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GW2 Warclaw Mount Unlock Guide

GW2 Warclaw mount unlock guide. This mount was added with the March 5 WvW patch and available in both WvW and PvE.


Getting Started

Warclaw is a new mount that can be used in World vs World in addition to PvE. Its has abilities that are all specific to WvW but you can still use the mount in PvE to move around. You just need to do a bit of WvW to get this mount and it should only take a couple hours at max.


To unlock the Warclaw mount, all you need to go is go to your WvW tab on the top left and then go to the WvW abilities. At the bottom you will find the Warclaw Mastery. Use 1 WvW ability point to unlock the Warclaw Companion achievement that allow you to get a Warclaw mount.


You will need additional WvW ability points to unlock all the skills on the Warclaw mount.

  • 15 Ability Points – Your Warclaw mount moves faster in territories you own
  • 20 Ability Points – Your Warclaw mount gains an additional stamina bar
  • 25 Ability Points – Battle Maul now finishes enemies who are in a downed state
  • 30 Ability Points – Unlock a second skill that allow your Warclaw to detect enemies
  • 35 Ability Points – Unlock a third skill that allows your warclaw to pull on gates to damage them.

In total you will need 126 WvW ability points to max out the Warclaw

You can reset your current WvW ability point allocation by talking to the World Ability Master merchant found in most WvW maps (i.e. entrance to Edge of Mists).


Warclaw Companion Achievement

Getting the Warclaw mount require you to complete the Warclaw Companion achievement. This is fairly straight forward and quick to do and some can be done in Edge of the Mists.  The achievement is found under Competitive –> World vs World Warclaw.


Warclaw Emblem

Spend one World Ability point in the Warclaw mastery section of the WvW menu.

Warclaw Gorget

Capture a keep. Can be done in Edge of the Mists

Warclaw Horn Spikes

Capture a camp, this step cannot be done in Edge of the Mists

Warclaw Saddle

Capture a tower. Can be done in Edge of the Mists

Warclaw Helmet

Complete the Warclaw Reward Track. Make sure to use all the boosters for reward track XP gain. This is the slowest step of the collection. Make sure you do not finish this reward track before unlocking the collection/achievement as it can bug out and not retroactively credit you.


Warclaw Body Armor

Purchase it for 50 WvW Skirmish Tickets. Each of the items in the collection give 5 Skirmish tickets when consumed. Vendor only found in entrance of borderlands and Obsidian Sanctum.


Warclaw Leg Armor

Purchase it for 250 Badges of Honor. Vendor only found in entrance of borderlands and Obsidian Sanctum.

Warclaw Tail Armor

Random drop off enemy guards/NPCs. Low drop rate (<10%).

Final Step: Warclaw

After you finish the collection/achievement, you need to purchase the mount by going back to the same vendor at entrance of borderlands/obsidian sanctum and buying the unlock for 8 gold.



To summon your Warclaw mount outside WvW you will need to assign a keybind to summon it in controls.


Fish Out of Water – 1 AP

Use your warclaw mount and jump into the water.

Console Crasher – 1 AP

Let your warclaw sit on the main console near the archives in Rata Sum. Go to the top level of Rata Sum, Metrical Court Waypoint and go to the console all the way at the end.


Is This a Scratching Post? – 1 AP

Use the Pale Tree as a scratching post. You need to go to the Omphalos Chamber instance on the top level of The Grove (use the pod to teleport to it) and then use the #1 skill on your warclaw mount next to the Avatar of the Pale tree to get the achievement.


Lap Cat – 1 AP

Claim Knut Whitebear’s seat as your own. Go to Hoelbrak and go to Whitebear’s Loft (personal instance) and then run up next to him on your warclaw.


Sleepy Kitty – 1 AP

Take a nap in a patch of sunlight near Seraph Headquarters in Divinity’s Reach. Go here in Divinity’s Reach with your warclaw mount for the achievement.


Smodur’s Blessing – 1 AP

Speak with the Black Citadel’s leader while mounted. Go to Black Citadel, Imperator’s Core section and enter the personal instance Command Core. Speak to Smodur while on your warclaw.


(Hidden Achievement) Perfect Fit – 4 AP


1./2. Sit in a box near the blue/yellow catmander.

The blue catmander is in the Alpine Borderlands while the Yellow Catmander is by the Desert Borderlands. For instructions on how to reach these two cats, see this guide here. Currently you cannot sit in their boxes until Arenanet hotfix it as the areas currently do not allow mounts.

3. Keep watch over the prisoners from a box in the Grove

Nightshade Garden in the lowest level of The Grove.


4. Closely watch the fish from a box in Rata Sum

Bottom level of Rata Sum, near the fishtank.


5. Sit in a box and prepare for war in the Black Citadel

Near War Wagon Prep Deck in Black Citadel.


6. Keep warm in a box while paying your respects in Hoelbrak.

Inside Snow Leopard Lodge


7. Sit in a box to join the menagerie in Divinity’s Reach

Western Commons section of Divinity’s Reach


8. Watch the light move from a box in Lion’s Arch

Right by the lighthouse in Lion’s Arch


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

48 replies on “GW2 Warclaw Mount Unlock Guide”

There’s another hidden achi called, Perfect Fit where you have to place in certain boxes in different locations with Warclaw.
I only maneged to find a single location so far (near the entrance of LS’s lighthouse) 🙁
Will you add a guide for that achi as well?

