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Bioware has a schedule for the web content releases on the official site with regards to the new expansion.

Web Content Roadmap | 04.29.2019, 09:52 AM

Hello everyone!

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned an idea that I had about a web content roadmap. Initially I had the idea to break it down month by month, but as I started to build it, I realized that really wasn’t viable. Instead, I have come it with a living format that will serve as a stickied forum post here.

Below I will list every idea that I have for articles between now and the release of ‘Onslaught’. I’ll have these broken down by topic and once I start the process of writing them, I will bump them up to the “Work in Progress” section. Then once they get published, I’ll come back to this post and link the articles.


‘Onslaught’ Announcement – April 13

Work in Progress:

  • Dantooine Tactical Report – This is a story-based article that will help set the scene and introduce Dantooine to players.
  • New Pirate Incursion In-Game Event – This article will explain everything involved with the new recurring in-game event. Timing, gameplay, rewards, and more will be explained here!
  • May In-Game Events – Basic breakdown of the in-game events slated for May.

Upcoming article topics:

Planets – With the two new planets, Onderon and Mek-sha, we would like to set the scene with a lore-based article for both. There could also be a backstory blog on Corellia or Dxun. We’re still tentative on how much to reveal about the bosses in the new Flashpoint and Operation as the last thing we want to do is spoil the fun of experiencing these firsthand. Another idea that I have is to do a behind-the-scenes look to show the making of both Onderon and Mek-sha, which could take on several different forms.

Nautolans – With Nautolans we would like to cover the history of the species for people that are more unfamiliar with their backstory and possibly a behind the scenes look at the building of them.

Classes – The changes to advanced classes with their new abilities, how these marry into the new itemization, and the overall philosophy of these changes are all things that I would like to cover. Tentatively the idea that I have on the table is something akin to a “Day in the life of ____” to paint a broad picture of how these pieces interact to provide an impactful level of gameplay.

“Spoils of War” – Our overall philosophy, a breakdown of Tactical items, set bonuses, and all the ways to get loot with ‘Onslaught’ are some of the topics that I plan to tackle. Whether this gets broken down into multiple articles, takes the form similar to the “Under the Hood” article, or another avenue is still being decided. 

Story – ‘Onslaught’ will have a few key figures in the story and to set the scene there will be several highlight stories featuring these characters. These won’t touch the story in ‘Onslaught’, but will be more on their backstory or history. Also, as we get closer to the release of ‘Onslaught’ we would like to do a blog that will be of a similar style to the “State of the Galaxy” article before the release of Game Update 5.10 ‘Jedi Under Siege’.

Now as a disclaimer, none of these ideas are 100% set in stone as things can change in the next few months. For example, once I start writing an article, we could decide it would be better suited combining it with something else, or maybe splitting it into several different articles. I very well could come up with new ideas as well. I am also open to suggestions on topics or formats for certain articles. Over my time here we’ve written deep-dives, interviews, lore heavy blogs and more. Would you like to see another deep-dive? More interviews? If so, with who? For example, for “The Making of Onderon” article would you like another sit-down with Charles, or maybe someone from the art team? Let me know your thoughts!

  • Asrai86

    I’ve been a bit out of the loop, does this mean Nautolans are coming as a playable race? Or are they just a key race in the next expansion?

    • aPinkMando

      New playable race

    • abaddonsmummy

      I was wondering that myself after reading this, the way it’s described looks as though its more than just a npc race.
      I hope pink mando below is correct because that’s really cool (I’m a bit of a kit fisto fan) but weirdly I’ve not seen that mentioned anywhere before.

      • AbnerDoon

        They announced during the Celebration Cantina they would be a new playable race. They may or may not be ready for launch when the expansion goes live. They also may or may not have the stubby lekku issue the Togruta had.

    • Duke

      And I am still waiting for Kel Dors.

  • Bakgrind
    • Ben Hodges

      I would so play a Ortolan Jedi! It would be EPIC!

    • Drool Bear

      Awww. He’s cute. I want one.

  • Cool. Really hoping this will revive the game. Still one of my fav games of all time.

  • disqus_8fGMCuJwj0

    So, nothing yet…

  • Alexander Delorean

    Still a lot of talk but not meaningful

  • Ben Gimson

    Bit of a pointless post. ‘We’ll post some articles in future’.
    Thanks BW. No shit :’)

    • Fred Garvin

      But they reserve the right to change their mind and not post anything along the lines of what was in this post about what they might maybe could be posting about in the future.

      Can I get a job there? Because accountability seems to be nil.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Roadmaps for ‘LIVE SERVICES’ ! Has worked wonders real well for “ANTHEM” now, hasn’t it?


