Kristina HunterHey everyone, my name is Kristina and I go by the name Dulfy in most online games I play. I am a female gamer that plays various MMORPGs and create guides/coverages for them. Ever since I started playing MMOs in the early 2000s my goal have always been to create an accessible website for players to get help or get caught up on the latest developments. Dulfy.net is a project I started back in 2011 as a personal project that eventually grow to a site with a large website covering multiple games with the help of my readers over the years. So a big thank you to everyone who have visited and commented on the site!

I run the website alone with occasional help from friends and guildies. Most of the content are created by me (unless otherwise noted). You may see occasional grammatical errors and typos as proofreading isn’t exactly my forte. Aside from guides, I love to cover the cosmetics/micro-transaction aspect of the various games. I also help to run a network of fashion sites for the various games with my friend Exile who owns these sites. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have special access to game developers or receive free items. Pretty much everything has been purchased out of my own pocket. With the popularity of Twitch and Youtube, game companies seems to exclusively promote these channels and traditional fansites often get left in the dust.


In order to handle the spike traffic, the website is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with cloud hosting which is extremely expensive but more reliable compared to traditional hosts. To cover the hosting fees, we place ads on the website. Previously we used Google Adsense which is very lightweight. However, recently a couple of big advertisers pulled out of Google due to some fake controversies created by some news organizations. This caused my Google Adsense earnings to drop dramatically to a point that it can no longer cover the hosting fees. In lieu of this, I had to look for alternative advertisers to keep the site running. Unfortunately these new advertisers love to run video ads that can cause some performance issues. I have contacted these advertisers to troubleshoot these issues while looking for alternatives. Please bear with me as I look for a better solution.

Privacy Policy can be found here: http://dulfy.net/privacy-policy/

Games I play/Characters

dulfy-swtor SWTOR -  I main a sorcerer healer but play other healer types as well. I used to play exclusively on Harbinger server but these days you can find me in a bunch servers. You can find me under Dulfy or variants.
dulfy-gw2 Guild Wars 2 – Originally a mesmer main, these days I play mostly ranger/druid in raids. You can find me in the US mega server under the name Dulfy.
dulfy-bdo Black Desert Online – Ranger main but I also dab in other classes.  AFK fishing and lifeskilling are my primary activities with the rare grind sessions in between. You can find me under Dulfy and I mostly reside in the Calpheon channels.
dulfy-eso Elder Scrolls Online – I played ESO at launch for a few months but stopped to cover Wildstar Online since all my friends were moving there (big mistake). I always enjoyed the atmosphere/setting of Elder Scrolls and played Morrowind excessively back in the day. I am hoping to return to ESO one day and continue the guide coverage I left off.

Character portrait of my GW2 character done by Iske


Other Games

Games I played in the past but quit includes Rift, Archeage, Blade and Soul, and Revelation Online. Each game had various flaws that made it not enjoyable for me.

Future Games

While my interest is still primarily in MMOs, the future seems to be filled with Asian P2W games and kickstarter games that never get finished. Therefore, I am looking to expand to these MMO lite co-op games such as Destiny 2 and Anthem in the future.

If you have any suggestion on games I should look into, feel free to contact me.

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Thank you to everyone who donated or used the links, you have being a big help!

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I have done a french translation of your “Quick list of companion gifts” for my guildies. Do you see any problem if I publish this version on my guild website with link to your article?

Anyway, thanks for this.

PS: sorry for my english.

Dear Kristina,

im in trouble. I started to play and finished the lvl 50 SWTOR as a healer. It was great and fun. I tried to WZs and some FP too. There was nothing problem with my healing.
But im on lvl 50. I know my gear isnt the necessary but how can i gain my stuff? I read your guide and i tried to heal in a BT HM. It was a big fail. 🙁
I dont know who were wrong but we wiped lots. Than i said, guys i dont wanna steal your time, try to find a better healer.
Please help me how to heal in the HMs. My guild wanna start in OPs and they count on me as a healer.

my mail: galagame@yahoo.com



Hey, it is hard to know exactly what went wrong there and sometimes it isn’t really the healer’s fault but rather ungeared tank or DPS that don’t know what to do. That being said, what gear you have on right now and what is your issue with heals? Are you running out of force too quick? People dying before you can get a heal off?

Yes, you were right. Yesterday we tried to make some HMs. With an other tank and we ground them. Only one enraged. My faith came back. Thank you. 🙂

You have done an awesome job on this site! I just hit 50 and have a lot of mmo experience and needed a quick, informed site to get me up to speed quick! Yours was by far the best and I can’t thank you enough for doing this for the whole community! I will spread the word!

Hey Dulfy,

As someone who works in the gaming industry, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Your insight into the relationships between crit/surge/alacrity/power were especially helpful as I’ve been tweaking my own healing sorcerer. Would you be so kind as to post your current gear, including mods? Please also send me a quick e-mail in case I don’t remember to check back. Thanks!

Great blog! It’ll definitely be useful when I get my sorcerer to 50. I’m taking my time though, because I do eventually get burned out on end-game content. I’m liking the frequency of SWTOR’s patches thus far though, so it might not end up being an issue. 😛

I’m glad. I used to play WoW, but stopped because the casual raiding guild I was in (we raided twice a week) cleared all the content within a month after each patch. Even though TOR still has to iron out some bugs, I think that it’s a much better game. WoW got to the point that end game started to feel like a job.

Hehe I know what you mean. I dabbled a bit into eq2 before swtor and rift.. eq2 also had a very slow patch schedule but the content progression was pretty much gear checks such that they required guilds farming the bosses they can kill for months before they can move on and kill the next boss etc.

Right after a new expansion came out, there were alot of easy content to devour and everyone was content but after a month or so.. all the easy stuff were killed and all the guilds came to pretty much a halt and snail paced progression. You were stuck in a farming loop because people would get bored of farming the same content over and over and then quit. This means you had to recruit more people – which means more farming.. and then more people get burned out etc.. eventually some bosses get nerfed and then you make a small leap and get stuck on new bosses.. and then before you know it, the new expansion is here and the cycle repeats :p

Yep. The worst part is that in the middle of the farming, it’s inevitable that guild members start hating each other because everyone’s cranky and sick of the same content.

You are doing a great job Kristina! I am also a girl and just started to play Cleric. It is a really fun since I foun your website. I have learnt sooo much from you. Thanks for that and please, do not stop doing this :).

Great blog ! was wondering if i would be ok to copy your FP guides to our guild website, will ofc put links and mention this blog.

I can’t believe with your google rank, that you don’t have more likes. As a healer in MMOs, I appreciate this site very very much. Look for me on Thendys Noori – Cymric. Thanks for all the wonderful guides!

