GW2 Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle. This is a jumping puzzle located in Malchor’s Leap (75-80 zone).


Puzzle start

This jumping puzzle can be accessed by running west of Pragga’s Waypoint and dropping down to the water just before the bridge. There is a circular looking structure with a hole, which you can enter and it leads you to a hidden area where you can start the puzzle.



The puzzle isn’t very hard and has little chests scattered along the path that give you cooking supplies. Thus, this is a good jumping puzzle to do daily just for the chests.

Video walkthrough

GW2 Ascalonian Catacombs explorable mode dungeon guide

Guild Wars 2 Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon guide for the explorable mode, which is available to characters level 35+ and rewards 30 Ascalonian Tears per run. There are three paths: charr, human, and asura, with the charr path being considerably easier than the other two and a good option if you are looking to farm Tears. Note that this guide currently covers only the Charr path but writeups for the Human and Asura will come shortly.

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GW2 Temple/God karma armor sets

In Guild Wars 2 there are 6 temples in the Orr zones (70+) and each can spawn a karma vendor once captured that sells Temple/God exotic armor sets. These karma vendors sell  level 80 exotic armors for 42k karma per piece. Each vendor sell different armors, with different stats and set bonuses. This guide will point out the location of these vendors and the stats/rune of the armor that they sell.

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GW2- Plains of Ashford karma vendor list

GW2- Plains of Ashford karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Plains of Ashford karma vendor and hearts list. Plains of Ashford is a level 1-15 starter area for the Charr race but accessible to everyone.

Updated October 16, 2012  to remove Chili Peppers from Sagum (#10)

1. Help Crucibis Forgeweld run the armory and aid the charr weapon tests (Level 2)


2. Help Scarr Stripeclaw organize the Wrecking Yard (Level 3)


3. Help Strumm Bassclash secure Lake Feritas (Level 4)


4. Help Latera Painstorm fight the Flame Legion (Level 5)


5. Help Kyra Sharptracker (Level 6)


6. Help Bryllana Deepmind (Level 6)


7. Help the Blood Legion (Level 7)


8. Help The Iron Legion (Level 8 )


9. Help Paenula train the troops by fighting in the pit and capturing creatures (Level 9)


10. Help Sagum Relicseeker of the Durmand Priory (Level 10)


11. Help Gavros Spiritfoe and the charr patrols (Level 10)


12. Assist Sesto Headsplitter with his work (Level 11)


13. Help Mei Hawkslayer disrupt the separatist activity (Level 12)


14. Help Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler (Level 12)


15. Help Researcher Irkz research skale poison (Level 13)


16. Help Androchus the Hidden (Level 14)


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