SWTOR Patch 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory Coming In April

Bioware has announced that Patch 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory will be landing in April and feature guild heraldry and preview window changes.

When Game Update 5.10 ‘Jedi Under Siege’ launched, guilds received a boost in the form of new guild leveling and PvP challenge systems, as well as new management tools. Seeing guilds flourish from this, with Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’, we are planning to add even more for guilds!

This new feature is called Guild Heraldry and it will be another tool for guilds to rally behind! Each guild can create their own emblem to represent them throughout the game. Between the combination of icons, background details, and variety of colors, guilds will be able to create something truly unique. A guild’s emblem will be displayed in the general guild window, on the conquest planetary leaderboards, and many other places!

On top of that, there will also be a general quality of life improvement as the Preview Window been dramatically improved!

  • Characters are now displayed on mounts instead of to the side.
  • New animation button!
  • Unlocks like emotes, moods, and rest-and-recharge abilities are now able to be previewed.
  • Visual effects are better displayed.
  • The window now will have a panel showing what combination of gear is currently being shown.

Leading up to the release of ‘Heralds of Victory’, there will be additional articles that will go more in-depth about these changes that you can expect to see in the future. Join your most trusted allies and make your mark on the galaxy with ‘Heralds of Victory’ coming in April 2019!

  • Nice.

  • simurgh559


  • LucasFaun

    kewl 50 years later. in 100 years we might get an guild search function.

  • Cosmetic Crap does NOT equal content. Stop putting lipstick on the pig bioshit and give us an xpac….

  • Illusive Man

    I mean.. yay for the extra customization and previews being upgraded after so long but I seriously hope that’s not all that’s coming in almost 2 months. And I wish they’d do something interesting with conquest to make it more bearable and actually fun rather than a point mill only for the largest guilds trying to top each other by the millions.

    Seriously, that crap hasn’t done anything for the game’s social climate besides make people drop an alt or two in the better faring guilds and kill small guilds.

  • Fred Garvin

    “Seeing guilds flourish from this…”

    Still trying to pretend you’re reacting to what players are doing in game, I see. Not to mention I highly doubt guilds are flourishing…lol.

    This is the same as them being so gracious as to give us HK back as a companion and make months of sub extras centered around him because of some lame survey after he was the only character to die in the initial chapters of KotFE and OF COURSE that’s who players would vote for. You know damn well they had it planned all along just like this.

  • AbnerDoon

    Pushing a non content update into April? I appreciate them finally fixing the preview window but this is looking like another sparse year. I will not be surprised if they just high five each other at the Celebration Cantina in April and once again tease about a big year with content they just can’t talk about.


  • Mariański

    yet another bullshit thingy that nobody asked for

  • pig benis

    release date: april 1st

  • v22y

    Stuff that Guild Wars already had in 2006, amazing new in SWTOR in 2019. Yay!

    How about companions that move in range while fighting? Guild Wars even let you place your TWO companions on the minimap.

    And you could put marker on the minimap for your group members.

    A game from 2006 had more features at launch than a BioWare game in the 5.10.x update after 7 years! Look at this Anthem players! Now you know what you can expect for your money. LEL!
    SWTOR players already know: they are slow, lazy, they don’t listen, they don’t get it, they never deliver.

  • Mopsthem

    Let me guess, symbols and details can be found in the Cartel Market.

    Strange that there is a color wheel, because this means no heraldy dyes to buy? That’s a strage decision.

    • Tom

      Please don’t give them ideas.

    • Darth Twinge

      They’ll probably come out with some sort of Tabard type item that displays your guild colors but itll cost CC to buy and more CC to update it. 😛

      • Pyre

        Maybe even cc to equip it , cc to unequip it, and the most important, cc to see it.

        Dictacted but not read by Naq, on her sexy lifemate’s account because lazy.

  • Ben Gimson

    I can’t be excited about this. A) It’s pretty dull. B) At this point, is there much point wasting time on something like this when the game probably doesn’t have all that long left? and C) It’ll likely be like most areas of swtor; a good concept that falls massively short of its potential.

    Great for those who’re excited for this and all, but yeah… this is as meaningful to me as backend maintenance.

  • biower pls
  • disqus_8fGMCuJwj0

    Don’t care about guilds. The preview improvements are ok, but we could really use an audio preview for the weapons. I’ve had to ditch blasters because they simply didn’t have the right pew-pew for me.

  • Honestly, I’m surprised that they’re making UI improvements. It means they haven’t fully pulled investment from the game yet – it’s not much, but it’s not pulling the plug yet either.

    • Galathir Darkstone

      The UI ‘team’ (one guy now, right?) have probably been combing the code for something to do so they don’t get laid off during the content lull 😛 Someone got lucky and found something useful. Darkness knows that no one who actually knew how anything was put together at launch is still on the team. Even money, by the way, that this was the same guy that saved his job figuring out how to make Flair to sell on the CM.

  • Ha

    “Seeing guilds flourish from this”

    I’m glad that they can still blatantly lie to everyone and themselves.

  • IronSalamander8

    The title of this update ‘Heralds of Victory’ sounds grandiose and yet it’s just this? I mean it’s not like this stuff is bad but that title sounds impressive and it’s just some minor stuff that should be a sideshow for a real update.