    • Shaun Fetters

      Interested in the meaning behind the photo you posted….

      • Fred Garvin

        The meaning is unfortunately obvious but I’m sure you’ll be admonished for being a beta cuck snowflake SJW who’s trying to ruin someone’s free speech.

      • Jep Fareborn

        Millennials: This is how we (and by ‘we’ I mean boomers and Generation Xers) made fun of things in the ’80s and ’90s by making people and failing businesses look like fucking retards. No political correctness and soy-induced triggeredness involved. Please catch a generational virus and go extinct.

        • Shaun Fetters

          One does not need to be a “millennial” (LOL I am far from a millennial…whatever that really is)… to identify blatant ignorance but, hey, it’s the internet, so have at it I guess

          • Fred Garvin

            I called out all the other “Frail Male 4 Dummies” key words he’d throw out so he was reduced to “millennial” and “soy.” Guys like this amuse me because I know damn well that off the internet their tail is tucked through the entire day. They’re tough behind a keyboard though 💪…lol. Most of these idiots actually turn out to be millennials themselves; too stupid to realize what generation label they even fall under.

            • Jep Fareborn

        • ewokingdead

          wow… proud to be a boomer… that’s just sad.

  • rippled

    Website getting updates is good. Tis the first contact new and returning players have with the game and if it’s woefully out of date that doesn’t convey a positive image.

    Plus it has the added benefit of triggering habitual haters on Dulfy so I get a laugh.

  • SWTOR has been reduced to a bunch of little gays arguing about gay stuff with the forums run by a bunch of radical gays. Their game is garbage.

  • Farlas816

    I’m still not clear on if Dantooine is supposed to be before or after onslaught

    • Fubarz

      Before it’s in the PTS right now….. or suppose to be

      • Farlas816


  • Тодор Стаматов

    It`s a great game, but people will always complain, whatever they give them, they will still find something to cry about. The game have great animatvion, great cinematics ingame, great story that involves you in the game, and you are feeling it, it`s like you in reality plays/feel/live through it.
    Every game you play for more then 5-6 hours non-stop will get boring obviously.
    I play the game like 20-30 hours in a week and it`s feel great, plenty of content and different things to do.
    But a lot of people are doing just 1 thing and that`s it and they are skipping everything just to get to max level and do only 1 thing from there. Obviously every game will suck with playing like this.
    You need to learn how to play such games, so they keep your interest.
    And i think with every MMORPG or similar games out there you need to take breaks. Playing 2-3 months, than have a life for a month or two,then repeat.

    • gua543

      You have a point that pleasing long-time players gets increasingly hard, and I agree the visual quality of the recent stuff has been very nice. But the mistakes Bioware made in the past are still fresh in some people’s minds.
      As for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that things will never be as good as they were back in the days of RotHC and the Dread War. But I also believe there’s a good chance this new expansion will bring a bit for everyone, and it will be satisfactory enough.

      • Тодор Стаматов

        I`m not a typical gamer anymore, too old for that, but still play games quite a lot.
        My view is the current generation are too spoiled. One game could be almost perfect, but they will still find some little thing they will complain about it.
        I recently played Ryse: Son of Rome, a game from 2013, action adventure. Story was great, gameplay was great, graphics were insane. I couldn`t believe this is 2013 game. For 2013 game it was insanely good.
        Yet a lot of people totally overlook the good things of the game and complain about little stuff, like input combos were not that much ? Yet in al ot of Xbox, ps3 game a lot of people complain about exactly the opposite. They were complain about the upgrades, that are mostly passive and not too complex. Yet the same thing in same game to upgrade your character it`s very time consuming you need to math and calculate about this and that and people complain about too.
        So how can you please all ?
        Every game will have flaws. You won`t find the perfect game.

        You just need to find the game that suit you. Yet some people can`t. They always find something to complain about.
        The things i look in games is mostly to have good story, and decent gameplay, i`m not too demanding about graphics and i can make a lot of compromise if i found the game is charming.
        SWTOR is the best story game. Have great graphics, it`s gameplay it`s perfectly okay for me.

        It`s not that hard to equip yourself. Yet a lot of people complain hard about gear tiers and how they to get them as fast. And it`s like oh the game is broken. They f**** the whole game, just because 1 mechanics, that is not too hard to acquire. Yet someone obviously want to have the best gear for every slot in a no time.
        In any game i would never complain about this things. Also mor**** who constantly complain about balancing and how this character have such skill and his character doesn`t have this. He is too powerfull and so much crap. Instead of enjoying the game he find everything to complain about.
        What is it matter if some character are better for one thing and worst for other ?

        They just can`t accept it.
        Spoiled kids ….