Hey, thank you for the compliment! – I recently moved into dulfy.net from dulfyforce.wordpress.com and lost some comments/likes etc on some pages/posts during the migration. Oh well!

Nope, not part of the press team officially recognized by Arenanet. I applied for the beta and hopefully can get it. 

Hello Kristina,

Anthony from France

Excellent website, got some serious helps for SWTOR, and I see you go to TERA, me and my team too, so i will continue visit your site
I would like to know what is the name of the newsletter plugin you are using on wordpress, and if you can explain me how it works.

I would like to give a try for my WP blog.


Hey the newsletter plugin is called Mailchimp – 
http://mailchimp.com/. Its actually a really nice plugin and free unless you have a ton of subscribers. It doesn’t automatically send out a notice to your subscribers when you make a new post though so you will have to do that manually each time you make a new post or you can schedule it so it checks for new content say everyday and 4 am and send out a new email if it sees you have posted a new content. 

When I moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, I was trying to figure out a way to export and import my old email subscriber list and mailchimp seemed like the best solution 🙂

Thanks for putting a lot of this info together for SWTOR. I appreciate it. 
I also play on The Harbinger. It’s a good server. 

Hello Again Kristina,
Its still Anthony from France,
Thanks for answering my question about the newsletter plugin you are using on your website.
MailChimp looks sweeeeeet!

But  a question, have you changed the design of the subscribe form ? Can you do it ? I’m looking for a newsletter plugin I can choose the design, I hate so many of them cause of their non-possibility to design it… so I’m wondering if MailChimp subscription form can be edit and customized.

And thanks for your website again

yes mailchimp subscription form can be customized. I don’t know the extent of customization but the plugin is free so you can play around with it and see 😉

Hi, i can across this site while searching SWTOR official forum – just wanted to say “keep up on good job” and to point out that you got small mistake in your top baner (Guild WaSR 2).

hi we really like ur articles as multiplayer team. multiplayer is a gaming tv show on NTV in Turkey we would like to contact you so maybe we can find a way to work together. you can msg me on facebook my name is merthan yalcin and our facebook site is http://www.facebook.com/multiplayertv

Hey Dulfy, I’m a developer, and making combat log and you seem the type to have good input. If you are interested, nottheguild.com is the site I made for my guild. You can contact me on there as Cymric. I’m Imperial on Thendys Noori. Thanks!

Hi just curious but are you still actively playing swtor? I am thinking about getting the game, the trial was super fun as far as story play, but i read posts of doom and failure and empty servers…is it as bad as they say or is exaggeration going? I used to do wow and 2 years ago it felt saturated , tried ffxiv but … was lacking (including players), am hopeful this doesnt turn into another ghost town mmo

Sorry just saw this comment, yes I am still actively playing swtor. I log in everyday 🙂 Don’t believe all the doom talkers hehe. SWTOR is fun and I think it is here to stay 😉

Hey Dulfy,

Just wanted to swing by and say thanks for all the great content you’ve been publishing! 🙂 Also, I wanted to say thanks for trying out our tool at fryingtime.com. Unfortunately the tool did not support the old format when you were trying it out but we’ve made a couple of changes to support some older log files. Please give it another go and hope you like it 🙂



Mmmm we’ll take a look and see what’s going on. Typically we can’t get an encounter name if you don’t do anything to the boss or the boss doesn’t do anything to you but it looks like you are taking some dmg. The other thing we’ve noticed is that ability names and mob names go missing from time to time ><

Looks great! Its sad to see that my healing relic only does like 1-2% of my overall healing 🙁

Anyways, is there a way to see overall healing/damage from all the encounters uploaded? On a separate note, it looks like Bioware forgot to put in a date separation thingie in the logs as the stuff past midnight came first hehe. 

Thanks 🙂

Mmm that’s an interesting suggestion. I guess it would be pretty cool to see your overall stats for the night. We’ll certainly add that to our list and see what we can do there!

And yea… I wish Bioware kept the date in there 🙁 We will try to be smarter with the ordering.. at least within a single upload. Appreciate all the suggestions so far 🙂

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve deployed the death reports tonight. Hopefully this will help you guys figure out the “wtf, how did I die” moments 🙂

Today I found out Dulfy is a fellow female gamer, and I should next time really click on the ‘about’ page on a website..

I’ll start out by saying great job on the site.  Very informative and easy to follow.  I had spent a good 8 hours trying to find all of those peices for the Rakgouhl event yesterday and your walkthrough had me to my last one in minutes.  I didn’t really see a place to message you directly so please excuse me posting it pubicly.  It would appear that the word “Wars” in “Guild Wars 2” in your Dulfy’s Healing Corner banner is misspelled.  I’m not a spelling or grammar nazi by any means but just thought you’d like to know.  Keep up the great work!

ps.  no girls on the internet. =P

Outside Castle Panteer, left side, past the troops and robot, climb pile of rubble, grapple gun up, and third Unusual Egg Location. I figure you’ll get the word out to people better than I can. Also AWESOME page!!!!!!!

Have to say i’m extremely impressed with your website and the wide rang of information it’s mind blowing- how do you do it all?

Hi, the issue i am finding with TSW, is i cannot find the portals to the zones. would it be possible to do a little write up on the coords for these?

Ey Dulfy 😉 Just wanted to tell you what an awesome site u got running here 😉
So i saw u ingame and noticed you where going blood/fist 😛
Any hopes for a writeup on more specs? ;> Would have loved to see some dps and other healing specs ;D Im always looking to try new stuff when i aint healing for the guild 😛

oh looking forward to read it 😉 blood/fist is my main healspec so intrested to compare with what u are using 😛

Would love to see some dps stuff from you to:P What do u run while ur questing?

And yea, have you decieded on role for gw2? I kinda feel tsw has impressed me more than i actually tought and i really enjoy it. Hope its gonna last, but ive allready got a gw2 acc so guess im going for my necro there to:P

still a bit undecided atm. I played mesmer BEW1, was enjoyable then BWE2 they nerfed mesmers quite a bit and was a pain to play in PvE. I tried a necro in BWE3 and a engineer and I liked both. I heard they are giving mesmers a buff before release though so we will see

Hehe, as ive understood mesmer is gonna be buffed jea, so hopefully its gonna be nice;-) rolled a elem at bwe1 and really liked it, after the betas has gone by i really enjoy both ele and necros… so got a tough choice;-) Time to get to wrk here:-P Europe ftw:-P

I’ve translated your guide for Terror From Beyond in french for my guild, i thank you for the job you’ve done. The most efficient guide I’ve seen from a long date.

I was looking for this informations on french site or forum without luck the swtorguide référent site for french community … well it’s not realy top, no good info and worst of all a lot of

So from my guild than you ! and i put your adress on the strategy because I invite friends etcommunity (everybody donc fluent in english) and I recommand your site for the vidéo.

