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TSW Nightmare dungeons Loot table

Hey everyone, this is a Nightmare dungeon loot table & drops list for TSW. Included are Nightmare Polaris, Darkness War, Hell Raised, Ankh, and Hell Fallen. Hover over each drop to see their stats. If you see a drop not on this list and would like to submit it, simply write in the comments section below with the mob it dropped off and a screenshot of it. Special thanks to Shiva/Double-Dash for some of the drops info!

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Dungeon Guide: Elite Slaughterhouse

Hey everyone, Slaughterhouse is the elite dungeon located in Carpathian Fangs but also have an entrance in Agartha. While it is a dungeon located in the last zone of Transylvania, it is actually one of the fastest and easiest elite dungeons to run. If done properly, this dungeon can be finished in 10-15 minutes,  and yield ~20 AP. Quite a lot of people run Slaughterhouse (SH) for the purpose of farming APs.

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TSW-Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised Guide

Hey everyone, Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised is the second Nightmare dungeon in the series of three Nightmare dungeons that are available atm. None of the bosses here hit too hard (except the last boss) but most of them have AoE abilities that requires the healer to cope with. In addition, like normal or the elite version, a lot of the bosses here have strict DPS checks. We just killed the last boss tonight so the strat for Machine Tyrant is up!

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TSW–Nightmare Polaris guide

Nightmare version is not a cakewalk like the normal or the elite version of Polaris. Each boss have abilities that DPS/tanks need to interrupted (impair). Some boss fights have nasty DoTs that need to be cleansed while others have shields that need to be purged. This guide is used to as a quick reference when you are doing Nightmare Polaris: abilities that need to be impaired, cleansed or purged will be pointed out.

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TSW Elite Dungeon guide: Hell Eternal

Hey everyone, Hell Eternal is the 3rd and final dungeon in the Hell dungeon series (Hell Raised, Hell Fallen). It is an elite dungeon with entrances located either in The Shadowy Forest in Transylvania or the Agartha. Like all other elite dungeons, it will drop blue QL10 gear. If you have done two other Hell dungeons before, doing this one will give you an achievement and a multislot outfit to match – Dandy Hellraiser.

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TSW Elite Dungeon guide: The Facility

The Facility is the first new elite dungeon you will encounter (keep in mind that each of the 5 normal dungeons you ran while getting to QL10 also have an elite mode with the exact same mechanics).  The quest for it can be obtained at Besieged Farmlands although the entrance to it is located in Agartha like the rest of the elite dungeons. This dungeon is pretty rough for healers as you will need to heal through quite a lot of group damage in a short time. If you are running Blood Magic for heals, I definitely recommend picking up Cold Blooded, the elite active ability for this. Even though it has a 30 seconds cooldown, this heal saved my and my group’s butt more than a couple times. Think of it as groupwide Scarlet Arts with no resource cost.

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TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Fallen

Hey everyone, Hell Fallen is the last normal dungeon in The Secret World. It is a dungeon located on the NE corner of the City of the Sun God. It is a dungeon designed for people in at QL8+ gear (the dungeon itself drops QL9 blue gear). None of the bosses are too difficult, both in terms of mechanics or general damage output. Tanks will need to have good AoE threat generation here as a couple of the fights will have you picking up groups of adds.


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TSW Dungeon Guide: Ankh/Pandora’s Box

Hey everyone, Ankh (quest is called Pandora’s Box) is a QL7-8 dungeon located in Scorched Desert. You can find the quest offered in the Orochi Retreat from Lisa Hui but the entrance of the dungeon is actually located a bit SE.This dungeon drops mostly QL8 blue gear and it is a rather fun one – there isn’t really any strict DPS checks except for one boss and none of them hit particularly hard. However, there is a fair bit of trash in this dungeon compared to previous ones, although they are still relative few compared to dungeons in other MMOs (where you spend most time clearing trash rather than fighting bosses!)

While having ranged DPS isn’t absolutely required, it will one of the boss fights here much easier.

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