        • Eban

          Yes yes we know, anyone that criticies SWTOR is a Hater and anyone that praises it is a Fanboy. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e9dc8facf6e9525c5e1aaaccf30e6c88b9630070705e55c59cd8fd9cd89f1609.jpg

          • Тодор Стаматов

            By looking at your comments, there is pure hate towards SWTOR.

            There is a big difference between constructive criticise and a obviously hate or same old crap biased opinion.
            The expansion is not yet released yet you are hating on it.

            • Eban

              You should look closer.
              I’ve given SWTOR constructive criticism and praise for years (plus a few jokes here and there).
              Granted the past few years is mainly criticism but that’s on Bioware (I have said 100 times that SWTOR 2.0/3.0 was the best MMORPG I’ve ever played).
              But they’ve been in freefall since 2015.

              “Every game will have flaws. You won’t find the perfect game. You just need to find the game that suit you.Yet some people can`t. They always find something to complain about.”
              Which means ->
              ‘But never complain about any of those flaws or your instantly labelled a hater and told to leave immediately’
              ^We’ve seen this attitude loads on here for years.
              Only your criticism is allowed or if anyone does criticise make sure you end it with some praise.

              Also it’s not spoiled kids at all, we’re consumers/customers, we have every right to complain/whine/bitch/moan/cry, that comes with wanting our money.
              The loudest complainers are generally the ones that care the most.
              I play SWTOR and ESO, mainly ESO these days.
              Is ESO flawed? HELL YEAH.
              It has loads, some of which drive me nuts and I have every right to criticise their devs because of those flaws but when they do things right they get praise and money so SWTOR gets the same treatment as it should.

              It should never be ‘oh the poor devs, we all know their trying super hard, lets not complain about all this bugged content they keep releasing or the new content we get that is finished in one evening cause they have feelings you know’.

              I ain’t hating on 6.0 either, I gave my opinion on what we know.
              On what we know as of right now it doesn’t look up to much.
              Again that’s on Bioware.
              They took away the Devs and funding so they don’t get applause for handing out crumbs to starving players.

              That’s also another thing I have said in the past on here, IF Bioware goes back to releasing content and expansions like they did pre-KOTFE then I would be back subscribing and singing their praises.

              So stop blaming the players for complaining when the fault lies entirely at Biowares feet.

              • Тодор Стаматов

                You may be right in some of your point i just looked at some of your post and they were purely criticize, criticize, criticize without even trying the damn thing. How you can know that something sucks if you not tried ?

                And you paid for something and you get something. If you dont like it, dont pay for it.
                Some complain are obviously good, but a lot of guys complain for about everything and just for the sake of it.
                Even if you give them the perfect game(is there such?) they will still find something to complain about it.
                This is today kids.

              • Eban

                Before the expansion is released I have foreseen bugs galore, why you may ask?
                I ain’t no Psychic or Prophet but Bioware’s entire track record is release new content but break stuff at the same time.
                Even after weekly maintenance people often say “cool servers are back up, lets go see what they’ve broken”.
                It’s a running joke now amongst the players.

                I agree totally “If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it”, exactly why I unsubbed.
                And you’re right some people will never be happy but it ain’t today’s kids, it’s just people of all ages.
                This isn’t something new.
                Some people will hate everything the Devs do, it’ll never be good enough. They’re just angry at the world for lots of reasons.
                Some people will be fanboys and love the game no matter how awful it becomes. They will be there til the servers get turned off,(I have no idea why).
                Both groups of those people suck.

                SWTOR would appear to have mainly haters or loads of criticism lately but Bioware brought that on themselves.
                Zero sympathy.
                They had tons of fundings and completely ruined a Star Wars MMORPG idea.
                Mistake after mistake after mistake oh and mistake.

          • ewokingdead

            posting here isn’t really constructive critisim since devs don’t go here. It’s more of a circlejerk for people who hate the game. Especially those memebers who proudly boast they haven’t played the game in years…. but still come here every day to post how much the game sucks and SWG is better

            I think we all know who that is

            • Eban

              Since the devs don’t allow ex-subscribers from posting on the SWTOR forums they have here (an excellent fan site of the game *shoutout to Dulfy) and reddit only to offer their constructive criticism.

              And people don’t hate the game, they hate what the game has become.
              And at times it’s more fun to make light of the state of SWTOR than to stay mad at it.

              Also it’s not all misery, I see people posting here weekly about how happy they are playing SWTOR and excited about what’s coming soon™.

  • Fred Garvin

    FFS…this is something you go over with your boss and maybe a few peers in a meeting to outline your upcoming planned work. Not something you spill out to your customers and in true BioWare fashion you can’t even do a spelling and grammar check. The last paragraph tl;dr is basically: all the shit I wrote before this could be thrown out the window cause why not?

