Operation Loot List–Schematics & Mods edition

Hey everyone, there has being some requests for schematics/mods (armoring, mods, enhancements) drops from operations – especially now that there is a big movement to use orange moddable gear and crafted stuff that that crits (give augment slot).

Over the span of 2-3 weeks, I have cataloged the following drops – everything that I have recorded will say (verified) and will list the exact drops I have obtained below. Drops predicted based on the loot pattern will say (predicted).

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Companion Customization Vendor list

Companion Customization Vendor list

This guide is co-owned and first released on


(The above MMOsite link has the images broken down into smaller images if you are having issues loading the large images here)

You go to great lengths to make yourself look good, but are you doing the same for your companions? Fear not! This companion vendor guide will hopefully make you look a bit different from the other players running around the fleet – least companion wise!

This guide includes images for all Sith Inquisitor companions currently available and 3/5 of the Republic Trooper Companions. Rest of the companions do not have images yet (feel free to contribute in the comment section below if you have images!!)

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Empire/Republic Abilities Conversion

Hello everyone, the Empire/Republic classes are exactly mirrored, although with different names for abilities/talents. Wouldn’t be a nice if there is a nice chart you can reference when you are talking with your peers on the other side who plays the same class as you? Or how about when you are doing a warzone, wouldn’t it be nice when you encounter an enemy player on the other side who is the same class as you so you know exactly what abilities they are using?

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Flashpoint Guide: Kaon Under Siege

Flashpoint Guide: Kaon Under Siege

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Kaon under Siege is a new flashpoint for level 50s introduced with patch 1.1. It has a distinct “zombie” like theme and does differ from some of the previous flashpoints in terms of overall difficulty (bosses have no enrage it seems).

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Sith inquisitor complete datacron guide

Sith inquisitor complete datacron guide

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Note: This post is very image heavy and if you are having slow load times you might want try the MMOsite link, that one is broke down by planets and has less images to load

Hello everyone, this guide will help you hunt down all the relevant datacrons to the sith inquisitor class (i.e. willpower, endurance, and presence).

Note: If you are looking for a guide on red matrix shard, check out my other guide here

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Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7 (hardmode)

Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7 (hardmode)

This guide is co-owned and first released on


This guide is written for the hardmode version of the flashpoint but the mechanics are the exact same for the normal version except for the fact that in normal version the bosses do not have an enrage timer. The hardmode is certainly challenging, some of the bosses have very tight enrage timers and the last boss fight can be pretty chaotic. It is recommended you do some gearing up from other hardmodes before attempting this one.

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How-to: Soloing heroic dailies (Empire)

This guide is written specifically for the Empire side but the strategy used here should work also for the Republic side.

Hello everyone, the heroic dailies on Belsaivs (2x Heroic 4+, 1 x Heroic 2+) and Ilum (1x Heroic 2+) can be a great way to make some credits (about 13 k credits) and daily commendations (3 commendations) for your Rakata implants/earpiece. If you play on a low population server or odd hours of the day it can be hard to find a group to do them. Luckily, if you have a geared out companion (healer or tank), you can solo all of these heroic dailies. Of course, you can also do all of them with a partner to make it even easier!

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Operation Videos (sorc healer perspective)

Hey everyone, I have posted some of my operation (raid) videos here in case anyone is interested. If you are not raiding yet (or not planning to), this should give you a taste of what raiding is like in SWTOR. If you are raiding already, these videos should give you a different perspective (hopefully) than what you are doing.

My raid team is currently

  • 5/5 16 man Eternity Vault Normal
  • 4/5 16 man Karagga’s Palace Normal
  • 5/5 8 man Eternity Vault Hardmode
  • 5/5 8 man Karagga’s Palace Hardmode

Updated Jan 27: We are now 5/5 in both Hardmode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault (8 man). Planning to hit up 8 man nightmare modes next week! Added new video for Soa – EV hardmode 8 man.

Updated – Feb 2: We are now 4/5 Nightmare EV and 4/5 Nightmare KP*. Videos for these nightmare kills have being added!

