Black Hole Comms and gearing in 1.3

Hey everyone, with Group Finder arriving in 1.3 to reward Black Hole comms for running Hardmode FPs and storymode tier 1 operations, obtaining black hole comms is quickly becoming a hotly debated topic, I have drawn up a little chart to show you exactly how much Black Hole Comms you can get per week when patch 1.3 arrives and how long you can expect the gearing up process to be.

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Half year of SWTOR, a timeline of major events

Hey everyone, June 20 is upon us and it marks SWTOR’s half birthday! To celebrate this day and to welcome back returning players, I have created a little timeline of major events in the past 6 months. This hopefully will help you catch up on the changes you might have missed. For those who never left SWTOR, this may server as a refresher of your past 6 months!

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A Look at the Razer SWTOR peripherals: Mousepad, Mouse and Headset

Hey everyone, Razer is a pretty common household name among MMO players. The Razer Naga is probably one of the most popular MMO mouse out there and highly praised for its functionality. The SWTOR line of Razer peripherals (mousepad, headphones, mouse, and keyboard) was launched in early Dec of 2011 to coincide with the launch of SWTOR and had been showcased in recent SWTOR related gatherings such as PaxEast 2012. As a SWTOR fan, I was very eager to see what the hype was all about and contacted Razer who kindly provided me with the mouse, mousepad and headphones to take a spin. I wrote this little review here in the hopes that it will help those still on the fence about purchasing these SWTOR themed peripherals or those who are shopping gifts for a SWTOR fan.

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Personal story in SWTOR and GW2: A look at the similarities and differences

Hey everyone, one of the big movements within the MMO sphere we have seen in recent years is the focus on storytelling. One aspect of this, personal story, hit mainstream with the release of Bioware’s SWTOR back in December. Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2, scheduled to be released sometime later this year, also have a big focus on personal storytelling. The idea of this article is to look at the two games and examines the similarities and differences. Hopefully this should give SWTOR players an idea of the GW2 system and vice versa. Please note that this article is not to argue the superiority of one game over another, or who copied who; it is merely an examination of the two different systems.

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New items/quests/PvP stuff and etc with 1.3

This post is for all the little stuff that they are adding with 1.3 they are too small to have their own posts 🙂

  • New Mount – Kurtob AllianceNEW High res screenshots!
  • Better target indicator
  • Better AoE indicator
  • Adaptive Armor
  • Nerf of on-use relic burst
  • New PvP pets (with pictures)!
  • New Warzone Adrenal
  • New weekly to kill world bosses
  • New green crystal schematics from daily comm vendors

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Consolidated Patch 1.3 Info

To keep things organized so that you have one page for reference instead of hunting down the individual posts, here is a consolidated list of all the patch 1.3 info on Dulfy.net.


Preparing for 1.3 – some tips and pointers (NEW)


Legacy Perks

Augment Slots/kits/system




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