GW2 mini pets

GW2 Set 3 minis gallery

A gallery of the GW2 Set 3 minis introduced on the gemstore on March 18, 2014.

GW2 mini pets

GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween Minis

A gallery and guide to all the minis you can acquire from the GW2 Blood and Madness update.

GW2 mini pets Tequatl Rising

GW2 Tequatl Rising minis

A gallery and video of the Tequatl Rising Minis you can purchase from the gemstore for 500 gems.

GW2 mini pets

GW2 set 2 minis gallery

A list and gallery of all the GW2 set  2 minis introduced with the Clockwork Chaos patch. Pictures provided by Elysia Xanas.

GW2 mini pets

GW2 Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack

Screenshots of the minis that are released as part of the Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack which can be purchased from the gemstore for 500 gems.

GW2 mini pets

GW2 Mini Moa Chick pet

Screenshot of the Mini Moa Chick pet from the GW2 Gemstore May 14, 2013. This pet costs 400 gems and will be on the gemstore for only 7 days.

GW2 Halloween mini pets

GW2 Halloween Minipets

A guide to the four GW2 Halloween exclusive mini pets with screenshots and video of their animation. These pets are only purchasable from the gem store during the Halloween event.

The first three mini pets can be obtained from the gem store as part of the Miniature Spooky Trio (500 gems). The 4th pet requires combing the first three in the mystic forge with 250 candy corns (essentially another 500 gems). 1000 gems in total if you want all four mini pets. All of the mini pets are account bound and not tradeable



Mini Spooky Ghost

  • Has a very nice animation to it and it is probably the coolest mini pet out of the four (in my opinion)


Mini Spooky Skeleton

  • Turns into glow at night green color at night


Mini Spooky Spider

  • Hops around a bit and makes a clicky sound when it moves around
  • Turns to glow in the dark green color at night


Chainsaw the Skeleton

  • Obtained by combining Mini Spooky Ghost + Mini Spooky Skeleton + Mini Spooky Spider + 250 Candy Corn into the mystic forge. You will lose the three pets but gain this one
  • The chainsaws do move and make a buzzing sound