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Arenanet is adding in some weekend bonus events in the lull between content releases.
Hey all,

While the team is working toward the release of Episode 6 and the future of Guild Wars 2 development, a few of us are building out a stable of bonus events. You’ve already seen the World vs. World weeklong bonus event with no down state, and the Queen’s Jubilee Boss Blitz weekend, but soon we’ll release other bonus events. The first iterations of two of the planned events are complete, and we have two more in active development. Our intention is to run these during times when there are no major releases, and reward players for participating.

The first of these events, World Boss Week, starts May 6 and will run until May 13. During this week, all world boss kills in core Tyria zones will reward a Bonus Box of Goods in addition to normal loot drops.

The second event, Meta-Event Rush, will start a few weeks after the World Boss Week. During this week, our intention is to remove the daily cap on all world meta event completion rewards and to reward additional loot for some of our Meta-Events to pair with some improvements to the Path of Fire map meta events. More info will come closer to the event.

While I can’t talk too much about what we have planned beyond that, we aren’t restricting ourselves to “inside the box” design for future events. Some of them may make significant shakeups to their game modes during the time they run. Future iterations we’re thinking about are:

  • No daily limit on world boss loot
  • Rare harvesting nodes spawn after world boss kill
  • Community goals and rewards
  • Collections and meta achievements with titles

This is where our community comes in! We want to make events that leverage existing content and resources, while being fun and rewarding for you to play. We welcome your ideas for additional events and would love to hear your feedback on the events you’ve heard about so far, including their rewards.

We think the biggest, baddest monsters terrorizing Tyria’s farmlands, swamps, coastlines, tundra, volcanos—and more!—have gotten a little too comfortable in their routines. We’re shaking things up by hitting them where it counts—right in the loot drops.

From May 6 to May 13, you’ll get a Bonus Box of Goods from every world boss you participate in defeating. There’s a rare chance for these to contain especially shiny items like cosmetic infusions and invisible footwear.

When one of the loathsome creatures is active near you, we’ll issue a special notice so you and your fellow adventurers can locate it easily, swoop in, and smack it down.

Weeklong Bonus: World Bosses

  • Date and Time: From 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on May 6 to 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on May 13 (UTC-7).
  • Gameplay Variant: Gain a Bonus Box of Goods from participating in world boss events.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

38 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Bonus Events”

They are, evety spawn, every boss hase atleast one squad. Almost 3 years of regular playing, have not a single infusion, and now they gonna add a rare chance for another infusion. Also meta daily limit hase a reason for a crazy whales only, I’m ok with current daily caps. Or maybe they just want to bind people to their game for a holidays, to prevent them from playing other games.

I remember so much he promised miracles how this game will revolutionize the MMO market and looking at it from a few years perspective is very average. It is a pity that the potential is not used

It did revitalize the market – at the time the main AAA options were SWTOR and WoW. GW2 was at the forefront of action combat MMOs, and introduced several valuable QoL features that many players won’t go without – including depositing materials to the bank, saving bag space; easily selling junk; shared inventory/wallet; accessing the trade/auction market from anywhere; shared resources/nodes; Living Story & Living World updates that were free, episodic, and initially at an extremely rapid pace; story events that changed the game map adding some sence of permanence/”living” world; and so on. You can be as pessimistic or unrealistic as you want, but your argument will stand a lot better if you give credit where it’s due. Also, don’t skip leg day.

I train my legs twice a week.It’s not 2012 anymore, only 2019, no one should be surprised that the expectations are greater especially that significant changes are introduced in this game very slowly I am aware of what you have written but I think that the elements you mentioned have killed the stable progress of this game. Adding something for free is fun but only for a short period of time in my opinion and people with whom I played this game for the first two years after the premiere. Later everyone had the same conclusions that running around the open map in zerg is not cool, as well as extremely few team instances like dungeons or fractals. Arena Net took a risk with this business model but as you can see from the constantly late dates of issuing updates they have problems. I am surprised that they are not trying to do anything about it but just keep pushing this beaten horse.

Yes, because they denied not only the “classic” bad moves of previous MMOs, but all the good stuff too, because they want to be “not like others”. As result – we get another “stamina management” mount in next episode as a new content. Why they can’t add a regular everyday normal mount? Oh right – other MMOs hase it, so we don’t.

I still think the game would’ve done well with traditional quests and quest logs. Now we finally have them, but they are disguised as collections. Quests could still have us complete a set of collections, but would at least breathe a bit more life into some NPCs and towns. Collections are a little less immersive, as you just WP around and alt-tab with dulfy.

Otherwise I think it revolutionized the MMO market in someways with the wardrobe and dye systems, horizontal expansion through masteries and skins, elite specs and action combat, and interesting mounts and gliding.

Great ideas for downtime, I think. It re-incentivizes engagement with existing content and provides some value to motivate players like me to come back and participate.

Yeah its been ages since i ran a world boss train or even meta event train. Will check this out for sure

“Community goals and rewards” binded for limited regions I guess? I’m pretty tired to lose all the give aways just because of my region.

I would guess the goals and rewards would be similar to what they had during the Featival of the Four Winds last year and the Queen’s boss slaying event.

