TSW Nightmare dungeons Loot table

Hey everyone, this is a Nightmare dungeon loot table & drops list for TSW. Included are Nightmare Polaris, Darkness War, Hell Raised, Ankh, and Hell Fallen. Hover over each drop to see their stats. If you see a drop not on this list and would like to submit it, simply write in the comments section below with the mob it dropped off and a screenshot of it. Special thanks to Shiva/Double-Dash for some of the drops info!

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TSW Barbershop and Plastic Surgery feature in 1.2

TSW barbershop and TSW plastic surgeon are two of the new features coming with patch 1.2. The barbershop is  called Ockham’s Razor and it is located in the heart of London. This barbershop will allow you to change your hairstyles and makeups for some pax. The plastic surgeon is called Modern Prometheus and it is located in New York. The plastic surgeon will allow you to change your face for some pax (it will not change other body features).

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TSW–Patch 1.2 patch notes–Testlive

The patch 1.2 notes here are from the Testlive server. They tend to be more detailed than the actual live server patch notes but may contain changes not implanted in the final version of the live build. This page will be updated with update notes as they come off the testlive server. NOTE: these are not the final 1.2 notes, Funcom releases more patch updates as we approach the release date.

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TSW–Purple QL10+ gear and glyph stats

Hey everyone, once you start getting purple gear from Nightmare dungeons and PvP, you will probably starting to upgrade them beyond QL10. This little guide is designed to give you the stats for each tier of upgrade for purple gear and purple glyph stats so you can plan ahead and spend your Bullions or Marks of Venice wisely. Keep in mind that PvP gear only goes up to QL10.3 while Nightwatch (NM dungeon gear) can be upgraded to 10.4.

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TSW – Signets guide

Hey everyone, this is my TSW signets guide that I have been working on for a bit for the past week to collect the various data. It is a list of signets currently in TSW and a list of spots to farm/acquire them. Special thanks to Double-Dodge/Shiva for verifying some of my data!

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TSW -Dev Post round up from the first month

Hey everyone, TSW recently celebrated its one month birthday since launch. During the first month, there have been a lot of dev-chatter, especially from Ragnar the producer/director and Nusquam, the Lead Content Designer. Due to the lack of a proper dev tracker from Funcom, it can be hard to keep track of all the dev discussions. Therefore, I decided to do a roundup of all the important dev posts (so called “red posts”) on the forums. In the future this will be done on a weekly basis. You can click on each link below to access the specific post/thread.

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