If you can’t bring yourself to join a discord commanded zerg for 4 hours (as a voice commanded zerg a much better experience (and very easy with discord)) then just do the 2 easy WvW dailies everyday. You need 80 daily potions to max out a reward track. Takes a while to do but anyone still with GW2 probably has the time and its not like this mount is useful to anyone besides highly ranked wvw players anyway -.-

Before the announcement of the new mount.. I had like ~134 pootion.. But I used them..! I need a time machine.. :~(

I did similar when they announced the exalted gloves were reappearing in the black lion statuette store. Put 200 pvp potions into getting keys so i could get up to the 60 statuette cost in time.

Wait, how’d u get BL keys with pvp potions? There’s a reward track that gives you BL keys? I think i’m forgetting something basic 🙁

like 1 week b4 warclaw launched my guildy was mocking me for stockpiling wvw potions. She told me to use them! why save them? I said I save em for when i need em. Post launch of warclaw she was whining about grinding the reward track. I however finished it in like a minute. 😀

Voice discord is only a “better experience” if the cmdr/guild is not a bunch of salty donkeys which it tends to be 90% of the time.

That was the most enjoyable part for me, personally. It was a fun grind. Won’t take much longer than 10hrs, really.

To get “Always Land on Your Feet”, you need to be in a WvW map. It won’t count if you are in Tyria.

Note that Ayin’s video shows it from the Green server’s perspective. I suspect that if you are on Blue or Red, the locations of the pages will be different for you.

Ayin has quickly become my favorite person to watch for collection / achievement guides.

Most other guides do collections in order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. While Ayin will organize the tasks based on proximity. Makes it much smoother, without having to waypoint for each item.

Spent 3 grueling days chasing on foot after commanders and groups equipped with mounts on day 1, who reached and captured objectives before I even made it there.. Somehow I managed to make it through the reward track, but I probably missed out on 70% of the objectives. Only keeps with their gates gave me enough time to catch up to the zergs.

Yea, if you didn’t go get the Warclaw IMMEDIATELY when it launched, it’s going to suck for you now to try and get it. It was the obvious thing to do cause the mount is faster if you were ever planning on doing wvw later or even just for daily stuff.

Well… thats done. If you a person who logs in everyday to get the 2 gold daily, this mount makes reaching wvw objectives much less tedious. Otherwise, meh? If you can reach the second pip bonus (at wvw rank 600) i think wvw could be quite rewarding. Not willing to invest much time into GW2 after the layoffs however unless they announce another expansion. Must say again though, the animations of GW2 mounts are excellent.

the layoffs were to make anet quit wasting time on other areas instead of GW2. NOw all their focus will be on GW2 – tis a good thing. They shoulda been doing this all along and not pulling people off of gw2 projects to work on other stuff.

actually it’s bad stuff, a games developing company nowadays needs to expand and have a number of IPs. no matter how much new skins anet put in gw2 they won’t be able to sustain themselves of one game past its prime for long. this refusal on other projects feels like an acceptance of defeat as a company and probably means there won’t ever be another gw game or anything else from this studio sadly. hell we don’t even know whether there would be one more xpack.

I currently lack the enthusiasm to give a fully detailed response on this subject. The core of the issue is that when Heart of Thorns came out, besides spending years patching up that extremely rushed expansion (and all its wobbleh systems), Anet stated that half its devs were working on an expansion and not the fixes or living world episodes.

When Path of Fire came out we thus got a much more polished expansion, a more complex new system (compare mounts to gliding) and notably more complex profession specializations (all the HoT specializations had new skills while nearly every PoF specialization had new core mechanics in addition to skills).

Then we got to a grey area. After PoF we started getting exceptionally high quality living world episodes while lots of devs were being shuffled onto unknown projects and while the recent living world episodes have been the best story telling in game so far, its now become apparent that they’ve been this good because (unlike the period after HoT) the entire GW2 team has been working on the living world while zero effort has been put into creating an expansion.

After the recent sackings Anet was quick to promise the speedy delivery of every GW2 thing it could name, ranging from episodes to pvp to wvw. They did not however mention an expansion. Taken in conjunction with previous statements on how they feel they can deliver excellent content without expansions, I feel confident in saying no formal work was done in creating an expansion before the sacking.

While they’ve done great work in milking the mount system to its greatest potential. Anet has never implemented a new major gameplay system without an expansion nor have we seen any new classes without an expansion – then add to this that the last time they decided to rush an expansion (HoT) it took 2 years with near no content releases :/

At this point in time I can say I’ve got exponentially more value out of GW2 then what I payed for. That said I’m so pessimistic right now that I’ve stopped playing except for daily logins, the occasional home instance clear and the seasonal push through the spvp reward track.

“fish out of water” and fall to death on warclaw cheeves must be done in WvW 🙁 don’t werk in PvE

I don’t know if that was a bug that was fixed, but am just here to confirm “Fish Out of Water” *can* be done in PvE. I just got it when traveling thru Metrica Province tonite.

I thought this was going to bring me back to gw2 but alas it didnt. I dont want to grind wvw for hours also I play this game solo so yea fuck this.

The amount of WvW is minimal, can be done solo, and you can always trail behind a commander tag if you’re desperate. The few things required are VERY minor.
Although if you’re looking for a reason to hate the game that is fine… however it seems nice that another aspect of the game gets a mount – and it’s not required for any kind of progression.

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