Check out my guildie’s youtube channel for viewpoints of assassin DPS in our nightmare kills!


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Operation loot list

Operation loot list

NOTE: This loot list only covers EV/KP/EC see this list for all operations.


Tionese/Xenotech/Energized = “Tier 1.1” (Xenotech/Energized have no set bonus)

Columi/Exotech = “Tier 1.2” (Exotech has no set bonus)

Rakata = “Tier 1.3” (Rakata is exclusive to hardmode/nightmare operations)

Black Hole: New tier of gear in 1.2, has three tiers: MK-1, MK-2, and MK-3. MK-1 is available for purchase via Black Hole Commendations while MK-2 and MK-3 are drops from Storymode EC last boss and Hardmode EC. Has set bonus.

Campaign gear: New tier of gear in 1.2. Obtained from Hardmode EC. Has identical set bonus to Rakata.

Pattern for EV/KP: 5 bosses per operation instance, each operation boss drops loot of two tier grades (Columi/Tionese for normal, Rakata/Columi for hardmode/nightmare). The two operations have loots that are complement of each other, meaning that each boss in the two operations will drop the same pieces, with the grades switched around (i.e. Boss 1 of EV and KP both drops gloves and headpieces. in EV HM, you have Rakata gloves and Exotech headpiece. In KP-HM, you have Exotech gloves, and Rakata headpiece).

Color coded chart!


The list!

Color coding:

Tionese/Xenotech/Energized = “Tier 1.1”

Columi/Exotech = “Tier 1.2”

Rakata = “Tier 1.3”

Black Hole


Eternity Vault – Normal Mode

  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Columi gloves, Energized headpiece
  • Gharj: Columi offhand, Tionese belt
  • Pylon: Columi pants, Tionese bracers
  • Infernal Council: Columi boots, Relic w/ on use
  • Soa: Columi chest, Tionese Mainhand

Eternity Vault – Hard Mode/Nightmare

  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Rakata gloves, Exotech headpiece
  • Gharj: Rakata offhand, Columi belt, Columi implant
  • Pylon: Rakata pants, Columi bracers
  • Infernal Council: Rakata boots, Relic w/ on use
  • Soa: Rakata chest, Columi Mainhand

Karagga’s Palace – Normal Mode

  • Bonetrasher: Columi headpiece, Xenotech gloves
  • Jarg and Sorno: Columi belt, Tionese offhand
  • Foreman Crusher: Columi bracers, Xenotech pants
  • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Xenotech boots, Relic w/ procs
  • Karagga the Fatty: Columi mainhand, Xenotech chest

Karagga’s Palace – Hard Mode/Nightmare

  • Bonetrasher: Rakata headpiece, Exotech gloves
  • Jarg and Sorno: Rakata belt, Columi offhand
  • Foreman Crusher: Rakata bracers, Exotech pants
  • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Exotech boots, Relic w/ procs
  • Karagga the Fatty: Rakata mainhand, Exotech chest

Explosive Conflict – Storymode

  • Toth and Zorn: Rakata Bracer, Rakata Implant, Rakata Chest
  • Stormcaller and Firebrand: Rakata Belt, Rakata Offhand, Rakata Boot
  • Colonel Vorgath: Rakata Legs, Rakata Gloves, Rakata Implant
  • Warload Kephess: Rakata Helmet, Rakata Mainhand, Random Black Hole MK2/MK3 gear  or Campaign Relic

Explosive Conflict – Hardmode

  • Toth and Zorn: Campaign Legs, Campaign Bracers, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
  • Stormcaller and Firebrand: Campaign Belt, Campaign Offhand, Random Black Hole MK2/MK3 gear or Campaign Relic
  • Colonel Vorgath: Campaign Chest, Campaign Gloves, Random Black Hole MK2/MK3 gear or Campaign Relic
  • Warload Kephess: Campaign Mainhand, Campaign Helm, Random Black Hole MK2/MK3 gear or Campaign Relic

Info for Hardmode EC came from various posters on swtor.com, commenters on dulfy.net and also guild <Rutilus Nex> on The Twin Spears Server. Thank you for the info!

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