    Fucking. Clown shoes.

    • Bakgrind

      Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up, folks. All it takes is part of a dollar. See the greatest, the most colossal, the most stupendous, the most gigantic, the most sensational…

  • Fred Garvin

    “We’re still tentative on how much to reveal about the bosses in the new Flashpoint and Operation as the last thing we want to do is spoil the fun of experiencing these firsthand.”

    Translation: We’re still tentative on how long it will take us to release these bosses in the new Flashpoint and Operation as the last thing we want to do is spoil our fun of wasting everyone’s time.

  • Amodin

    Star War: The Next Project

  • An announcement about an announcement about not set dates to be announced? Go f yourselves biocrap, you are hitting new levels of low….

  • I can’t wait to look at the forums to see all of the gays complaining there’s not enough gay stuff for them to be gay about.

  • Viron

    Maybe they’ll finally add in playable Kel Dor, though going at this rate it will probably take them another 5 goddamn years to do it

    • Danny Seth

      Kel Dor can’t kiss, except on their planet, where they have no masks and it becomes a horror movie. And they have the same body type.

  • Fubarz

    Peter William Mayhew (19 May 1944 – 30 April 2019) was an English-American actor, best known for portraying Chewbacca in the Star Wars film series. He played the character in all of his live action appearances from the 1977 original to 2015’s The Force Awakens before his retirement from the role. R.I.P.

    • Jep Fareborn

      Bowdaar inconsolable.

    • abaddonsmummy

      He played the Wookie and epitomised the wookie, big, friendly and joyfull.
      A true Sci-fi icon.
      R.I.P sir.
      You will be missed.

    • Everybody should have bowdaar out as a companion for the rest of the Month

      • Fleshreaper

        Jakarro was the better Wookiee though.

      • Matheus

        Better, they should make wookies a playable specie.

  • lolipop

    I want Dxun to be open planet, not some OPs locked bs 🙁


    Sounds like a fart. Looks like a poop mass. Swtor fanboys are professionally retarded. Anthem = Swtor. Yeah…!

  • LucasFaun

    nautolans is the only thing i look forward to .

  • Fubarz
  • Fubarz
  • 平賀才人

    Am I bassically allowed to have a Marauder use a double bladed lightsaber, a Sorcerer use two sabers, a Vanguard use a sniper or a Mercenary use a blaster rifle with the new itemization?

    • RandomFan

      That would be beyond awesome and its a very cheap and simple way to bring something new using something already there. Sort of like “just render the red mountain dwarfs from level 2 into green for level 4 and call them forest dwarfs”.

  • Macleod

    So is this site dead? It’s been almost 2 weeks since the last update for any of the games was posted and I know things have happened or been announced. /shrug

    • Fubarz

      Well it’s one way to become ad free before the site shuts down

    • Guest

      Dulfy’s twitter hasnt updated either. Hopefully she’s ok… O_o

    • Fred Garvin

      I hope not. I just had another ton of salt delivered yesterday. Where can I drop it all if not here?

      • Fubarz

        try swtor forums….like reddit

        • Fred Garvin

          Not a sub so I can’t post comments on the forums. Plus, I wouldn’t post there anyways as I don’t play and the official forums should be reserved for subs. I just come here for entertainment value and to watch what kind of buffoonery the SWTOR team is up to.

          • Fuballz

            you can on swtor reddit just open an account and deliver

          • Fuballz

            Just be careful stupid swtorista likes to mod there…i hate that “lady”.

      • Shawn Hargrave
    • Ben Hodges

      I hope maybe it will shut all you dog kickers up once and for all.

    • Amodin

      I don’t remember if she goes to college, but it is that time of the year for graduation and all.

    • Bakgrind

      It’s not a good sign. The site some times times out for me just trying to connect to it now.

  • LucasFaun

    i like dulfy.

  • Fubarz
    • boobs

      an exclamation and excitment displayed in voice when somthing is broken, dopped, messed up, etc…,…or it can jus mean boobs
      Ah gobbers! i shate my pants
      by Jonathan Clark January 25, 2005

      Fuballz means the later….

  • Shryder

    Does anybody know why the discipline calculator shows a 404 error? Did they remove it? If so why?

  • Fubarz
  • IceBaby7

    no new news since Apr.30???

  • Fred Garvin

    Looks like this site has been abandoned and now hacked with spam.

  • Fred Garvin
    • Zeus Fagervold

      Well I definitely won’t be removing my adblocker now!

  • I must admit, that i am very happy, that EAware Austin, tx know hot make ppl laugh


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