GW2 War Living World Season 4 Finale War Eternal Arrives in May

Arenanet has released a teaser video of the upcoming living world season 4 finale War Eternal schedule to arrive in May.
This release features

  • New mount – Skyscale
  • New legendary greatsword – Exordium
  • New Mist Shard Armor

  • dMb

    wonder what sigils they’ll skyrocket in price this time

    • Raizel

      lol, I though the same!
      Time to buy a stack of every cheap sigil xD

      • Nick Peterson

        yer ive been slowly farming everythign and anything alwy try to keep any thing thats cheap at 2000 just incases hahaha

  • Nick Peterson

    i rather like that GS its different glad its nothing like Twilight and Sunrise

  • Christabel

    rip. i like much better gen1 gs

    • Raijin

      good for you

      • Nick Peterson

        i love the new great sword looks so different im over seen twilight every where im happy they went for something different also most of gen 1 are ugly gen too skins for the most are much nicer the just involve more work and people dislike it.

  • Tommy Simonsen

    That sword looks to much like swords from WOW

    • Taiwan Wolf

      It looks like an upgraded ‘Immortal’ skin from, well.. this game.

      • Raijin
        • Taiwan Wolf

          same style/concept, different shape, which is why I said skin and not greatsword skin. :>

          • Raijin


            • Niffy

              yup. Why don’t you stop trying to put in so much effort just to disagree with other people. Y’know other people are allowed to have opinions that differ from your own.

              • Raijin

                That is my opinion to disagree. I am not putting any effort i am just sating the fact.

            • Taiwan Wolf

              ur bad boi

              • Raijin

                lol nope

              • Taiwan Wolf


    • HadesClutch

      Better than that Bloodstone shit that made weapons look brittle though.

  • Suan

    Welp, there goes my hope for “perhaps they’ll make it Kralk/Aurene/Glint themed since this episode is gonna be important one” this GS is.. meh, like Taiwan said, looks pretty much like a upgraded version of Immortal skin.. which makes it kinda funny since it’s the second legendary weapon in a row that looks like upgraded version of Black Lion skin.. still, I need to see this one in the game, with all the animations and special effects.

    The armor.. I wonder if it’s gonna be for WvW. Not sure why but it gives me WvW vibes. Unless the whole ep 6 is gonna be us chasing Kralk in the mists and that’s where the armor will come from.

  • Scutilla

    My ranger has been looking for a good “scale” armor set; I’m cautiously excited about that Mist Shard armor. Maybe I’ll mix and match it with my current Bounty Hunter set.

    That greatsword is lovely, far better than the hunk of shiny plastic that is Eternity. Probably far outside my price range though.

  • The sword looks interesting – I like that it’s so different from Gen 1, especially in the silhouette. It will work with a variety of aesthetics that Gen 1 doesn’t really fit with. Which is the point, I suppose.

  • turkeyspit

    Almost finished gathering mats for Sunrise, but think I will hold off and craft this new one. I’ll need to see it in game, but it looks like it would match up well with Ad Infinitum.

  • Mr. Principal

    That new Legendary GS.. looks like it’s Quip & Bifrost’s long lost cousin..!

  • HadesClutch

    Okay, they’ve got some brownie points from that despite the past couple months of bad news. The new armor sets look sick (assuming they’re acquired in game and not incredibly hard to get) and the Greatsword which is my favorite weapon.

    I’m hoping there’s a long list of collections so we can actually get the Aurene Skin for the new mount. To be honest, I figured with the Griffon we’d never get another flying mount but instead an Aurene skin for the griffon. But nope, here we go.

    • Shaggy

      i doubt well get an aurene skin for a long time, last episode considering

      the devs prolly dont want a bunch of people flying around on her, itd break immersion a bit.

      but i have no doubt well get one in the future, probably after we actually ride aurene into battle.

      • Joshua Sager

        Aurene ate Joko, and is a dragon (who we know have the ability to eat and incorporate magic into themselves to gain new powers) so the last episode likely isn’t an issue. If she absorbed Joko’s unkillable nature, she could easily spring back after the conclusion of the last chapter.

