GW2 Gemstore – Armistice Bastion & Etherbound Glider/Backpack

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Armistice Bastion VIP Lounge for 1000 gems and the Etherbound Glider/Backpack combo available as an uncommon BLC drop.


Armistice Bastion (VIP lounge) – 1000 gems

There are some unique features of this new VIP lounge

  • Access to WvW chat
  • Access to a 3 team dueling arena
  • Access to a new ability that allow you quickly port to the different main sections of the lounge (i.e. bank, vendors, portals etc)


Etherbound Backpack & Glider (Uncommon BLC Drop)

Glider has two dye slots.



Upcoming Items

Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s datamining thread.

Warclaw Frontline Mount Pack

  • [&AgGtXwEAAA==]    Assault Warclaw Skin
  • [&AgHPXwEAAA==]    Branded Warclaw Skin
  • [&AgHcXwEAAA==]    Embermane Warclaw Skin
  • [&AgG4XwEAAA==]    Outrider Warclaw Skin
  • [&AgHRXwEAAA==]    Vanguard Warclaw Skin


[&AgHYXwEAAA==]    Wyvern Roost Scepter Skin


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20 replies on “GW2 Gemstore – Armistice Bastion & Etherbound Glider/Backpack”

When did anyone ask for your opinion? Or are you too stupid to realize that your opinions literally don’t matter to anyone here? You could be erased from this world and no one in this comment section would notice, or care. Go away.

wish they would have added those features of the Armistice Bastion lounge to the other vip-lounges as well. not gonna buy a new just for that… guess anet is getting desperate seeing how much they try to milk the game for a while now.

the VIP lounges have always been a blatant cash grab

they know the people who care about them the most are gonna be the ones most likely to shell out money for gems. this isnt aimed at big PVE’ers, who mostly only use the lounges when they go on crafting binges or get it as a drop from BLCs

what im saying is if youre offended by this it probably isnt for you. i wouldnt worry too much about it ruining the game overall, because PVE is still the primary focus of gw2, for better or worse.

They rarely add affitional features retroactively to old lounges – especially not when a new lounge first launches. But yeah, they’re just starting to milk the game now. 🙄

I would at least appreciate each VIP lounge to have unique elements that would appeal to different types of players.

But this just seems that they get better and better, like a VIP lounge treadmill.

I just got this glider from BLC. It’s really nice but i want to dye my b-pack too if i can dye glider :/

This has been the ongoing issue with backpack glider combos since the wee olden days. It looks so unusual when the materials and colors change once the glider is deployed. Hopefully one day Anet will go back to their backpacks and add dye channels. This would would be the greatest thing for the fashion wars community.

Why on earth weren’t the mount skin packs done by mount anyway? I would have likely bought a few if I knew I wasn’t guaranteed to get nothing but skimmer skins.
As a casual pve’r, I’m still gonna go get this, but I’ll wait a month or two for the furor to die down in wvw first.

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