PvP gearing in 1.2

Hey everyone, with the coming of patch 1.2 in early April and the arrival of ranked Warzones, there has being a huge surge of interest in PvP. For many people who are not avid PvPers or keep up with the latest development on the Public Test Server (PTS), it can be confusing to know the PvP gearing changes in 1.2. This guide hopes to demystify all that and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the PvP gearing process in 1.2 and detailed stat comparisons between different PvP sets.

Update: March 29 – Latest update PTS saw a minor cost increase to Battlemaster and a small cost increase to War Hero armor (increase of 200-400 Ranked Warzone Commendations per piece)

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Patch 1.1.5 PvP Commendation system–Infographic

Hey everyone, recently I was asked by my friends at askmrrobot.com (home of the excellent SWTOR armory & item database) to write up a quick guide on how the endgame PvP currency in SWTOR works. If you are not PvPing consistently and keeping track of the patch notes, it is fairly easy to get lost in the many changes of the PvP currency system since SWTOR’s launch. Rather than writing a post filled with text, I thought it might be a good place to use an infographic to present the information.

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Useful Warzone/PvP Info & Statistics

Hey everyone, ranked warzone will be coming in patch 1.2 (scheduled for March) so for many of you this might be a busy time to grind valor/commendations/battlemaster gear. Here is a list of compiled information on Warzone /PVP information that I think many of you will find handy. Most of the information is not from me but rather from other members of the SWTOR community and credits will be given where needed.

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