        • Shaggy

          her coming back was never in question. too much was set up beforehand that doesnt make sense to set up just for her to die. its just a matter of which episode will bring her back. though personally i think the ascension stuff glint talked to her about in private has more to do with it than just joko’s powers

        • Squatch

          Will she be all decrepit and zombie-like? Or will she come back in her full shiny glory?

      • Squatch

        I can only see us riding on Aurene in an instanced story. Maybe with a unique set of skills that you don’t get in open world. I have been adamantly opposed to everyone and their mother riding around on Aurene in the open world. There’s only one Aurene.

        • Shaggy

          yea thats what i was saying. itd really break immersion.

      • Dera

        “Break immersion?” Are you kidding me? This game is a swamp of goofy comical joke skins and legendaries that look like Second Life polygonal refuse piles. Immersion went out the door with the Quagan in a bottle shield and the My Little Pony bow.

        • Shaggy

          none of that has to do with story though. story is sacred when it comes to immersion. its one thing to dress up like death incarnate with a pink plush charr backpack and miniature queen jenna following you around, but its another to have everybody riding around on a major story character thats supposed to be dead, at least temporarily.

    • Squatch

      I like incredibly hard to get sets. As long as it’s not redundant, or expensive, I like working for the items I get.

  • Avel Wrathlight

    [&Ci0dAAA=] best skin in game

  • Hugo

    Its tuesday, I need some news

  • AmadeoKristoff

    Need update. It is already tuesday 🙁

  • Suan

    The last Requiem is up. Not to spoiler or anything [I liked this one the least to be honest] but at the end Caithe says that she needs to give us [the commander] a call.. so next week has to be the trailer drop day man.. like come on.

  • commentor

    Twilight /Sunrise are nice greatswords but unfortunately overly overexposed.

  • A Niny Mouse

    Something happen the the website? There’s a ton of new news. War Eternal announcement already made for next week and I feel like there’s been nothing new on Dulfy for a while.

    • Raizel

      It’s clear Dulfy is not interested in GW2 anymore, not like before at least. It’s a trend started around one year ago…

      • Gerald Tarrant

        Actually, no game on her site is showing updates since the end of April. Please sell your anti=GW2 sentiments somewhere else. There was no trend from a year ago, or any other time, indicating this was a GW2 specific issue.

        • Raizel

          You should think twice about your reading comprehension before spouting words, I never stated any “anti-GW2” line in my previous post, I only said that Dulfy wasn’t committed to it like before, I didn’t check the other games she bring because I only follow GW2.
          It’s not my fault if you failed to notice this trend, maybe you should double-check achievements guides: in the past they took her half of the current amount of time to write them down and adventures of recent patches aren’t recorded anymore at all.
          However I’m just stating a fact, I’m not blaming Dulfy for this, after all she does this for free for us.

          • Don36669

            Well, he is telling the truth. None of the other games are updated since April 30th. She hasn’t posted on her Twitter since before that. And also no videos posted on YouTube in the last 4 weeks. So this seems to not be related to GW2 in particular. That doesn’t mean she’s less interested in GW2 these days, but the absence of posts is a general thing, not specifically GW2-related.

    • Suan

      Yeah what @Raizel said. Either Dulfy is losing interest in GW2.. which I can’t blame her. Even though Guild Wars as a series always will be close to my heart. These days I mostly play to do dailies or when Living World update is happening. Or she’s losing interest in MMO’s as a genre? I think for the past 2-3 months she was posting only about GW2 and SWTOR. Nothing in ESO, Black Desert etc. Or she just became a normie and does not play as much. 😀

      • A Niny Mouse

        Well that sucks. Where am I supposed to go for all my GW2 news!

    • Shaggy

      yea the final trailer was released.

      not sure what dulfy’s problem is, maybe she didnt want to make another post about it or maybe shes been busy.

  • Shaggy

    they released the final trailer, next episode drops on the 14th.

