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GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list

GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list. Cursed Shore is a L80 zone in Orr. While this zone does not have any tasks/hearts, it does have 8 karma vendors that sell Fine/Mastercraft L80 gear for karma. This list does not include the temple karma vendors that sell armors for 42k karma per piece.

GW2 karma

GW2 Sparkfly Fens karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Sparkfly Fens karma vendor/tasks list. Sparkfly fen is a level 55-65 zone just south of Bloodtide Coast.

GW2 karma

GW2 Iron Marches karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Iron Marches Karma vendor and tasks/hearts list. Iron Marches is a level 50-60 zone east of Diessa Plateau. It currently has two bugged heart merchants due to the bugged events in this zone. Their items will be updated as soon as I can access these two merchants.

GW2 karma

GW2 Diessa Plateau Karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Diessa Plateau Karma merchant and hearts/tasks list. Diessa Plateau is a level 15-25 zone just north of Plains of Ashford and Black Citadel.

GW2 karma

GW2 Blazeridge Steppes Karma Vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Blazeridge Steppes Karma Vendor list/tasks list. Blazeridge Steppes is a level 40-50 zone east of Plains of Ashford.

1. Aid Legion and Ebon Vanguard soldiers against ogres (level 40)


2. Aid Ferrusatos Village’s fishing operation and help them hunt down Separatists (level 41)


3. Help Sentinels instigate fights between ghosts and the Branded (level 42)


4. Help Torruh Sweptweave disrupt Separatist activities (level 42)


5. Help the Iron Legion protect Steeleye Span from Branded creatures(level 43)


6. Help the Ash Legion take out ogres (level 43)


7. Help Scholar Olenn trick the grawl around the Tail of the Star God (level 44)


8. Aid Historian Jinell’s research at the Wreckage of Serenity (level 45)


9. Help Sentinel Faithspotter deal with skritts (level 45)


10. Help Sentinel Liharn disrupt the Inquest (level 46)


11. Help the peaceful ogres of Degun Shun (level 46)


12. Help Wode with harpy research (level 47)


13. Join the Ash Legion of Tawny Ridge in stealth operations (level 48)


14. Help Jahr Duskrend disrupt Separatist activities (level 49)


15. Assist Sentinel forces against dragonspawn (level 50)


GW2 karma

GW2 Dredgehaunt Cliffs karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Dredgehaunt Cliffs Karma vendor/hearts list. Dredgehaunt Cliffs is a level 40-50 zone just south of Hoelbrak.

GW2 karma

GW2 Lornar’s Pass Karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Lornar’s Pass Karma vendor/hearts list. Lornar’s Pass is a level 25-40 zone just east of Lion’s Arch.

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GW2 Snowden Drifts karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Snowden Drifts karma vendor/hearts list. Snowden Drifts is a level 15-25 zone west of Wayfarer Foothills in GW2.

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GW2 Wayfarer Foothills Karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2  Wayfarer Foothills karma vendor/tasks list. Wayfarer Foothills is a level 1-15 starter zone for the Norn race in GW2.

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GW2 Temple/God karma armor sets

In Guild Wars 2 there are 6 temples in the Orr zones (70+) and each can spawn a karma vendor once captured that sells Temple/God exotic armor sets. These karma vendors sell  level 80 exotic armors for 42k karma per piece. Each vendor sell different armors, with different stats and set bonuses. This guide will point out the location of these vendors and the stats/rune of the armor that they sell.