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GW2 Update And Introduction

Hello GW2 Players! It’s been quite sometime since you’ve seen a post regarding Guild Wars 2. I want to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Issy and I am the new content writer for GW2 Guides. I am a fellow player like yourself, I play daily! I’ve been playing for about 3 years now. In the days to come, I will be trying to bring up to date guides back on this website. In the meantime, if there is any content you wish to see a guide for, please feel free to let me know in the comment section!

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Greetings, Issy!
It is so good to see that GW2 is going to get some love. I have been playing since beta. I also beta and played GW1. So, I am an old player lol. Be that as it may, I still need direction and help from guides. Dulfy was always my go to.
I look forward to seeing your posts.
IG Erik James
RL Robert

I wouldn’t necessarily say ugly, but the giant pink block at the top is a little harsh on the eyes. xD

Hi Issy!
Like others have said, I’m very glad to see life here once more. I hope Dulfy is doing well, herself. We’ve all certainly missed her. Looking forward to new updates!

Hey Issy,

ty for your work and upcoming stuff.

If anything please see that there finally will be an valid HTTPS (TLS) certificate for the blog.
Let’s Encrypt is the best option for this.

Glad to see you being well and back in action.
However, your site used to be an excellent source for guides in the past, unfortunatly, the new layout -as mobile friendly it may be- completely counters that.
Bear in mind, your making content for games played on real PCs, not mobile devices, so using a real browser layout would be most beneficial.
P.S.: you’re aware that currently there’s Lunar New Year going on…?

Good thing this site is back on! I missed the guides of every new release.
Although the site could need some overhaul still as it’s a bit more difficult to find specified guides for specific content from gw2 only without having to scroll down all the way. Kinda prefered the old design.
But thanks it’s back again

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