Hey Dulfy. Any posting of your equipment for your Sorcerer anywhere. Just tried Lost Island and failed miserably with mostly Columi on a Sage.

Fantastic blogs! Would love to see some character guides for Guild Wars 2. Specifically surrounding the best ways to build GW2 healers, tanks (ranged & melee), and Damage dealers.

Just want to thank you for all your hard work Dulfy. Even though I play on an EU server(but from the US xD), your guides have helped me, my guildies, and I can feel confident when people say “Awts, what do I do here?” to say in /map “Dulfy.net has your answer” 😛

Dulfy, have you ever considered doing guides for codex entries? Or at the very least a checklist type deal for people who are trying to get them all?

Hi 🙂

I found the karka Bounty mission guy on the opposite island. Thought you could have a look and update it.

Female gamers own, go us.
BTW I thought it was a smart move to go from a wordpress hosted site to you own domain!

So what are your thoughts on 2.0 overall (SWTOR)? Think you’ll be pretty happy and play even more or will it be good for a month and then back to normal?

u got a bf, dulfy? im 31 and i think you’re very VERY fine. give me a pm if you want. you wont be disappointed. love u lots.

Wanted to drop into your page to say THANK YOU, and to congratulate you on such outstanding work for so long. The community appreciates the hard work you put into your guides and I know that it makes you happy to see people go out of their way to let you know that!

Just wanted to say, thanks for your help with all the guild mission content. I am the GM of Blood Pact, on DB (the people pestering you about challenges :P). Your dedication is impressive, and hope to fight TC again soon. You are always welcome to stop by, I think you have most of our guys smitten.

Dulfy: Thank you so very much for all the analytics and publishing you do to build SWTOR gamer knowledge on the Web! Your work is very thorough-yet-lively, and is a real benefit to endgamers like myself and my guild.

Thanks gain from Prophecy of the Five server!

Hi there, so on top of gaming a fair bit to know these games enough to write guides you also find the time to write guides for them as well as working part time, impressive you make me feel lazy, congrats on graduating I’m a university dropout myself, we’re on different servers for SWTOR and GW2, anyhow I’ll check your guides out when I need help and I’ll look out for the GW2 boss named after you!

So Dulfy, I think one thing that goes unrecognized a lot on your site is your use of spreadsheets. I just started using them myself for all my characters on various games and I have to say, yours are done quite well. Self-taught with those or was it from schooling? Either way, they look damn good. Very clean and easy to read.

Dulfy, is there a way to see a listing of all your GW2 guides? Whenever I want to access the GW2 Dailies guide I have to search for it. But then I wonder what guides you have that I don’t know about. Thanks for all your hard work!

The daily guide is under previous updates section on the GW2 menu (directly below Flame and Frost: Gathering Storm). I regularly remove stuff that are outdated off the menu as it gets cluttered over time. Unfortunately I havn’t found a way to display everything that was ever published.

Create a section called “Archives” then break that section into sub-categories by month. Each month then has its own page that has the relevant articles for that month in them.

Think I just played against your lowbie mara in pvp. Was “DulfyM” you? I was on my new guardian Zahire. Good game. Also enjoy the site!

Yo Dulfy! Many gratz about your work. What is your opinion about Rift? I’ve been playing SWTOR (about 6months and currently), TSW (about 6months) and GW2 (about 3months).

I am an endgame dungeon/raid fan and that’s I enjoy most in mmo 🙂

huh it never occured to me that dulfy was referring to a single person and not just the name of the website… good work with guides and stuff

Hi Dulfy,

Awesome guides and i avidly check your GW2 section for tips. Was curious if you will ever introduce a Legendary Guide for GW2 in the future? Other than that, good job and high praises for your guides, especially when it comes out the day of a patch or event, lol. Keep up the quality work.

I must say this is unexpected. I would have thought there’d be a team behind this site much less than a 24 year old! I absolutely love this site for my GW2 info needs. Great job and keep it up!

Agreed! I was sure this site must have been run by a host of people. When do you find the time to do all this? And how do you have time left over to play!
Oh – and great site! It’s amazing.

dulfy thx for the guides. I wanted to know your opinion on noxxic.com, in terms of swtor. Do you think they know what they’re talking about? Would you give them your stamp of approval when it comes to their guidlines for character builds?

Maybe when you just get started, Noxxic isn’t bad but anything deeper than that it is better to go on the official forums and read player created guides.

🙁 You should come by our website even if its just to say “hi”. I’m sure everyone would love to hear from you.

I stumbled across your May 2012 mesmer video and I’m wondering if you ever wrote that mesmer guide. I didn’t see it on this site. If it’s updated, I’d love to see it.

I’m sure you’re working your fingers to the bones, just keeping up with Living Story updates every two weeks. 🙂

Thanks for all that you do!

(particularly with regards to SWTOR… ^_^ awesome game; awesome site.)


Love the site and everything that you put up here! Just out of curiosity do you plan on doing anything with Wildstar?

pugs just wont listen when i tell em not to kill you on ascalon fractal as way of repayment for these awesome guides D: i wont have any of it and would rather get kicked

I have always been wondering HOW DO YOU GET ACCESS TO CONTENT SO EARLY!? And how can you make those SAB videos and get it perfectly and still get the acheivments!? Do you have 2+ accounts or something? Great work! I am dependent on your guides from time to time (especially the SAB ones, mighty impressed by how good at jumping puzzles you are).

Hey Dulfy.

I just really wanted to express the appreciation I have regarding your outstanding guides. On Progenitor there’s actually quite a few people that rejoice with a hearty “All hail Dulfy” when people ask for in-depth strategies and guides. Just wanted to let you know – and that it is absolutely rightfully done so. You rock and without your guides I know for sure me and my guild would have not been nearly at where we are, pve-wise.

So.. thank you a lot and keep up the great work. It’s stunning!

Hey Dulfy, just saw you questing on Oricon (helped with a mob or 2 then /saluted =p) which reminded me to donate and thank you for all your awesome guides. As a casual player your guides help me when i’m freaking out before a new op. I also link a ton of your guides on our guild forums so thank you on behalf of Nocturnal too! Have fun and keep up the awesome work!

Do you have a guide on Jedi Consular’s mission “Descent”. I can’t figure out how to beat one hunter droid never mind the five required. Its weapon out rangers my force skills and if I get into lightsaber range it one shots me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFvAENVnMNg about 5 minutes in. I found this mission easy on my Sage.

Make sure that you are level 43 or higher or you cannot do any damage to it due to the gap in level ranges. Go back to Voss or Balmorra and complete their side missions and planet missions if you are too low of a level.

Since Tharen cant keep me healed, I tried a new tactic. Let Nadia tank it while I stand back and use force skills on it. Seems to work.

