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Where has Dulfy been? Why hasn’t there been any new content? What happened? I get asked that a lot! Just looking at the comments section of almost every page there is post after post asking where she has been.

Dulfy is doing well! Dulfy poured her heart and soul into providing content for years. The quality and speed of that content was amazing and I can’t think of anyone else who provided an equal amount of quality content year after year. She has stepped away from content writing for now.

Will she be back? Maybe, she has left it open for possibility. She has opened a new chapter in her life and there isn’t as much time for gaming and content writing as she had before. If you know Dulfy, she doesn’t half-ass anything and I don’t know how comfortable she would be writing anything less than highest quality content.

Will there be new content? When SWTOR was released I ran sithwarrior .com (anyone remember that site?) and a few other sites (deathknight .info, mmo-mechanics .com) and we teamed up to start I was absolutely amazed at the content she was able to create and how fast she churned it out! I do miss it and while I am not a replacement for Dulfy, I do plan to start adding content again as a hobby.

I am also open to additional content writers. If you are interested in providing guides please feel free to reach out to me on the dulfy discord channel.

edit: discord link has been updated

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Thank you so much for the Dulfy update. Glad that she is doing well. I would always go to her website immediately for SWTOR information.

Would love an invite to this server but the one posted is expired. I main warrior/knight classes and assassin/shadow tank classes.

Site redesign is dogshit on PC…

Why’s everything got to be jammed in the center of the page on a page where people are looking up information about PC games while they play said PC games…


Man, this site redesign is terrible. You’ve honestly taken a site that worked well with a clear layout, and broken it. Well done.

The old design was a child template based on a very very old theme. It was not compatible with the latest wordpress. Is there anything specific you feel would make it work better?

Hi, can you do something so clicking the images doesn’t send you to a new page? original site they would be overlaid so you could close them and ret urn easily.

WTF? Where is the navigation menu? Is this blog site a temporary measure while you are recovering from some sort of site loss and working on an actual redesign of a functional web site?

The old site was child theme based on a long expired template and hadn’t been updated in years. It had to be done. How did you use the navigation menu? Did you try the search feature? I’d be happy for feedback on what could help improve the experience!

I don’t quite understand the question. I used it like any other menu anywhere is used: when you know, or try to figure out if a feature exist (in this case one of the excellent guides), but are not quite sure how it’s called. Then you click GW2>Path of Fire>… and go “Ah, yes, that’s what I was thinking about”. I did not use the search feature, since producing 2-3 clicks is faster than typing and also because many times I was just browsing and didn’t know specifically what to look for by name or search terms.
Menus are great for succinctly presenting hierarchically categorized content, which these guides certainly are.

I also find it a bit double-faced to reproach the old site for having an expired and outdated template (unless it’s meant in a purely technical sense), while resorting to a blog format template at the same time.

Thanks Jajo, that makes sense regarding the menu. The current theme is a free template provided with WordPress that I’ve tried to make feel a bit more like the old site. I do plan to work on the front end more and start looking at what paid themes will fit the content better. I had to start somewhere and ripping the bandaid off was the first step to moving forward.

My main goal is to update the site and bring it back to life. I looked at the traffic for the past month and have added the top 10 most used guides directly to the front page but that does not meet your need for browsing or navigating. In my mind I figured the content was not new and most people are arriving through google search and are taken directly to the page they are looking for. I’ll check again to make sure this is the case.

I really do appreciate your feedback and my goal is simply to keep the site alive because it is still heavily used for the guides.

Did it really matter that it was “child theme” in your opinion? Did the site work? Were people having trouble finding anything on it? Could you still create new content on the site even though it was “child theme”? If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then a complete redesign was unnecessary, except to satisfy you and not the users.

It didn’t matter that it was a child theme. It did matter that the underlying theme was 6-8 years old and no longer supported and no longer providing updates. There were several features that no longer worked. Going forward I wanted to use the latest wordpress editor and features. I’ll continue to work on improving the user experience. Thanks for your feedback!

Why are the loudest voices always the meanest.

Dulfy’s guides helped me through countless achievements and I’m grateful for someone putting in so much effort for faceless strangers on the internet.

Thanks for continuing the legacy masterkiller 🙂

I am very glad to see an update and glad Dulfy is ok. I love the work she’s done and am selfishly sad she’s found something better to do with her time. 😉 I wish her well though and look forward to see what you do with the site.

I used mmo-mechanics a bunch in the past, great forums for MMO players. mmo-champion I think replaced it eventually but it’s been some time since I used either (I mostly used it while PVPing–something I really don’t care for anymore).

It’s been some time since Dulfy stepped away. It’s great to get that update. I wish it had come sooner but I’m glad it eventually did come. Dulfy was the go to site for me for swtor, and I really appreciated the effort and work put in. And when you read enough from an author, you kind of just want them to be okay.

Up till now, there were a bunch of quicklinks at the top of the page linking to all relevant guides. Those links are now gone. Would be great if they’d be put up there again. Thanks.
Best of luck with the site!

Dulfy being ok means one less big worry for 2021 😃

Her guides were and are still guiding me through SWTOR. Whenever I need to look up any of them, a quick Google search will land me right where I need to be as the magic word is and will always be “Dulfy”.

Really not getting the “site looks horrible and unusable to me” vibe when there’s more than one way to get around… 😉

So Masterkiller, keep going forward and continue carrying the site’s torch alive.

On a happier note, would love to see “her” MMOs provide some form of tribute to Dulfy’s work and legacy.

(non-english native here so ignore any grammar mistakes)

Thank you for giving us fresh and good news about Dulfy. My journey with GW2 would have been really less enjoyable without her, and I spent hours reading her guides.
If I understand well, it was your site too from the beginning, and I can understand that you want to update it. But if it means scratching the old theme and thus all the useful menus and categories, for me it’s just as if you were scratching everything, because I use it exactly the way Jajo explained it.
Isn’t it possible to leave the old site in an archive somewhere ? I know there is archive.old, but it’s so slow…

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