Super Adventure Box

GW2 Associate of Baubles Super Adventure Box achievement guide

GW2 Associate of Baubles achievement guide for Super Adventure Box. For this achievement, you must collect all the baubles inside Zone 1 (Sunny Glade) . Note that baubles that can be gained via breakable items inside shops do not count (i.e. you don’t need to go inside shops to break jars and stuff).

For a painless collection of baubles, use Infantile mode, which works but you need to buy keys from shops since mobs do not drop them. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.

Couple of other things

  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.

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