GW2 Dive Master Achievement guide

GW2 Dive Master Achievement with detailed descriptions and pictorial aids. GW2 Dive Master achievement is completed using diving goggles found throughout the world. There are 37 locations with diving goggles and all 37 are required to complete this achievement under the Explorer section. You must hit the water successfully while wearing a diving goggle to get it “counted” towards the achievements (it is helpful to press 1 or 2 ability on the goggle while falling down to ensure that it gets counted).

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GW2 temporary Halloween items

Here is a list of items that can be acquired during the GW2 Halloween event and will be gone once the Halloween event ends on Nov 1, noon PDT. Most of these items will still be available on the trading post but expect the prices to go up gradually.

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GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide

GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Beaker’s Empty Belly is actually a very easy achievement to acquire located in Lornar’s Pass. You need to head to the location of Griffionrook Run jumping puzzle to start this achievement but you do not need to complete the jumping puzzle to get this achievement. However, if you havn’t gotten the jumping puzzle achievement yet for Griffonrook Run, you might as well since you are in the same area.

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