Patch 1.1.5 PvP Commendation system–Infographic

Hey everyone, recently I was asked by my friends at askmrrobot.com (home of the excellent SWTOR armory & item database) to write up a quick guide on how the endgame PvP currency in SWTOR works. If you are not PvPing consistently and keeping track of the patch notes, it is fairly easy to get lost in the many changes of the PvP currency system since SWTOR’s launch. Rather than writing a post filled with text, I thought it might be a good place to use an infographic to present the information.

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Upcoming in 1.2–A summary

Hey everyone, I recently had the pleasure of attending the Guild Summit via livestreaming, where a host of panels were held discussing the upcoming patch 1.2 (scheduled to be released sometime in early April) and other new features/changes that are coming to SWTOR. There were quite a bit of information – the transcript of which I have captured here if you want to view all the details. In case you don’t feel like reading through pages of my notes, I have created a guide here summarizing all the important features you can expect for patch 1.2 and beyond!


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Flashpoint guide: Red Reaper

Hey everyone, this guide will cover the flashpoint Red Reaper, it is an often neglected flashpoint aimed at people in the level range of anywhere from 42-47(or even 50). It is a rather short and quick flashpoint and fairly easy if you know the boss fight mechanics. I skipped this flashpoint on my Empire character due to the rush to 50 but I will cover it on my Republic character.

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Numerical SWTOR population data for US PVP/RP-PVP servers

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the population data for PVP/RP-PVP servers. If you are looking for the equivalent data for PVE/RP-PVE servers, you can find them here.

Remember, this is just cross-sectional (snapshot in time) population data – this is the data anyone without sophisticated software or a team of dedicated researchers would have obtained if they made level 1 characters on all the PVP servers and checked out the planet population numbers using the who-list window during peak times. It is not actual total population data but rather a representation of it. There are limitations with every study and every methodology – like everything else in life, take it a grain of salt!

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Some numerical population data for SWTOR servers

Hey everyone, server population and faction balance has always being a hot topic in SWTOR. In response to the surging demands in the early days of SWTOR launch, many servers were opened up to drive down the server queues.  Come March 1st, oceanic servers will be opened up, this will add quite a few servers to the already extensive sever list.

To my knowledge, there has being previously very little, if any, study on the actual SWTOR population for each server. Bioware has not released any actual numbers and 3rd party sites lack the tools to analyze the population effectively (i.e. TORstatus.net offers a longitudinal examination of server load, but offers no insight to actual server population).

I have started a little project that will give some actual numbers to the population status on each of the SWTOR servers. This project is only completed for US PVE and RP-PVE servers. If there is enough interest, I can do the same for US PVP servers and maybe EU servers in the future. All the data are collected by hand, via creating two level 1 characters on each server and using the who list to record population numbers in each planet.

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Orange bracers/belts and their modding

Hey everyone, orange bracers and belts are some of the hottest items on the GTN right now – people are buying them up and outfitting them with their own mods/enhancements to get something on par if not better than the Rakata belts & bracers. Today I will share with you some of the information I have gathered on where to obtain these items and for light armoring users – how to customize the rest of your armor pieces!
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Useful Warzone/PvP Info & Statistics

Hey everyone, ranked warzone will be coming in patch 1.2 (scheduled for March) so for many of you this might be a busy time to grind valor/commendations/battlemaster gear. Here is a list of compiled information on Warzone /PVP information that I think many of you will find handy. Most of the information is not from me but rather from other members of the SWTOR community and credits will be given where needed.

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Operation Loot List–Schematics & Mods edition

Hey everyone, there has being some requests for schematics/mods (armoring, mods, enhancements) drops from operations – especially now that there is a big movement to use orange moddable gear and crafted stuff that that crits (give augment slot).

Over the span of 2-3 weeks, I have cataloged the following drops – everything that I have recorded will say (verified) and will list the exact drops I have obtained below. Drops predicted based on the loot pattern will say (predicted).

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Companion Customization Vendor list

Companion Customization Vendor list

This guide is co-owned and first released on


(The above MMOsite link has the images broken down into smaller images if you are having issues loading the large images here)

You go to great lengths to make yourself look good, but are you doing the same for your companions? Fear not! This companion vendor guide will hopefully make you look a bit different from the other players running around the fleet – least companion wise!

This guide includes images for all Sith Inquisitor companions currently available and 3/5 of the Republic Trooper Companions. Rest of the companions do not have images yet (feel free to contribute in the comment section below if you have images!!)

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