    More appropriate names:

    “We haven’t shut it down…yet”
    “Please don’t leave, here’s a little bone for you”
    “But, the Cartel Market!”
    “We’re still here!”

    • AbnerDoon

      “We’re still teasing companion returns (four years later)!”

      • Levi Morandi

        Just summon the missing ones from Odessen terminal.. they return to your ship too.

        • gua543

          The worst part is that they both return to your ship and move their mouths when talking to them only if you summon them from the Odessen terminal. The versions you get through KotFE/KotET/Alliance alerts/whatever don’t do that.

      • SSJ Godemis

        Literally was thinking this also. Its been 4 years now and still do not have all our characters.

  • Dk-io

    please, this game is already dead, stop bioware

    • Fubarz

      Not allowed to die… It’s cinematic’s are still better then Disney SW movies 😛

      • KShrike

        That’s not exactly a very tall bar to pass….

      • Vergansito

        LOL, true.

        • Sam Sarvour

          OOF! You’re right…

    • 平賀才人

      Your brain is dead, servers are still up. lol

  • Need2Crash

    cause this is what was needed this is what we asked for ! *ended sarcasim*

    I look dev post and saw and update saw what the update was and was like WTF

  • Adam Haynes

    How about fixing the Vette glitch and just forget all the guild stuff no one cares about? It might be nice to not have the game lock up at least once every time I do Ossus story mission on a new toon too. Just some thoughts…

    • gua543

      I read a thread on the forums about that, some guy, Musco probably, said it will be fixed in the next patch, which should be this one. The fact that such an insignificant bug needs more than a month to be fixed is another thing entirely.

    • Secundum

      Vette glitch is already fixed.

  • Jizam

    Can’t wait to see how many symbols are in the shop! Also I am totally expecting a prompt before that screen even pops up asking for either cc or a stupid amount of credits to even start editing

  • Alexander Delorean

    They wont get my sub anyway. Its time to say that my sub (since the game start i never cancelled it) died like the game. One operation since when?? Ages??

    • kek

      4 years, VotMG is the first operation we got since SoR. But hey, people who play this game for year or two will tell us it’s doing good.
      (spoiler: 50k players worldwide is less than mobile games have)

      • Shawn Hargrave

        according to bob and the few fanbois left theyll claim 5 million LOL

        • Vergansito


    • 平賀才人

      ops are retarded, we need actual content not more of that shit.

  • Flogging Barbie’s dead horse

    Hood toggle plox.
    Or release some ‘covert headwear’ to force ugly hoods into submission.
    Because this request is just as inane as fixing preview stuff/creating tabards.

  • AragarVarnus

    I remember back in 2016 (I believe it was that year), Eric said, at the start of that year, that they had very exciting news for GSF players. I am still waiting. And why are we moving closer and closer to 6.0 without an expansion pack reveal????? I don’t want to give up on this game, I’ve put years of effort, hunting down achievements, progressing on operations, farming 25 flashpoints each just to get stupid achievements, and still nada…

    Ossus is GREAT, one of the best daily zones they have made (thank God they learned from their mistake with Iokath), and I just hope that if they ever make an expac, that it will be as good as Ossus, *MAYBE* there’s still hope, it’s what I thought when they released Ossus.

    I still want to believe that.

  • Vergansito

  • Shawn Hargrave

    anthem as you can see below in a dumpster fire their banning people for loot farming in any other game thats ok no anthem then ps4’s cant handle anthem and bricking them LOL so id be surprised at this point if tor has much of anything added. I hope ea is tangled up in court for years for all the ps4 crap lolz smh

    • SSJ Godemis

      No consoles were actually bricked. People are just dumb and dont know how to reset them lol. Sony confirmed this.

  • DualBlastersGuy

    If y’all have been following the Anthem débacle, then i wonder why you’d bother with anything that has “BioWare” mentioned in the same context.

    I am quite certain that BioWare is now living on borrowed time, and that time is running low.

    Unlike EA’s past victims, they will 100% deserve their eventual pistol-shot to the back of the head out behind the shed.


    This is what six years got us, and this concurrent with the similar time wasted on the Andromeda trash-fire, but at least that was a more-or-less complete game, and fully functional after all the patches. Hell, people are even still doing the multi-player, at least occasionally.

    Really, Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, DOOM Eternal, and The Outer Worlds are the only games I’m looking forward to, like, at all anymore.

    (Aside: Notice how none of those are MMOs? Yeah, there’s a reason for that, especially after it came to light just how incredibly, atrociously, downright comically mis-managed Wildstar was from literally day-1. I’m thinking more and more that MMORPGs as a genre are over, it pains me to say…)

    • Bakgrind

      I think Anthem really lit the fire under a couple of Devs in the SWTOR forums because there are currently 6 threads to which they have commented on game issues where as before they had been rather silent.

    • Markus

      I had fun in Andromeda, and I am looking forward to Jedi Fallen Order.

  • Fubarz
  • Jep Fareborn

    Another dumb ‘feature’ that ‘someONE’ asked for that was more pertinent than ‘new content’. Clueless fuq’n devs. BioWare can’t get closer to being shuttered and shittered fast enough.

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