTOR’s end date that’s hard to tell just yet. We will probably have to wait to next quarter and see the real info on how poorly Anthem’s expected performance is.

      • Yea, I looked into Anthem and have not been impressed at the initial outset. A lot of “wash, rinse, repeat” in that game. Too grind-heavy for my blood.

        I’m in the same boat as you are regarding SWTOR. I’ll likely wait until 6.0 gets officially announced at which point I’ll sub a month or two prior just to get my mains back up to par.

      • Sorrai

        SWTOR stated it will be making a big announcement at Star Wars Celebration, most likely the launch of 6.0. Hoping it will include more QoL improvements such as allowing us to retrieve individual armor pieces out of our Collections rather than the entire set. I also want multiple copies of strongholds. I really wish all the majority of revenue SWTOR generated would go into its continual expansion and development rather than getting diverted into other projects like Anthem.

        • Spoilofthelamb

          Agreed – while it makes sense for them to take some of the developers most experienced with MMOs at bioware and shift them to their first console MMO, I still feel the SWTOR could easily be #2 in the PC MMO market if they gave it the push it deserved. People have already embraced Cartel market direct sales. If EA wants a star wars game where whales can plug an IV line from their bank accounts, then this is the game that won’t flame them too badly for doing so. The community would be positive if they announced they were doubling down on this, shifting all of anthem’s resources to SWTOR post-launch to restart annual expansion releases and finish things like taking the stronghold system to a flashpoint designer level and letting the community create more content for themselves or DM campaigns in engine. Really double down on story, but from a multiplayer perspective by giving us writing tools.

  • These guys are so clueless. Anthem is complete trash. They are still charging $15 for single use dyes in a game that is like how many years old? GTFOH with that weak ass shit. What a bunch of useless little fags.

  • LucasFaun

    just when i dont have any free money to put on the game.

  • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

    I’ve just come back from an almost year-long break. Last time I was here was just after last year’s spring sale where almost all CM items were up for direct sale. Now they are again. Is this another temporary sale? Should I expect the most rare items to disappear from the CM again soon, like, maybe tomorrow when the unlock sale starts? Or have most items been up for direct sale for a long time?

    • gua543

      Pretty much any recently released CM item is through direct sale only. A lot of the old ones have been made available through direct sale as well. I doubt they’re going to remove anything at this point.

  • Vergansito

    At least he was informed about the cause, when i was banned by F Musco they just did it one day, no reason, no cause, no exploit, nothing. Hate that people at Bioware.

    • Vergansito

      No warning either *holes

  • LastAvenger

    Wait…. By collection unlocks does that mean 50% off of anything in the cartel market that unlocks in collections or 50% unlocking something you already own in collections on another character?!?

    • Fubarz

      All unlocks that you have in collections anything you gotten today or 3 years ago. To make it account wide to use

  • Galathir Darkstone

    One would be hard pressed to find a more obvious example of “Please give us money for something that has absolutely zero overhead cost to us, please.”

  • Kubrickian

    Destiny lets you unlock any weapons, emotes, exotics, shaders, banners, mounts you’ve ever acquired in the game FREE. Imagine getting back that Firebrand armor you once had or that Wookie Crossbow you deleted by mistake in the Chevin event. Dulfy should contemplate covering that game again because it’s rocking pretty hard with tomorrows Season of the Drifter starting and the flop that Anthem is now.

    • Secundum

      Or you can just go and buy the Wookie crossbow from the vendor on fleet…

  • Jep Fareborn

    Anthem (even SWTOR) in a nutshell:

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