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GW2 Warclaw Preview Livestream Summary

Summary of the Warclaw preview livestream released by Arenanet coming Tuesday March 5.

  • Needs Path of Fire to be unlocked
  • 12k HP, 3 endurance bars (evade frames), immune to CC. Can be stealthed while on the mount.
  • Full mastery unlock of the Warclaw mount give you 3 skills
    • Superior Battle Maul – Pounce on foes, finishing foes who are in a downed state (up to 10 targets max)
    • Sniff – Detects the scent of nearby enemies (non-stealthed) and temporarily mark their locations on the minimap (only for you) – 5000 range, 60s cooldown
    • Chain Pull – Damage gates by pulling on them with a chain that is attached to your warclaw – Requires 1 supply per pull , max 3 chains per gate, deals 2000 damage per pull and 450 range. Ram + Chain pull will be your fastest way to break down gates
  • Slowest mount by design. You can speed it up in allied territory if you have mastery unlocked to do so. It will be faster than running for sure to make it easier to run back to fights
  • You just need to be WvW rank 1 to unlock the mastery which unlocks the collection achievement you have to do
    • You finish that collection by WvW, it is a tour of WvW – killing players, guards, taking keeps/towers etc. There is a reward track you have to do as well.
    • A lot of the collection can be done in Edge of the Mists. Only exception is taking down a camp.
  • Warclaw can be used in PvE but most of the skills won’t be useful. It runs at a faster speed (same speed as allied territory).
    • PvE Mount masteries won’t work on the Warclaw in WvW but they will work if you use the Warclaw in PvE.
  • No fall damage reduction/prevention, you die if you fall.
  • If the mount dies from taking damage you will be dismounted and you won’t be able to mount in combat. You can remount in enemy territories.
  • Additional skills for Warclaw planned in the future.
  • 126 WvW points to fully max the Warclaw mastery, there will be a reset of your WvW points with the Warclaw path (you need to go to the vendor to buy a free item to reset your WvW points)
  • Having a dedicated WvW mount will allow them to tweak it as needed it for the particular gamemode without affecting other PvE mounts

Warclaw Companion Collection

  • Warclaw emblem – spend one WvW ability point in the Warclaw mastery section of WvW
  • Warclaw Gorget – Capture a keep
  • Warclaw Horn Spikes – Capture a camp
  • Warclaw Saddle – Capture a tower
  • Warclaw Helmet – Complete the Warclaw reward track (longest part of the collection)
  • Warclaw Body Armor – Purchased with 50 WvW Skrimish Claim tickets
  • Warclaw Leg Armor – Purchased with 250 Badges of Honor
  • Warclaw Tail Armor – Looting it from guards (10% chance drop rate)



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23 replies on “GW2 Warclaw Preview Livestream Summary”

Yep. Only the Camp capture has to be done in core WvW, which is good news, because I expect WvW is gonna be FLOODED with people trying to unlock the Warclaw come Tuesday. ๐Ÿ˜›

Honestly, they wanted to renew wvw and make it exciting, but this just outright kills it for everyone without pof, as they simply won’t be able to keep up…I hope this isn’t anet’s first step towards true p2w…

That, or not all.
The mount doesnโ€™t give a benefit as much as in pve:
-cant mount in combat
-Cant mount up in enemy territory
-only slightly faster than running

Of anything, its an incentive for people to buy PoF who havenโ€™t already

You got one thing wrong. You can mount up in enemy territory. The only territory restriction is the speed. You can move faster in friendly territory.

that’s as much pay to “win” as the meta already is, or as the gliding and the HoT meta was before it. mounts are as much expansion content as elite specs are. it’s buy to play, not pay to win. you do not gain any unfair or unreasonable advantages compared to other players. heck, one of the very few great changes we got over the past year or so is that the literal p2w factor – combat boosters – got removed from wvw.
as a release day veteran of the mode, i am positively surprised and relieved by the implementation and acquisition methods they came up with.

Ye to give people and incentive to buy the expansion is P2W -.- too be honest be happy they even let you play WvW without both expansions.

No it isn’t. That’s called selling a product – which they have to do to fund development. This sort of illogical, whiny entitlement and stingy expectation is why the genre is dying.

I don’t see Dulfy or ANet [nothing on the official site] talking about, but we do have march and the past two days there was sale on this and that.. so I’ll assume it’s safe to say that march sale is a thing this year as well. So just to let you all know to keep tabs on it and check on gemstore once a day unless ANet/Dulfy will start reporting what’s in it on sale this particular day.

Like that the chain pull consumes resources and that you can get a slight speed boost in land your team controls. It would be nice if the warclaw had some niche in pve though – like just being much tankier and taking reduced AoE damage from mobs.

Yes, it seems that ANet has designed the Warclaw quite well with regards to integrating it into WvW without upsetting the balance too much.

At 12k HP, the Warclaw is also the mount with the most HP, so I guess from a PvE perspective, it’s the “tanky” mount that isn’t as fast or mobile as the others, but it’s the mount you want to use when you’re running through areas with a ton of enemies that hurl undodgeable projectiles (looking at you, White Mantle).

I am trying to conceptualize the Warclaw’s niche in PVE.
1. I know in some Crystal Desert maps, the forged and awakened have traps that dismount the player and CC them. The warclaw’s high health pool and immunity to CC might make it a good candidate for running through heavily guarded paths and encampments.
2. Since the mount can be stealthed, maybe a Thief can throw down a Shadow Refuge and mount up inside of it, also allowing it to get through heavily guarded corridors.
Anything else I may have missed?

I don’t think Warclaw will necessarily have a niche in PvE, as it’s basically made for WvW, and imho they only enable its use in PvE so that people can show off their shiny new mount to “PvE scrubs” ๐Ÿ˜›

You could already be stealthed while riding other mounts; it’s just that the mount remained visible while you yourself were stealthed. Nonetheless, due to the way that enemy aggro AI worked, the unstealthed mount would not draw any aggro from enemies because you yourself were stealthed (similar to how minions, pets and clones would not draw enemy aggro unless they attacked).

I presume that the note about the Warclaw being able to be stealthed is specific for WvW in that it stealths both you and the Warclaw (obviously necessary or enemy players would be able to see the Warclaw bounding across the landscape anyway).

ALL mounts have immunity to CCs in PvEn not just Warclaw, but the traps you were talking about bypass that immunity and dismount the player anyways.

Sounds cool, but im not sure about skill 2. Now you get molested by thiefs because they know where you hide ๐Ÿ˜€

One thing seems missing though. The unlock lists the eight steps for gathering the Warclaw armor pieces but where is the step where you convince the charr to dress up as a mount and let you ride it?

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