That as the community reached certain benchmarks, we’d get in-game rewards if we participated. Like celebration boosters, etc.

mmm… wonder what portal device will be on sale? 🙂
what ever helps the game and gets ppl more active, I alway see ppl in every map im on 😀

“We want to make events that leverage existing content and resources”. Very polite way of saying we need to keep you all busy without a large expansion drop for a very long time. The honesty is appreciated but given their current reward structure commitments the only thing which could entice me would be a long term purely pve acquired legendary armor set :/

Sad to see that as your only enticement considering how ugly the armor is and the creator is no longer at Anet. I’m crossing my fingers that layoffs lead to better fashion design in future.

I’m all for new collection meta achievements as a form of “busywork content”. Even if it’s all linked to existing content, there’s something satisfying about checking items off a scavenger hunt list. The precursor achievement collections were especially fun, since they all have a theme and involve lots of different tasks.

It would be a great boon to this game if they made the meta events more accessable. The current system is confusing and a bit of a pain.

They should also fix dungeons, occasionally add a new dungeon and maybe even make the raids more accessable. There is no point in making content that isn’t going to reach most of your players, especially when you are on a budget.

They gave up on dungeons which is a shame. Ever since Elite Specializations and a few buffs, they became less of a pain to grind through.

Yeah, I really liked their take on dungeons- felt very dynamic. Now they are basically dead. It just seems silly to me, there is so much great stuff in this game- its just very inaccessable.

I think one of the biggest problems they have had lately (in my view) is actually getting the content to the player. Some of those meta events and the way they evolve is so well done, but………. You have to be on the right map…. at the right time….. if you can find it…..

I guess that teleporter thing they sell is a a step in the right direction, but it only works for some of the older content.

Also, think of WvW. When you get in a good match it was sic, but good luck finding that though……. Raids as well. All I see, for the most part, is a few guilds selling runs for gold on it. Seems like a lot of time and work for that result.

I feel like with a few tweeks, this game can be right back at the top, it seems somewhat “lost” in direction at the moment (even before the whole lay offs)

I really think they’d benefit from scaling up dungeons to catch up with the power-creep from the past years. Possibly keep explorable as is, accessible to players leveling or newly level-capped, but making challenge versions of the content with better rewards for geared players that isn’t as faceroll, and brings back the feel of the mechanics.

I think this is all a good idea…. Ive been saying for ages that this game needs a reward overhaul…. this is at least a step in the right direction…This game has so much great content…such as world bosses… meta events,,, dungeons… that often get overlooked by endgame players due to their lousy rewards…. I think regular events like this will shake things up a bit and bring fresh injections of life into these areas…. it might even be better if there is some kind of cycling rotation of events… otherwise everything would just normalise over time…. As a long time player (since day 1) who focuses mainly on PVE this is a welcome change… I often have a lull period between story releases where it feels like i dont have a lot to do…. with the combination of staggered content releases and these kind of events… i think that time will begin to feel more dynamic and interesting…. i know during these times i should be putting energy into gearing all my alts into asc or crafting the legendaries I want… but sometimes I dont feel like it and would just like to have some fun rewarding stuff to do…. this is early days and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

I think it would be a wonderful idea to rotate special events across forgotten content. Even include dungeons, races, activities, guild missions. Give players a reason to revisit content together with the community.

“Oh god please stop quitting.. l-look, we’ll let you kill world bosses more than once, ok? Please come back!”

Scoffing aside, a game can really benefit from these special reward events. It encourages players to rotate between content types, and gives players something time sensitive for bonus rewards. It’s not as great as new content, but events like this can really help keep the player base engaged.

Yeah i did like a few world bosses and this is just another slot machine grind in game.

There is no currency for bad luck rolls so we can at least aim for one rare item by the time the event ends. Nope can’t have that sheesh

Indeed. One of my only regrets in gw2 is not having a sunless greatsword from tequatl – and i did him daily for about a year. A “complete boss 50 times” once off achievement which awarded a world boss specific crate would be a great addition.

On the slot machine grind, I feel this would have been more fun if it had been a weekend only thing with one extra reward per boss. I think once off lotto tickets feel less icky then slot machine grinds – because there is a limit to how much you can sink into them

but there is no gear progression. You are literally playing a fashion wars game and you are calling it a machine slot game because you aren’t getting the cosmetic you want? Is a slot machine game as well? No retards.

That you think the majority of a GW2 discus trench would know what adventure quest worlds is amuses me. Even if we take GW2 to be a fashion game, the fact that the sole desirable outcomes of many large events have under a 1% drop rate makes the slot machine metaphor accurate. Whether the objective we placing value on here is higher stats or snazzy gear is irrelevant to that reference.

Yeah any type of activity that triggers the dopamine rush in your head, giving you a sense of satisfaction let that be gear progression , cosmetics,, a t.v show whatever is locked behind a a crazy rng wall like .>.

are you retarded or something? With your logic all MMORPG, even single player, action etc games that doesn’t literally hand you the fucking item, cosmetic or whatever you are getting is a slot machine which by default isn’t you dumbass LULW.

What I would like to see is an event like Anet hiding a special item (~3-5 items) somewhere in the world & let all the players search for those items.. The moment those items are found (doesn’t matter who finds them..) everyone is rewarded somehow (participation..?)

the boss rush was bullshit. I would have made more money doing events ironically. anet got hundreds of ppl to no life the game for a week only to get absolutely nothing for their loss of sleep. hopefully this event rush is allot more lucrative.

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