  • A Niny Mouse

    So anyone know a good replacement site for GW2 info? Seems news and activity here has stopped for the most part.

    • Aescu if u have no troubles with german language… but its not hard to figure out what u searching for etc…

  • DD

    Dulfy I’ll really miss your guides 🙁

  • Suan

    Dulfy where the fuck thou at?

  • AmadeoKristoff

    So I guess dulfy is not working on GW2 any more?

    • Squatch

      I hope Dulfy is okay. It is uncharacteristic to not post anything, even an explanation in chat.

  • 2ool

    Why this game need a guide to play in 1st place… this is no fun!
    Now without dulfy it will be lost…

    • DD

      Why are you even here if you don’t need guides, just go away and leave us be.

      • 2ool

        You getting it wrong. The game should have sufficient information to play and enjoy instead of making it like puzzles and riddles that you need to open a “How to” book every now and then.

        • Tsar CUBE

          No… no it doesn’t. People like puzzle games and games with riddles. Those that get stuck come to look at guides.

        • Kira Sternenfeuer

          actually the game gives you nearly all you need people are only lazy since the days of the internet ^^

          For any collection you can hover youre mouse on the item you need and at least in 99% of the times you will get exactly what you have to do and where it should be. However some informations are not quite as good as they should be and if you have to search in an area the size of a soccer field 3 pieces of dust it can become really frustrating ^^

          And than there are the other informations you do not get without multiple trying like what cat wants what food from you for example which would need lots and lots and lots trys of trial and error by only one person. So guides are not bad at all they help not only lazy person to find everything without having to think but also helps to overcome situations where youre brain can’t help you and it is more about trial and error.

          • Tiberius Raikage

            Yeah sure, people are *lazy* for not actually physically having the time to go through and do shit right?

            Retards these days

    • Jalen Dmello

      Well for me the end goal would just take longer to reach and being mostly a casual coming back for updates it will be a quite a while.

  • Travis Hunt
  • Shaggy

    the last three Recently Updated Pages are random nonsense

    whats going on?

    • A Niny Mouse

      Yeah, looks like the site has been hijacked by someone. All 3 of those nonsense posts are by someone named “Cloake”

    • Jalen Dmello

      Maybe we should putting a missing person report for dulfy
      *Puts a sherlock Holmes hat on
      How would we do that anyways ?

      • Shaggy

        ive heard from others that shes just really busy and cant even deal with the page jacking right now so hopefully shes doing ok

  • Raizel

    I’ve heard aound (map chat) that she’s actually to busy with work but it’s not a certain source.

  • gw2player

    Dulfy!! Please come back, I can’t play the game without your guides!!!

  • Hillbo

    OMG did someone call her parents ?!

  • Nick Peterson

    so what heppen to dulfy you guys die

  • yoga surya
  • yoga surya
  • yoga surya

    Playing Here Click Link

    • Squatch

      Shady link, click and send putin credit card info! (fuck off)

  • Kite

    Not even a dulfly page?

  • I hope Dulfy is okay and everything… no sign on Discord or Twitter.

    • GoldenDragonRider

      I was about to write the same thing.

      Please be OK Dulfy, and if you are, don’t let the impatience of others get to you. 🙂

  • Pippus


    More info on discord. she’s fine.

  • Fred Garvin
    • Isla

      Perfect time for someone else to start a site. Unless she’s open to someone helping her run the site.

      • Kelmen Wong

        are u blaming her?

        • Nope. Just saying it’s an opportunity. No need to jump to her defense lil guy.

      • Fay

        Or how about people donate to Dulfy for the years of her helping us with awesome guides?

        • Who’s to say we haven’t? Donations, affiliate links, accessing content here and on youtube (if she has ads). All of that generates value.

    • iscokeit

      What’s the Discord channel, please?

      • Fred Garvin

        There’s a link at the top of this site.

