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SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 1

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 1

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30 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 1”

The joke would be they were announcing the release date of 6.0 sometime this summer. With new flash points, pvp area and ops with 6 boss fights

The helmet on that trooper set would be amazing if you could actually dye it. Such a stupid design choice.

Wow, this stinks of incredible incompetence, straight from the top.
Bombshells No’s 3&4 are just unbelievable.
EA’s next move will be interesting

1. Can this guy not afford a new shirt or jacket yet at 3 mil subs?
2. What’s with all the screaming? Idiot.

EA and Bioware may be dumpster fires but this guy does no research on his own and just spends 45 minutes regurgitating an article and contributing to outrage culture BS with his hyperbole.

I mean, that’s what youtube is all about. Just put something like “They did WHAT?!?!” in the thumbnail, make the title “X company EXPOSED! They’re going DOWN!” and you get easy clicks.

im surprised he still around he lost a good chunk of subs awhile back with the battlefield 5 fiasco lol. I agree the screaming and over dramatics of things makes it hard to watch i actually like the 2 other calm guys more then joe those 2 should make a channel lol

Joe is gonna be 65, still wearing that jacket and shirt, gray beard, and stumbling around the streets disheveled yelling at passersby, “I’m Joe and I’m angry! About something…can’t remember! Do you have a dollar?”

Guess what… Edmonton finished Anthem (and they are focusing now on next DA game?) and now they pass it (anthem) to Austin studio (which had swtor already) so, yea… i don’t want to sound dooming here but i think swtor is or will be (eventually) fucked up by anthem, why? Because Austin would have to shift at least half it’s team to support both games (and tbh i don’t think they have enough man power to support fully both games at once). In short term they may “somehow” manage to do stuff for both games, but in the long shot i guess it will lead them to heavy attrition which game support the most and that could lead to more stressful moments and dire chaos… i wish i was wrong, but i guess that’s gonna happen sooner or later.

No it means an old troll has something new to BS on since it got boring… So don’t worry be happy 😀

Nahh can’t be happy for a miserable planet like Dantooine, incredible they still have budget for this. Still i believe they need to release at least “something” before the Skywalkers move get released…next year let’s see…BTW i’will boycotting that movie, not a single penny for Disney not anymore….

Have fun with a group of SWTOR content creators, earn cool prizes and win giveaways! All will be revealed then only 1 week away to know all the BS!!!!!! LMAO!!! Don’t worry be happy this week 😀 Agree about Disney and KK queen of the force

The comments on this webpage is like cancer. There is no hope for them. Oh you can try and fight it off for a little bit but, in the end… You sad mother fuckers need a life for sure.

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