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SWTOR Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP Gear

Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP gear models and stats. Elite War Hero PvP Gear is now available for purchase with patch 1.6 from the Elite War Hero Vendor. Note that Battlemaster vendor has being removed from the PTS and there is a reduction in War Hero PvP gear prices to current Battlemaster gear levels.

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SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert

SWTOR Free to Play and future content interview with Lead Designer Damion Schubert. As some of you recall, earlier in the week I was given the opportunity to for a written interview with the SWTOR developers regarding the F2P option launching this week. Here is the result of that interview, incorporating some of the questions I gathered from the readers on Dulfy.net! A big thank you to Eric Musco and Damion Schubert for taking the time out of their busy week to do this!

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