• Damian Wydra

    epic backpack

  • ross oogo

    I am sorry but the charr look like is shitting on that SAB bush..

  • turkeyspit

    I can’t tell from the video, but when you are gliding the dye channels can be changed. What about when you’re not gliding and you see the back piece – do the dye channels remain changed? I was under the impression you couldn’t change the color of a back piece.

    • ringswraith

      Backpacks (still) can’t be changed. Backpacks are different from gliders, so whatever you dye the glider to won’t affect the backpack at all. This happens with all the backpack/glider combos.

      • turkeyspit

        Yeah, I figured as much. I went ahead and bought the combo anyways, but I use a different skin for the back piece. It’s just too jarring to me, firstly to have that blue trim clash with the colour scheme for the rest of my armor, but also to have it change once the glider is deployed.

  • Jalen Dmello

    I like when the female norn walked by you not giving a dam XD

  • Finance My Vette

    My backpack has jets!

  • Ink-Leviathan 🐍

    FYI – This article says the Super Adventure Box Chair is 700 gems but the video title says it’s 600.

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