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SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 22

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 22

New Items

New Discounts

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7 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update for April 22”

Hey Dulfy instead of making CM posts how bout updating your class guides that’d actually be helpful

Since the level cap increase, stat changes and gearing changes announced with 6.0 are coming in September, it probably makes more sense to wait until after the release to update class guides.

90% of the guides from 5.0 still apply now. I have a suggestion also. You should make some guides to help her out.

Hey Rheinace I don’t really comment all that much on this website anymore, but I was inexplicably drawn to the stupidness of your post. You see, “Dulfy” doesn’t do anything more than post the guides. “Dulfy” relies on player contribution from fans of the game to produce her class guides.

Wait, I’ll need to dumb this down for you based on the stupidity of your post…. *ahem*.

Dulfy no make guide, Dulfy just post guide made by Dulfy friend.

Since you seem insistant on the fact that they need to be updated why don’t you help out? Or do you feel the urge to beat the CM horse to death again!

i don’t get why i’m getting attacked and insulted by simply making a comment for updated guides i mean look a Vulkk who is constantly updating the guides on his sites even the guides that aren’t written by him and how is my comment stupid? simply because i asked the site owner if she cloud update the guides on her site? and no i wasn’t beating the CM down i don’t care what people spend their money on if they want to buy a ln game lightsaber for $40 then go head and i would write a guide if i knew the class well enough to do it but if i did i wouldn’t be asking for updated guides to begin with wouldn’t I?

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