I only have good things to say about your guides, I recommend them to anyone who not a hard core (20+ hours/day 5 days a week) player. The guides are accurate, well written and easy to understand.

Thank you for your work.

I love your place, I only have to say, try some of the TSW content out now…..and maybe Eve online. I thought I understood MMO’s but since eve I realize that only TSW properly illustrates the difference between MMO’s and reality that Eve has with other MMO’s.

Lol i always wondered why you named yourself after the siegemaster. Seems it was the other way round. 😀 Thanx for ur guides!

Well, hope to see you there Dulfy. Keep up with you’re great guides & happy Christmas for you and you’re family!

Any decision on Wildstar yet? I have a feeling you’re not since its so close and you haven’t mentioned it, but hopefully I’m wrong. I would love to your coverage of it if you do play. So far, I’ve seen a lot of good things in the beta.

No worries. That is a lot of games. Secretly, I’m going to hope that you get bored with one of those eventually and join us in Wildstar:)

Anyways, I appreciate all the great work you you for all these games I play and understand not jumping into a 4th game.

have you never tryed FF14ARR? I’m playing it and seems really good.
PS: you have an Hangout (about class guides)

1st time I’ve ever posted here, and also the first time I’ve donated (to you). I’ve used your site with increasing regularity over the years and your latest additions to the swtor class guides merited the $40 I just donated to you. Keep up the awesome work and thank you!

Looks like Anet is gonna nerf the frostgate champ farm in GW2…… Anet workers doing the farm with zerg at blackgate…

I read below your on the fence with WS (hope you end up loving it) but what about ESO? Played some beta and it seems to be similar in style and game play to GW2. The graphics/detail was incredible btw.

Hi there! Question (SWTOR): do you have some EV, KP and EC guides around? I was trying to use the searchy thingy and it didnt work. I realize those probably aren’t uber popular and they dont give the “best” rewards, but they do have some unique stuff and there’s the achievements… plus they should be pretty easy compared to 55 ops and great training for new raiders.

Could be cool if you made some new walkthroughs actually, to show how it goes wearing current gear (or like, basic or elite maybe). Anyway, just so we can find it when we need it. A couple months back my guild did actually run EC hm using your guide (pretty sure it was yours), I just can’t find it now. Since it doesn’t show on the menus, maybe an archive section?


Something about your new site’s programming has been locking up the browser on both my XP computer and my iPad for the past couple weeks, so can’t say I like the new changes.. =/

I love all your work, but recently the header breaks in a 1024px width window.
Please, keep designs for 1024px width.

Dulfy is still my fav, though after our night of lesbian passion in the Hunting Lodge in Queensdale she no longer acts like she knows me, her site is still much better than Cats, i want to open her site, again, and again…

Hey Dulfy!
Thank you very much for all of your work. I appreciate the way you do it, must cost you much time! Especially I wanted to thank you for the new Oricon NiM Guides. I’m a sorc heal to and it’s pretty luxurious to have all the explanations AND sorc heal advice AND the videos from the same POV. Good to see and read how other sorcs play in NiM content (still grinning about your complaints @extrication and Draxus). Keep it up!

Greetings and a free hug,
Kali from Germany

Greetings Dulfy!
Write the first time. My English is not very good so I apologize for mistakes 🙂 Thank you very much for your guides for SWTOR they really helped me in creating characters especially Powertech and Sorcerer. Take care.
Liho from Russia

Dulfy, thanks for your site. You should go pro with this stuff, you’re a great writer.

Could you write a guide to the new gear rating number system in SWTOR? 72’s are not 72’s anymore and it’s a bit confusing.

Hey Dulfy congrats on getting the new “Data Entry” regeneration item named after you, miss seeing you around The Harbinger I transferred to pot5 for ranked PvP.

Hi Dulfy,

For the longest time I’ve been following your guide for GW2 and I just happened to now find out you are a girl! I’m just so excited to find another female gamer and wanted to share it! XD Thanks for all the work you do not just for GW2 but for the other games as well. You are amazing! <3

*Hugs! Margaretta

Hi Dulfy, ta for the excellent ESO guides already, have been a great help in getting used to this new MMO & appreciate the time & effort involved! All the best, Cliff ^_^

Have you looked into Wildstar? Not that I’m looking the game itself, more your opinion on it. You seem to have a knack for picking out amazing games, and as such your opinion on games tends to weigh in a lot. Thoughts?

Dulfy, do you know if removed Armor/Skins will ever make it back into SWTOR (old centurion/champion gear and/or rakata/columi/tionese)? or shall i abandon all hope?

Heard they will be, but on the CM… I think.

Dulfy just gets this stuff from BioWare official posts and her own playing… mostly.

It would be greatly helpful that you have a … go to top on the bounty guide for the ability to pop up and down quickly! Just a thought!

I met you in Rift (quiet certain) or GW2 some yrs ago,(i`m Egyptian if you can recall) and you told me about those guides of yours and that you have a steam acc. with some games… you are just above twenty right?
i`m sure we met cause i remember this profile pic from steam when u linked me your acc.
i saw some guides of yours that time.. but now belive it or not for ESO, you are ahead always in search results with a shiny website and excellent guides good luck 🙂

Hey Dulfy, Do you or can you be able to show your character build stats aswell detailed information of the mods and enhancements you use. Would be nice to get to see a current look so i/we be able to reference from it 🙂

We saw someone named “Dulfy” on the Shadowlands server last night. Was that really you or someone ripping off your name?

Just gonna put this out there dulfy, Heard Ya’ll kicked everyone, split the guild bank, and left. Just saying, if thats true. it ain’t cool ya dig?

Not sure where to put this, but the Republic Tanking sub menu doesn’t have the links for the three tanking ACs.

I’ve followed you since Rift and now GW2. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in Dulfy!

what is the addon you use in stormtalons lair that has the green linked arrows pointing to your focus and changes colour defining range

I wanted to add my voice to the roar of praise you so richly deserve. Plz continue to Fight the Good Fight as I know you will.

Hello @dulfy:disqus! I sent your gmail a message, please take a look at it when you can :)! Thank you very much for everything you do!

in the dps shadow balance build I was trying it has Sever Force skill listed in the rotation of skills which is a sage only skill

Dulfy do you have an Enjinn account? I’d like to add you as a friend your guides have helped us outalot (us as in my guildmates).

I have been a fan of your site for a very long time now. I hate to leave it but I cannot stand your newest advertisement that contains sound. I do not wish to turn the sound off on my computer because I like to hear the game in the background so I know when I’m being attacked. I’m not sure how this annoyance gets through my pop-up blocks and my “Do Not Disturb” options but it does. It blares in my headphones and annoys me so badly I would rather never go to your website again than to take a chance that I will have to listen to those commercials. If I had the option of R-click and turn off sound, I would be happy. Alas, that is currently not an option.

