SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Sales for May 4 Week

Bioware will be doing some discounts in the cartel market for the week of May 4.

Upcoming Star Wars Day Sale! | 04.22.2019, 01:12 PM
Hello everyone!

Last time we had a broad sale on the Cartel Market I spread the word a week in advance, which everyone appreciated so I wanted to make sure to do that again. In honor of Star Wars Day (May the 4th) we will be running several sales on the Cartel Market from April 29th – May 6th:

– 50% off all Collection unlocks
– 50% off all Appearance Options and Appearance Designer changes
– 40% off all available Stronghold Decorations
– 35% off all available Mounts

There will be a specific article highlighting this next week which will also include the specific time of these offers.

  • CMBoi


  • AJ

    What a time to be alive.

  • Barloc

    Would be better if the CM itself was having a discount too, but a collections discount is always welcome.

    • fvf

      The items I want to buy, but I don’t buy because they are too expensive, should be on disount!

  • Rance

    The 4 whales that still play this moneygrabber will love this.

    • Jimmy Winkel

      oh arent you cute huh? have you been online lately? the game is very much alive and kicking. getting no less than 50 online in the small casual guild we got on average – and a lot of active guilds besides ours. but yeah keep dreaming XD.

      • Vanguard

        Look man, I’m gonna tell you now, for your own sake. These guys in dulfy will not listen. I don’t know what’s going on in their heads, but they keep posting here as if EA themselves would search up a fan forum. Leave them to their maniacal ranting.

      • Rance
        • Fubarz

          Booze, Drugs, Sex, or Gaming…who cares let people spend their money how they want… Life is to short to listen to listen to the the BS of others

          • Tom

            It’s not that simple. Whales make life easier for people at Bioware (and any dev for that matter), as they see that they can keep making money by just selling cosmetics and not actual content. What one person does with his/her money can affect others specially when they accept and pay the cost of something that has no value or has the potential to create a problem to the rest, like cosmetics or even the examples you gave.

            • Fubarz

              Respect for self and others is the key as I see it…. to many in this world do not have respect for others… or themselves… and that is a sad thing to me

              • Tom

                Yeah. My point is that lack of self-respect has consequences for others more often than not. And for others, messing with people who create problems with the things they do is an act of respect, if you understand that word as something more than just leaving people alone. Applying this principle to whales may be stretching this a little bit though, mainly because we’re just talking about a game here.

      • Ben Gimson

        If you’ve got 50 online you’re not a small casual guild, you’re a large casual guild :’)

      • Patrick Bateman

        I played recently. A 3 month sub and managed to stick around for 3 weeks of that. What you’re saying isn’t what I experienced. The game is struggling. 3 of the guilds I was in before leaving have largely disbanded due to the lack of content and transparency from the devs. Out of 87 friends I had two play during that 3 week period, and this was during the Ossus launch no less. Fleet, both Imp and Pub, had at most 1 instance during prime time hours during both weekdays and weekends when in the past (patch 2.x and 3.x) there would be up to three instances of fleet and all were populated. This is after a server merger mind you with Harbinger, Pot5, etc all rolled into one. Harbinger used to have 3 instances full by itself. The thing that really opened my eyes was trying to do operations, when I could get one going that is. The amount of stupidity from awful players was mind boggling. The hardcore of the hardcore should be the only ones left, but if anything it seems like player competency has dropped.

        If you enjoy the game fine. But I know what I experienced, and it wasn’t SWTOR. It was a game on it’s last legs. It was skin to Star Wars Galaxies, but more constrained and much more style over substance.

        • Jimmy Winkel

          I could post screenshot after screenshot showing u how chat is busy and Queen HM grps are spammiing for grps etc. but to each his own – wish you the best.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Agreed. as long as those dipshits keep spending money, this game will continue to focus on making money instead of on content. I’ve seen more microtransactions and loot crates in this game than I have even in other MMOs, and that’s saying a lot. This is what happens when EA runs an MMO and Bioware starts to get that same greedy priority.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Doubtful that they will have EVERY stronghold decoration ever put out in packs available as part of this sale…we’ve been told that before and was told of technical issues of implementing them in the Cartel Market cash shop – basically meaning that they have to create a mere simple portrait of said decoration to show-off in the CM…un-fucking-believeable.

  • The game came out in 2011. Come on guys.

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