GW2 Gemstore–Defiant Glass Package & Sacred Dyes

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Defiant Glass Appearance Package for 2000 gems and the Sacred Dye Kit.


Defiant Glass Dye Package – 2000 gems

Package Details

  • Defiant Glass Outfit – 700 gems
  • Defiant Glass Backpack Skin – 400 gems
  • Total Makeover Kit
  • Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice
  • 5x Sacred Dye Kit

Defiant Glass Outfit – 700 gems

Dye pattern















Defiant Glass Backpack – 400 gems


Sacred Dye Kit – 1 for 125 gems, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems


Sales and Free Items

Free Items

Tradesman’s Package – 0 gems


  • Grand Lion Griffon Skin – 1500 gems (was 2000 gems)
  • Reforged Warhound Jackal Skin – 1500 gems (was 2000 gems)
  • Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin – 1500 gems (was 2000 gems)
  • Summit Wildhorn Springer Skin – 1500 gems (was 2000 gems)
  • Umbra Demon Skimmer Skin – 1500 gems (was 2000 gems)

Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s post.

Super Adventure Box Chair – [&AgHrXwEAAA==]   


Legion Jetpack Backpack Glider Combo

  • [&AgHlXwEAAA==]    Legion Jetpack
  • [&AgHtXwEAAA==]    Legion Jetpack Glider


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14 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Defiant Glass Package & Sacred Dyes”

Really need more Pink and Green dyes. We’ve already got tons of rare bright Blue and Gold dyes, give us Pink and Green now. :/

That jetpack really makes me angry how when glider/backpiece combos came out some of us thought the Molten Jetpack should be one of the ones that got a glider version, and everyone was all “no that’s stupid, it’s just decorative”.

I did always want a glider version for that backpack too. Perhaps now ANet can take another look at it since I suspect the reason why they didn’t before was because the Molten Jetpack was far too exorbitantly priced for the majority of players to afford. Since it got reintroduced, it’s now more within reach.

Love the jetpack. But I’m sick to death of these constant outfits. I miss the days where they gave armors that we can actually customize.

Outfits replaced armor sets in gemstore few years ago, it’s interesting to see people still complaining about it. 😀
And ANet did give us 5 armor sets for each armor type with PoF so that’s 15 new armors. And then another 2 ]6] with season 4 and almost 3th with the corsair set.
Another thing is that, when you look at current armor skins in gemstore. Most of the times it is single piece skin for 500 gems, where armor sets were for 800 gems max. So Foefire set gets them 1,5k gems [1,3k if you buy the whole set] and that’s only 3 pieces of armor.
I’m with you.. if I could choose then I would take armor sets as well, I love getting my own look with different combo-transmog sets but it makes no sense for them to do it these days I guess. The single pieces for 500 gems sell well [Foefire, the Dragon circlet head pack or whatever it is called].
Imo, outfits or most of them for the past few months were pretty good. I think only one or two made me go “I fucking need it” but still, lots of them look nice enough to me, definitely better than what we were getting 2 years~ ago

Another hideous butt-cape outfit that looks almost exactly the same as all the other hideous butt-cape outfits. Guess some things never change.

yeah it does look fugly. this outfit actually had the right idea but projected in a retarded way. such is the way of GW2 designers..they just have to fuck it up issues with this outfit is that they try to make the armor portion unique but in doing so they actually made it look dumb. they should’ve just stuck with the normal steel armoring-like logan’s armor. i would buy it right away but nope. the rock on the shoulder? yeah that’s the deal breaker. i prefer my gaunlet, leggings, etc to be something more like this..simple but still elegant.

Eh I don’t think Gw2 has a designer, everything looks copy pasted from previous things, none of it fashionable imo. Gw1 did fashion much better and had way more unique and different looking things to satisfy pretty much everyone’s fashion desires.

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