Ouch with the latest gw2 feature pack comments. Let’s get some positive on their for the beginner players that are going to join a better community now! Keep up the awesome work keeping us informed even if it’s not so fun news for everyone 🙂 Cheers!

Hey Dulfy, I was wondering where you’re from?
I think I’ve read you’re from Canada, is it true?
I’ve just discovered you from TSW guide for healing. Thanks! It’s help a lot!

Hey Dulfy, I have an idea — why don’t you use a recording software to record when you are playing GW2 and SWTOR, aprat from the SWTOR packs opening video and the other items videos. I just wanna see how good you can play!

Do you edit your class guides when new adjustments are made in patches? As an example, 2.10 changed some things for Sentinels, Snipers, and Sages. Will those changes be included in previous class guides so that we have a current representation of rotations and talent allocations, etc.? Or are you now unable since Hatred disbanded, and certain members were responsible for the class guides? If so, are you currently searching for someone to write new updated versions of those class guides? My go to guy, Lessels – Harbinger/Begeren Colony servers, has stated that due to the break up of Hatred, any new content pertaining to OPS or Class guides is basically inaccurate. I really hope this is not the case since I use this site a lot. I am not interested in attacking the site, but I would like to know the current state of things, and if you are looking for help. Greetings from Calgary!

Most of the class guides except for the jugg/guardian dps ones are outdated. I havn’t really put a high priority on getting them updated with 3.0 coming which will changes lots of things. That being said, the original writers have all quit the game and I havn’t really spend time looking for capable authors. If you know any that are interested, let me know.

Hey Dulfy I like your site it is a great place to get updates on Guild Wars 2. Also the class guides from Retaliate have been a great help. I was however wondering if you have any idea when the Engineer guide will be up. I already have asked it once and brody told me the me their chief engineer was very busy, I understand that and don’t want to get pushy.

Dulfy, any new information for shadow of revan? I’m quite interested in seeing new gear, etc… Please let me know, and also, if you could maybe try to find out some information on how much money I will need to be spending on this xD Let me know! Thanks!

Hey Dulfy, thanks for the great site. But wow, the ads are breaking your videos. Saw a couple of months ago the post about ads with sound. Same kind of gripe. The “anyclip” ads just spin, and often prevent your vids from playing. I guess they buy a hole on the page and just push content through it, but it really hurts your site. I know, everyone needs a revenue stream. But please check these things out. It’s not helping you.

I love your site but the anyclip videos cause so many problems that I
can’t have your site open on my second screen while in game. Please
reconsider them.

Was just about to post this same issue. Doesn’t happen on every clip so not sure how you would go about disabling the guilty ones. I don’t use ad blocker because I believe sites I visit should get some revenue but these video ads are the bane of the internet!

Agreed, get rid of the lame AnyClip ads. They are really lowering the quality and usefulness of the site. No way to pause or stop them (wont allow me to access flash setting on ads to stop their stupidity), as they overrun the site content. Please eliminate them soon, so i/we can start using the site again. The other “help” sites are far inferior to your’s, and i would prefer to continue using Dulfy.net BAN/BLOCK ANYCLIP

It’s beyond flash. I have a dedicated browser with no flash installed, just for reading news…and it still autoplays the damnable anyclips! I can pause it though. But it would be nice to block them. Yeah, people really need to consider if they need to pimp their page out or if they’re just trying to take advantage of friends for a few bucks.

Hey Dulfy, thanks so much for running this site, it’s made my time playing SWTOR soooo much easier and more fun. I’m just curious if you have a guide anywhere to unlocking and fighting the Hateful Entity secret boss on SnV NiM. I’m having trouble digging up info from google searches. Thanks!

Thanks a lot Dulfy, your guides are wonderful. I play GW2 and all other players I know use your site for information. Please keep up the great work.

I have just started to use your site on GW2 World Boss Timer and it was great. You are both smart and beautiful! Thanks! 🙂

so… Elderscrolls online has became B2P/F2p, are you thinking of returning to the world of tamrial?

Hi Dulfy,

As always a pleasure, I agreed SWTOR is awesome. And Here To Stay.Great site and nice to have had met you in game. And for awhile had you on my friends list.

And now to my post point. Could you talk to EA..For those that don’t know EA is their parent company now. Has been for awhile.You have way more crediblity than I.And my account was created,2 years before launch. I know Dps was out of control. I know poeple were exploiting the hybrids skill tree.But, really new gear sux bad.Not going to flush primary stats down the toilet for more health. Will run old gear forever not to flush 1400+power down the drain.

Dear Dulfy,

I have been a fan of your site since shortly after I started playing SWTOR (late 2014, so I’m a little green to this MMO, but have been in another not to be named one). I just love that I can find so much information about the game that I like to use for my completionist tendencies.

But lately I find that some sections / pages are hard to find through your site setup with the menu structure, making it unnecessary more complex to find the right info (need to use the search function that is hidden next to the social media buttons behind the magnifying glass icon or what I do is google it and take the item from there to this site).
Especially the FP / HM FP section is lost in the menu. And some things could be a bit more structured in my opinion. And maybe I’m a bit to strict here due to my point of view as a business software tester (including the testing of business websites) but maybe you had this idea yourself also.

If you want I can help with outlining any ideas. But this is your project and I don’t want to intrude on it.

Keep up the good work!

Dear Dulfy,

I’ve been a fan for some time. I’ve been playing since open
beta, sadly haven’t follow the site since you started commenting on SWTOR, but
I’ve come to love what you have produced and continue to provide. Please keep
up the good work.

Dear Dulfy, thanks for this amazing site. You wouldn’t believe how often I got this site open on background when playing GW2 and looking for coins or when I get irritated at jumping puzzles which don’t seem to make sense. It’s awesome to know, that when new stuff comes out, there is at least one place which for sure shows all the new faces and hairstyles and all cool new skins and finishers.


I would like to know this too – thinking about taking our guild site off of enjin and hosting it myself, so I’m curious! Thanks Dulfy!

Well I think you just answered my question… this is a WordPress site then? I didn’t know 🙂 I’m considering starting up a PvP guide site and have been looking at site builders like Wix or Weebly. Since I couldn’t see any ads for your host service I was wondering if it was maybe something classier than what I’ve been looking into lol While I’m asking, do you know of any good PvP guide websites? Wouldn’t want to be redundant if you know of a good one. Thanks!

Been reading viewing your site for a long while now. I love it, really cool thing you came up with. I just wanted to say thank you for creating it and you and those who work with you have done an awesome job

Hey Dulfy, just wanted to thank you again for coming to me, and my guild’s stronghold and letting us get a screenie with you. You’re the best!