  • Aescu

    if u look for guides for this new map etc then have a look on
    greetings and gl

    • 2ool

      No English

  • Like i can found other guide somewhere else not the issue, just wonder if she is fine ?!
    Girl you ok ?! Hope it’s not health issues …

    • some guy

      Same question was raised on reddit and some people that knew her said that she’s fine, but her career requires her full attention atm.

  • Ken Zaske

    I want to take a moment to thank Dulfy for all of her hard work. She has raised the bar to the point that Guild Wars 2 wiki now mimics much of how she builds her guides. Dulfy, I hope your career continues to go well.

    • Alot

      Yup. Been trying some of the new achievements without Dulfy. Its been painful. Good luck with life and know that you missed.

  • E. H.

    I just want to say Dulfy, if you’re reading this, we miss you and thank you very much for everything you’ve done over the years. We wish you all the best, now and always!

  • N

    Thank you for all your hard work Dulfy and good luck with your job 🙂
    We miss you very much.

  • rantaine

    Thank you so much for all these years of your passionate hard work! You are part of this game for many of us, much more than the Ascalon Fractal boss!

  • Ra.

    Good luck to Dulfy! Anyone know any other good GW2 sites? The ones I googled weren’t great.

    • Kangoo

      If you can understand french, search for “Le Bus Magique”

      • Time_runs_out

        The magic bus… humm… good thing french was my first language. Thanks.

      • Shaggy

        i cant speak french and i can still tell what that says

  • I thought Dulfy was going to be away for a month for work, but this now looks like a far longer-term thing. Is she not coming back? Does anyone have this information?

    • Shaggy

      well to be fair, she stopped right before lws4 came out and even if she came back now thered be a TON of stuff to catch up on

      • Razor4884

        Well, I don’t think she has to go back and cover old stuff. I say Dulfy could just pick up with new stuff coming out again.

    • Fred Garvin

      My money is on never coming back.

  • Boars

    MMGA: Make Maguuma Great Again

    P.S. You all suck weens

    by yours truly

  • Notrem

    Did op die or wtf, why not PSA – this smells fishy as fuck ;).
    Doing your good-shit for years, gaining fame in the community, the next day gone without a trace.

    • gua543

      Wow, the nerve of some people. She ain’t obliged to keep providing information for this game until the servers close, you know.

    • Answerer

      Entitled much!?!?

      • Bill Deez

        How is it entitlement for a simple, post of “Hey i’ll be stepping away” don’t gotta give an explanation on why, takes nothing but 5 mins, and least its self explanatory, unlike just ghosting everyone, and plus this ain’t no dinky site that noone views, literally lots of ppl who’ve followed her through the years, so don’t act like its unreasonable

        • name for the sake of name

          Someone else has wrote why she went away..down in the comment section. and Duly had said why so is not updating this site on Discord, if you trully follow her. you would know why she isn’t updating this site atm
          so no she didn’t just leave without any trace. and if you didn’t read the discord post. then someone else in this section has wrote it down for you all to see..but that is too hard for most it seems. they just read the first comment and be done with it…so yes..entitled much..
          and that notrem comment didn’t do anything good, it is a harmfull post, if he had taking 1 min to scroll down. he would see a reason why she is gone. and then no need for his post.

        • answerer

          there were several of the posts you ask for.
          I call you entitled because you apparantly want a personalized message since you’re not willing to look past the front page of the website.

          • Bill Deez

            There is no message on the front page lmao, oh well can move on to better sites

            • name for the sake of name

              plz read between the lines 😉
              NO there is no post on the front pages, but what answerer is saying, is please Look beyond the first page for your answer.
              and yes there has been post on other sites/discord/forums about why she was busy working.
              and please put 2 and 2 together, and realise that she might not be coming back due to too much irl work. and too much has happen ingame.
              Yes she could just drop all the old updates, and just move on to the new stuff once she has time again. but then again. 99% of the casuals would complain about leaving old content guide behind, so i can se why she wouldn’t want to come back to do this site.
              youtube has some guide if you cant figure out what to do ingame lmao

          • Gavin Xavier Clement

            What an asshat you are.

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