Dulfy Update

Where has Dulfy been? Why hasn’t there been any new content? What happened? I get asked that a lot! Just looking at the comments section of almost every page there is post after post asking where she has been.

Dulfy is doing well! Dulfy poured her heart and soul into providing content for years. The quality and speed of that content was amazing and I can’t think of anyone else who provided an equal amount of quality content year after year. She has stepped away from content writing for now.

Will she be back? Maybe, she has left it open for possibility. She has opened a new chapter in her life and there isn’t as much time for gaming and content writing as she had before. If you know Dulfy, she doesn’t half-ass anything and I don’t know how comfortable she would be writing anything less than highest quality content.

Will there be new content? When SWTOR was released I ran sithwarrior .com (anyone remember that site?) and a few other sites (deathknight .info, mmo-mechanics .com) and we teamed up to start I was absolutely amazed at the content she was able to create and how fast she churned it out! I do miss it and while I am not a replacement for Dulfy, I do plan to start adding content again as a hobby.

I am also open to additional content writers. If you are interested in providing guides please feel free to reach out to me on the dulfy discord channel.

edit: discord link has been updated