Well that’s it, it was a pleasure, to meet you Dulfy, and have HATRED around. Good Guild. I Done with SWTOR. Cause OF EA’s ,constantant nerfing the game. Or messing this or that up. They are going to drive this into the ground. Just Like:Need For Speed World. Rage Quit the guild,has lived up to EA promise. I hope you all find some fun elsewhere. Peace out.

Hey Dulfy
I love your website and all your guides. But even more I love the fact that you are actually a girl. I am a girl as well (20 years old) and I have been playing guild wars 2 for something about ten months. I’m not really good but I like playing and do it like my way.
But you are such a genius at this game (at least I think so) You are so cool 😀 Keep it up.

Hey Dulfy,
first of all, great job on the web.
I have a simple question and I wanted to ask someone who knows basically everything about SWTOR. Are flashpoints soloable? Some of them seem pretty tough even with higher level character.
Thanks for answering

Hello, your site is amazing. Maybe you can help me with that:
Your Wildstar Everstar Grove Zone Lore Guide isn’t up to date anymore.
Do you know where the ninth journal entry (which isn’t in your guide) can be found?
Thanks for any help.

Has the SWTOR Discipline calculator been removed? I’ve been getting a 404 error that last couple of days.

Great site. Come here often. FYI the Pandora ad is messing with the page. Every time it repeats, it scrolls immediately to where it is on the page. You can’t pause it or suppress it. No other ads do this. And it’s on every one of your pages. Just wanted to let you know.

Welcome to LOD! Ran some fractals with you yesterday and I swore I recognized the name 😛 It was you all along!

Duffy, has anyone figured out what is required to get the Nightfury shoulder item in Heart of Thorns yet? Info on how has been extremely scarce.

Love your work Dulfs <3
You must have it cut out for you at a time like this, though, with such a sudden glut of new content

Can you *please* change all instances of the word “casted” to “cast” on your site? <3 I don't mind doing it if you can't be bothered.

Dulfy I have a big request, I am following all your guides and I hope your reputation can greatly help and get some more seriosuly needed support for a cancer dying star wars fan…
If you don’t know about it yet, i will sent you via gmail more info and some links to footage and twitter so you can make a great topic on your site, so we can get as much support as possible for this fan.
Please help me in spreading the info in the swtor community…

Will you guys be updating your Ops guildes with new number? HP, enrage timers, minimum dps or such, now that all the ops are lvl 65?

Considering the 3.0 guides covered every single spec, while only 9 guides are currently available for 4.0, and that very little regarding how to play each spec changed from 3.0 to 4.0 it would be nice if 3.0 class guides were still easily found, at least until the 4.0 guides have a more solid class coverage.

Perhaps revert to the old top menu, but drop 3.0 (and 4.0) from the menu title. Then use the 4.0 guides that are in to replace the old 3.0 ones they cover. This way you maintain full coverage of all classes, with the most current guide on each easily accessible.

Oh boy. More Imp side SWTOR guides whoppty-$*@^. (yes, I’m perfectly capable of converting guides) It just magnifies the stark bias/double standard that’s integrated into this game. To bad, I used to refer new players to this sight, but really there’s no point unless they’re die-hard Imps. Weak & frustrating. Vent completed…no need to reply.

I am currently very disillusioned with my TK sages due to nerfs in
4.0. I see that you have posted a Balanced sage spec, but not the TK
spec which is puzzling because of the 2, the TK spec is the Dam spec
supposedly. Yet no one out there has a new guide out for it, not even
Dulfy, and the rumors are that the Balanced spec is now better at dam
than the TK spec!? Will you be putting out a TK guide?

Great work you’re doing!!!!:)
I appreciate it.
As you have lots of guides, you have to work on: Would it be possible to make a timetable, in which order wich guide is coming?

Love what you are doing here, come to this site for just about everything for SWTOR, if you are willing to give up one of your secrets, what computer system do you use to play on?

Hands down my first stop for anything SWTOR and GW2. I know how much work this is and just wanted to give a big thanks!

Best site to get info about SWTOR. Hands down. If it wasn’t for your hard work keeping it up I probably wouldn’t bother coming back to TOR. TOR community thanks you!

Love your guides, and the website overall. I have an off-the-wall question though. Where do you find the icons for the abilities you use in your guides? Thanks in advance for your response.

Someone else makes them in something such as google documents, then submits them to Dulfy. I’m sure she looks over them once and the submits them to her webpage. That’s why it takes so “long” for these guides to come out.

Dulfy is a part of Disqus.com. This is their Privacy:

“We may receive Personally Identifiable Information about you from third parties, including, for example, information about your transactions, purchase history, or relationships with various product and service providers, and your use of certain applications. For example, if you access our website or Service through a third-party connection or log-in, for example, through Facebook Connect, by “following,” “liking,” linking your account to the Disqus service, etc., that third party may pass certain information about your use of its service to Disqus. This information could include, but is not limited to, the user ID associated with your account, any information you have permitted the third party to share with us, and any information you have made public in connection with that service. You should always review, and if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third-party websites and services before linking or connecting them to Disqus’ website or Service.”

I was identified on a site of which i had no registration whatsoever. They even put up posts i made on other “disqus.com sites” including one about a donation i made.

Disqus.com is selling a membership on which any business can see your personal data (donations?) against a small fee. How far does this go Kristina?

There’s nothing unusual about that (most sites, including Google, Facebook, and PayPal, track their users and often sell the data they collect), and dulfy.net is not “a part of” disqus.com. Rather, dulfy.net, as do many sites, uses Disqus to provide a prebuilt comment section. By default, all comments you post through Disqus are visible to people who view your Disqus profile.

This does not mean your comments you post on one site are being “put up on other sites,” nor does it mean you were “identified on a site (on) which you had no registration whatsoever.” Rather, you have a Disqus registration, so your Disqus profile can be viewed by clicking on your Disqus username from any comment you’ve left on any site through the Disqus commenting system. There is nothing sinister about that, and your comments will not randomly be “put up” out of context on other sites.

Also note that the passage you quote says Disqus may receive information about you from other services such as Facebook if you have your Facebook or other account linked to your Disqus account. Simply don’t link your Disqus account with other services if you don’t like this. It does not say that Disqus will send information about you to other services (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, not that I care).

You can make your Disqus comment history private if you want, but if you were serious about online privacy, you would learn to encrypt all your communications, such as by using an encrypted browser such as Tor, a virtual private network, a private social network such as Galaxy 2 (accessible through Tor), a private email subscription service instead of free email such as Gmail, and even anonymized cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin if you’re concerned about your online financial transactions being tracked.

Learn to internet, learn to read, and stop asking retarded questions such as “How far does this go Kristina?” Also learn to use proper grammar and punctuation; “privacy” is not capitalized, “I” is capitalized, and there should be a comma after “go” in your question which should never have been asked, anyway.

