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SWTOR Game Update 5.10.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for 5.10.2 Game Update that will be deployed tomorrow.



  • Guild Heraldry – Guild features continue to expand with the addition of Guild Heraldry! Each guild can create their own unique emblem to represent them throughout the game. Join your most trusted allies and make your mark on the galaxy!
  • Preview Window Refactor – The in-game Preview Window has been dramatically improved – weapon, armor, and mount previews are all better than ever before. Plus, now you can also check out emotes, moods, and rest-and-recharge abilities!
  • The Double XP Event Returns! – Gain double Experience, Command Experience, and more from April 16th through April 23rd.


  • Guild Experience earned from Conquests has been increased by 50% (3 GXP per Conquest point, up from 2).
  • The pop-up text when auto-completing the story to reach Ossus has been updated to be more clear on how it impacts the player.
  • Players who used the story auto-complete to reach Ossus can once again access the Troop Deployment Console and Daily Missions on Iokath.
  • Corrected a number of environmental issues inside the Hive of the Mountain Queen.
  • Incorrect Legacy names will no longer appear in the Guild Window in certain situations.
  • Using an elevator in a Star Fortress will no longer unsummon a players active Companion.

Classes +Combat



  • The Parallactic Combat Stim will now have a visible buff when triggered.

Items + Economy

  • Hair will no longer clip through a variety of Tier helmets which players can purchase on Ossus.
  • The Armored Interrogator Armor Set now displays the correct preview image in the item stash.
  • To ensure players get the appropriate gear for their desired playstyle, it is no longer possible to open an Artifact Lockbox without an active Discipline.
  • Updated the Crested Orokeet’s preview art to properly reflect the appearance of the pet.
  • The Republic Starfighter and PvP Decoration Vendor Captain Nitch has long been suspected of treasonous activities. It was recently discovered that he was incorrectly peddling the Imperial Generator Node Decoration, this grave error has been corrected. Captain Nitch now sells the Republic Generator Node Decoration, as intended.
  • The Tribal Champion’s Blade is now flagged as a vibrosword as intended (was previously set as a lightsaber).
  • The Entropy Lightsaber will now holster on the player’s hip as intended.
  • Updated the Collection art for the Advanced Frost Green Crystals to be consistent with other Color Crystals.
  • Wearing the Sinister Warrior’s Belt with certain helmets will no longer stretch the player’s character in very… sinister ways.
  • The Jedi Master Monument Stronghold Decoration is no longer floating.
  • The following items have had their weapon categories corrected:
    • Exarch’s Rifle MK-1
    • Exarch’s Rifle MK-2
    • Exarch’s Polesaber MK-1
    • Exarch’s Polesaber MK-2

Missions + NPCs

  • Players will now gain Influence with Treek during her Companion Mission conversations as intended.
  • Corrected missing text for the [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal Mission.
  • SCORPIO can now be summoned from the Companion Locator Terminal after completing Ossus.
  • Sith Inquisitors who sided with Zash will no longer receive Khem Val’s Alliance after completing the Ossus storyline.
  • Darth Marr’s Lightsaber is once again visible in combat during KOTFE Chapter I “The Hunt”.
  • The Ossus Daily Mission [DAILY] Enkindled Knowledge now provides credit towards the Mission [DAILY] Patrol: Ossus as intended.
  • The Probe Droid Companion now has sound effects when shooting their blaster.
  • During the Mission [DAILY] The Science of Darkness, NPCs will now correctly reduce in size when the Adrenal Reaction debuff wears off.
  • Kira Carsen will no longer appear twice during the cutscene for the Jedi Knight Class Mission Uphrades.
  • We unfortunately had to request that Doc reduce his rather long, elaborate, and completely humble title from the Companion and Contacts window so that it would fit properly.
  • Corrected an issue where completing the Sith Warrior Class Mission “Strong Arm” would not grant the next Mission in some situations.
  • Updated the map Mission marker for the Bounty Hunter Class Mission “Some People Just Need Killing” to be more accurate.
  • Vector’s eyes now change during his romance cutscene as intended.



  • Season 8 and 9 Ranked Tokens have been converted into credits.

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45 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.10.2 Patch Notes”

Yea 5.10.2 is here……next 5.10.3…..How about 6.0….the new ops and fps pvp arena people are waiting for…..I know wait till SW celebration this weekend for that announcement…then we can wait and wait for ….this Summer….then wait some more

Vector’s eyes now change during his romance cutscene as intended.

I’m curious if this change is reflected on his customizations as well.

“Using an elevator in a Star Fortress will no longer unsummon a players active Companion.”
I think i’ve been waiting for this fix since 2015. Glad they finally decided to do something about it. Took ’em long enough

Does the Quesh World Boss – Rogue Cartel Warbot – still not drop any loot or jagannath for Qyzen?

During the Mission [DAILY] The Science of Darkness, NPCs will now
correctly reduce in size when the Adrenal Reaction debuff wears off.

Sigh… They got rid of the only thing that made that daily worth doing 🙂

so many of these ea games get cancelled before release though. Its hard to get excited at this point for anything :/

Hey c’mon man, the one guy who still maintains ToR and managed not to get dragged into trying to put out the dumpster fire that is Anthem worked really hard on this patch, okay?

How is this even a full update that people were looking forward to? Guild logos and a working preview interface, plus some bugs that needed fixing. Oh, and more Cartel Market bullshit. Yeah, this is content alright.

starving players will take anything you feed them, even crumbs. and this is what this update is. crumbs.

That’s because they’re fucking idiots. No one knows what a good game is nowadays, so they take what they’re given and it gets worse all the time.

Love how they gave us LEGIT Mud Trooper Armor complete with Ponchos AND ARMOR UNDERNEATH IT from Solo. I loved that part of the movie.

I really liked what they did to the Conquest charts… it’s like a protest to point out how meaningless conquering actually is. But I’m really pissed off about the decoration misplacement. Not even the sim-esque new preview window makes up for it.

I would pay full ticket price just to see bloated geriatric Lando Calrissian chuckle while driving the Millenium Falcon ;p

So did the supposed “engine” changes help the game deplorable performance? or just compound the issue some more?

The engine is flawed to begin with, so no matter what little fixes they do here and there, nothing short of total overhaul will make the game perform better.

There are no packs anymore, everything is being released as direct sale. Most items are pretty affordable IMO, but there’s always the odd platinum rarity set or weapon that costs an arm and a leg.
GTN prices have gone sky-high. I’m currently selling isotopes for 300k each, and I have some vague memories they were going for 100k an year or so ago. Credits are flowing freely, but surprisingly a lot of stuff is quite affordable (except endgame gear, 246 gear and mods are going for 2-3 million even though they’re outdated, while 258 – the current BiS gear – doesn’t go below 100 million).

Wearing the Sinister Warrior’s Belt with certain helmets will no longer stretch the player’s character in very… sinister ways.

At least they have a sense of humor.

Though I’ll reverse expectations, the fact they are doing an “expansion” is so much better than the bs they’ve been claiming about trickling content.

Right? I wasn’t against the idea of trickling content, but the fact that most of it was 2 min of play and a two minute cutscene getting back an old companion from launch was just annoying. Waiting until sept for something you can sink teeth into sounds much better. I dont want to get hopes high, but fingers crossed!

With 6.0 dropping in September and ushering lvl 75 increase. If they stick to the model of new class skill every 16 levels, every class should be getting a 5th skill? Should be interesting how they implement these new skills into each of the classes.

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