Well Cosmoterran, English isn’t my native language so at least I have an excuse.
The first part of your comment nevertheless was quite educational.
Next time I will keep that in mind when I am visiting a website for the first time.

That’s okay, then. One can’t always tell through text whether one is dealing with a non-native speaker or just an idiot. Sorry.

hiya Dulfy, I was wondering if we can get a 4.0 updated guide for Dirty Fighting Gunslinger put up. I tried referencing my gunslinger off of virulence sniper, but I ended up getting confused on what augs and earpiece/implants I need as well as the Relics.

Dulfy I see that you have stopped playing many mmorpg’s. I am playing Elder Scrolls Online and up to Deshaan in Ebonheart Pact. I have noticed you stopped after Stonefalls. Since its been a couple of years of last update, I doubt you will be finishing it off now. So, I would like to finish off that guide myself. My coding and design is not up to standard but usually can get a quick grasp of the way things work, therefore I believe I can finish the rest of Ebonheart pact guide to match the rest of your guide. Please reply so we can discuss this.
DK nord VR12
NA Serv

Love your guides girl, they’ve really helped in game. I’m really glad they’re there as I’m a slack ass when it comes to stuff like crafting and dungeons so it’s a huge boon to my motivation. See you in game. -B R U from [zQ]

Wow your guides are awesome!! I was wondering if you had time if you could do a BDO guide on trading? I used your guide to capturing horses & breeding and it was fantastic!!

Wow! You do all these guides by yourself? That’s impressive – I thought that these guides were incredibly professional and looked like they were done by a team. Your website is well thought out, has a great layout, and your guides are phenomenal. It probably helps that you’re one of very few people/groups making well-structured, comprehensive guides for BDO. 🙂

Big fan! I used your guides for GW2. I’m starting to play BDO, but there aren’t any good guides out there. I’m glad you’re playing BDO! I hope you will release guides for gears and weapons for BDO.

Update: it hits all pages now randomly, its a virus protection pop-up. Is the extra revenue worth losing all people that check this site with their phones?

Hmm I am not sure what you are getting, I have been browsing on my android phone and have never seen any popup. It could be something on your end as you are the only person I heard with this issue.

Agreed. I got annoyed with all of the rubbish I had to go through just to get a mount and things didn’t seem well organized. Speaking of which…. I better cancel my subscription.

What? FFXIV has one of the most organized MMO systems I ever played,

Story is better then SWTOR (except few voice overs, until 3.0 content). Play through FFXIV for story, then look at SWTOR, it’s depressing how bad swtor is, the only thing I feel SWTOR has for it is voice overs and of course Star Wars. I was a sub to SWTOR for 3 years

The amount of content to FFXIV (in 3 years) puts pretty much every mmo to shame (except WoW).

Personally, I think FFXIV is the hidden gem of MMO’s.

That’s too bad, I found it very slow until I got through the base game (2.0) then the 2.1-3.3 got better and better, much more voice overs, better combat etc.

Oh well 🙂

Love the site. Have been using the guides for SWTOR for years now and refer to one guide or another on daily basis. It’s my go-to site for anything SWTOR and I subscribe via RSS to stay up-to-date on all SWTOR news.

Keep up the great work!

I love your guides! I have used them through Rift, GW2 and BDO 🙂 I hope you will be adding Pantheon to the list eventually 🙂

Thanks for a great website. 🙂 I have just started playing BDO and found your horse breeding guide particularly informative.

There does not seem to be a dedicated RSS feed for just the BDO content like there are for SWTOR, GW2, and ESO. (My RSS reader couldn’t find one by querying your domain, and I don’t see a link to one at the top right of your site.) Could you please add this? Thank you!

Hi Dulfy did you think about solving your website issue? very slow sometime not responsive you have a script error that reload over and over.

Hey Dulfy!

Over the last months I frequently stumbled upon your class guides. While they focus on Dungeoneering (I mainly PvE outside of Dungeons), I found that they provide a very fast and understandable explanation of classes and, more importantly, their skills and traits. As a usual Warrior player, I finally dared to cross the semi-squishy border and play an Engi and what can I say, I seem to thrive. And all thanks to your guides since without them I probly would only have played soldier professions. Now I have a mind to do them all 😀

I just want to say thank you for the deep insight you provide to the players who lack the time to learn all that by themselves, just like me. It really helps me to decide whether or not I´ll play a class or when my tactics need an overhaul.

Rock on m/

Greetings from good ol’ germany 😀

I´m pretty sure that it helps more people than just myself 😀 just imagine how the word is spread ingame amongst the players. Imagine mid-rank guild officers explaining your wisdom to their noobs. Or annoyed “Zerker or gtfo” players flaming people like me for not meta-ing, based on your knowledge 😀 just like the tiny snowball turns into the skier-burying avalanche…

People just tend to forget to express their gratitude.

So, thanks for the effort! I think it takes quite some time to write and edit all your guides…

hey dulfy!, a GW2 fan here…just wondering i have you on my friends on GW” and i rarely see you online, only when a anet launches a new update or a new cash shop item….did you leave the game and just keepin adding the new stuff when it comes out?…just wondering congratulations for you great site i been cheeking it up for years now the swtor and GW2 guides, whitout you i would be lost in those games

Hey Dulfy, quick question. I notice you are now inactive in TSW. I’d be curious to your thoughts on why the inactivity. Our guild is currently considering the game and would love your thoughts on it.


Hi Dulfy thank you for the extensive coverage of RO without this guide i doubt i would have made some progress at all. Keep up the good Work.

Hello Dulfy, would love to talk to you is there anyway I can contact you to talk in private?

~ Thanks, Tonino C

Hi dulfy, great resources thanks. but please use a different ad bot, your’s like bdf foundry keeps crashing in firefox. 🙁

Hey Dulfy! Thank you for everything you do for GW2, we literally can’t do it without you <.<

Thank you for all of the hard work you do, your guides help me tremendously while I play Guild Wars 2. Much love! <3

Hi! Thank you so much for all your guides! I refer to this place a lot….which is one of the reasons why I’m writing this comment. For GW2 you don’t have a class guide for Rev. It would be fantastic if one was created! If you ever do then I send my thanks in advance!

Hey Dulfy,
With the resurgence that ESO is having do you think there is anyway we could get the ESO section of the site active again?

Thanks for all you do!

This so much, there isn’t really a good site for ESO still (at least not as good as Dulfy for TOR), but the game just keeps getting more and more fun to play. 🙂

hello mate im just returning to swtor after a year or 2 off was wondering what are some good guilds on harbringer as i was on bastion an now its dead i have a sith sorc an assassian an how do i check guild rankings

Just wanted to let you know that your website constantly locks up on both my phone and laptop, and i don’t have outdated equipment or software. I appreciate the guides but I am constantly having to exit Google Chrome and reopen the page just to scroll down or maximize images. The ad programming you are using totally locks up the site when they reload.

You have a comprehensive guide for all Guild Wars 2 classes except the Revenant. How come, and is Is one coming?

Dulfy, you are missing out on how much has changed and how much content has been added to ESO since you last covered it.

I’d highly recommend you give it another chance. Would love to see some of your excellent guides covering the myriad of different achievements, trials, dungeons, etc. in ESO.

I’d be surprised to see anyone covering ESO ever since the botched launch and the fact that they hid the mount behind a $20 pay to win gate. I regret ever buying the game.

[OP is Fred G]

I’m not surprised at all to see someone comment while clearly not having a damn clue about the topic at hand.

Thanks for the content that you upload, i really like it. Keep on the goodwork. Well appreciated here.

I just want to say that I love this site! I’m currently new to GW2 after my boyfriend recommended it, he showed me this site and i automatically bookmarked it and I come here all the time, TY SO MUCH for creating this website and keeping it up to date and active! <3

Your site has always been extremely helpful to me whenever I’ve been stuck on a couple things.It’s also been really useful whenever I’ve been contemplating if buying an outfit for my character is worth it. I’ve never taken a moment to thank you after all these years for all your GW2 guide contributions, but I feel like I should say it now while you still play the game. So, thanks for everything Dulfy!

Thank you for all your hard work Dulfy! your site has always been so helpful and easy to understand.

Thanks for all your info supporting GW2. It’s always been helpful. I’m just curious how in the world you always have your in depth info so fast. lol

Forgive me if you’ve been asked this a million times, but are you moving away from BDO? At first I assumed the Terrmian Waterpark event didn’t warrant a repeat of what you posted last year, but a little voice is making me wonder if the recent upheaval in the game has turned you off to it.

Question, Kristina: why “Disqus” ? I don’t understand why i need to verify my e-mail and accept to be spied on by some “third party” obscure site. I’m a nobody, with no money,connections or political power. Everytime i try to check my messages i get “darn it, something went wrong” . Why? I feel harassed and discriminated, i moved from the US to Europe and suddenly i need to “authenticate” every 5 seconds? This is not OK. This is against many international laws.

Just wanted to say thanks for your time/dedication to the site

Stumbled across your site once/twice over the years but never delved into it. I was looking for info on some FO:76 stuff and you had just what I needed to steer me in the right direction – Keep it up, much appreciated 🙂

Can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve saved me on figuring out some achievements on SWTOR. Though not just achievements in the game.
Either way, thanks a lot!

I can’t tell you how many times your website has helped me with ToR and all this time I have thought the site to be… well… made by more people ×D Really great job! Now that I know you’re actually a ToR player (and that these days you can be found in a bunch of servers ×D ), I hope to bump into you one day (as long as you play on Darth Malgus ×D ).

Hi~ It seems like more than one week without updating your gw2 information. Is everything alright?@@ I’m worry about you…

Hi, Dulfy! I know you’re a busy lady but I just wanted to let you know you have helped me and my guildies so much in GW2. I wish you all the best in anything/everything you do. Much success! I hope you get time to come back to this site. You are so needed and appreciated. Much respect always.

I really am getting worried about you! While you run a great and valuable site, I would rather know that you are ok. Please at least let us know you are ok!

There was an update on Reddit a while back from someone that said that they knew her saying that she’s fine, but just has been busy with some real life college stuff.

Hi Dulfy, I have been making use of ur swtor guidelines and webpost since launch of the game.
I wanna thank you for all the work u have put in and effort u made to keep us informed.
I hope ull be back and if not chrs and forever gratefull…

Dear Dulfy, not sure if you are taking a break from us, found another life in the physical universe, or have been abducted by aliens. I however, would like to thank you for your years of service providing less than average chumps such as myself with some much needed tutelage and help. You have made our gaming experience much more enjoyable. I wish you all the best in life and thanks again! P.S. I hope you weren’t abducted by aliens.

Hi Dulfy, I’m not sure you are reading comments on this site any longer, but hope so. My suggestion to you is that you ask one or more of your guildmates from each game, if they would be so kind to keep this site updated, until you return, or if you never return to this site, perhaps turn it over to someone else, or a group of gamers, who can keep it going in your absence. Your work here has been very valuable to so many of us “less accomplished” gamers, and I hate to see this resource become just a fond memory of helpful information, or legacy info for new players coming to these covered games. I’m sure there must be a way to allow others to help you keep this site current, while not giving up your rights to the site, and its content.

On a lighter note, I hope you are healthy and happy, enjoying life to the fullest, and I want to thank you for all the work you have done here over the past several years. Take care, and like others who have posted here, I hope you return soon, but if not, I wish you well in everything you do.

Ever thought of a patreon? I’ve been using this site since early SWTOR days and would gladly have tossed a dollar a month for the past .. almost a decade? (approaching 8 years, I guess?) – anyway, it adds up and a whole lot of people tossing in a dollar a month adds up!

In any case, much <3 to ya Dulfy – you've been a huge help for a long time and all the best to yas!

I too miss you Dulfy. Your contribution here is incalculable. Hope all goes well with you and that your future is long and glorious!

I’ve always loved your guides and I appreciate all your hard work. Hope your current endeavors are going well and I wish you all the best.

For the republic side of missions Signal intelligence the area where datapad is found in flowers is not there. Myself and a another looked for it for about an hour. Thought you might like to know. Here is pic of where it was supposed to be located near.

As a GW2 player I really appreciate your guides. OK: the content is old, but hey: it’s AWESOME that it’s stored on 1 website with a clear explanation. Thank you for the time you put into making this, have a great day!

Glad the site’s up. Haven’t used it in ages, but I know it helps so many communities so much. Thanks, Dulfy!

The Burning Crusade Classic: Poll Results Blizzard sent out surveys to players about The Burning Crusade Classic, where they asked about the preferred transition from Classic to TBC, a new “fresh” Classic realm, and more.  MadSeasonShow conducted his own research, and here are the poll results. WoW Classic WoW Classic 7 comments Yesterday at 13:05 by

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After eight years of updates, PSO2 has become a sprawling, unruly MMO with dozens of complicated progression systems, items, and currencies. Starting out, you’re going to feel overwhelmed by all the nuances and options available to you. But before you get lost googling every new proper noun you come across, ride out the story to the point where you’re directed to speak with your bud Afin (introduced during the prologue) who can be found wandering right next to where you spawn in the Arks Lobby.

New layout is awful, can’t sort categories properly and finding something specific makes you wade through loads of unnecessary articles.

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